Sales Development

E3 Local Case Study

About E3 Local

E3 is a marketing agency that delivers locally planned and optimized campaigns into specific markets for advertising teams limited by resources, and anxious for growth. They deliver a consistent message across multiple channels to high-value prospects in targeted neighborhoods to produce big results. E3’s approach emphasizes good decision making and message layering. Using a combination of broadcast, print, digital and social media, E3 drives immediate return on investment.

Kerry McKiernan
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Franchises, restaurants, and home services with over $1M in revenue.

Product:  Customized advertising and marketing campaigns.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for E3 Local.


“CIENCE has done everything they said they would do and more.” – Kerry McKiernan, President & General Manager at E3 Local.

E3 local was looking for a way to boost their decaying list of sales prospects with marketing research and lead generation. That’s when they found CIENCE, Clutch’s #1 Best B2B lead generation company for highly-qualified sales leads.

After signing a vendor agreement, CIENCE promptly went to work on E3 Local’s goals using their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Using this method, CIENCE was able to target their research on E3’s intended audience with pinpoint accuracy, thus finding the best prospects within their specified market.


CIENCE’s team of dedicated, HubSpot-certified SDRs and researchers supported E3 Local’s development team to deliver exactly what they came for – the leads.

“That’s what we wanted, that’s what they promised, and that’s what they’ve delivered,” wrote McKiernan.

By the end of the contract, E3 local had thousands of qualified leads to use for business development. Thanks to CIENCE’s laser-focused research, McKiernan said their team was very pleased with the results.