How CIENCE Generates Qualified Leads and Achieves Business Objectives For Emperitas

Sales Development

Emperitas Case Study

About Emperitas

Emperitas provides actionable business intelligence for B2B & B2C companies in the financial, eCommerce, health, SaaS, and consumer product verticals using a proprietary process of qualitative and quantitative research. Emperitas uses whatever information clients already have and whatever is publicly available to help generate their product. 

Emperitas launched with the singular goal of providing faster market research and deeper data science to their markets.

Luciano Pesci

Challenges & Scope

ICPFinancial and Consumer products.

Product: Subscription-based data analytics and business intelligence for B2B & B2C companies in the financial, eCommerce, health, SaaS, and consumer product verticals.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Emperitas. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conducted multi-channel, ‘cold’ outbound campaigns.


They’ve integrated as part of our core team. Beyond that, they have truly learned about our methods to successfully build campaigns tailored to our objectives.” – Luciano Pesci, Chief Executive Officer of Emperitas.

In May of 2017, Emperitas leaned on CIENCE to help resolve setbacks to their business development efforts. This work entailed optimizing their sales cycle, creating and targeting leads based on Emperitas ideal customer profile (ICP), conducting market research, and generating quality leads. At the end of this research, CIENCE created and conducted multi-channel outbound marketing campaigns targeting those ideal new leads.

We chose CIENCE because we were impressed with the technology it was built on for lead-generation, the quality of leads proposed to us, the targeting capabilities, and campaign execution strategies,” says Pesci.


After CIENCE and Emperitas’ collaboration, the outbound campaigns resulted in positive returns for quarterly sales goals and also built bigger brand awareness for Emperitas’ among their ideal customers.

CIENCE has helped us develop successful campaigns to target our ideal client, streamline our sales pipeline, and expand our reach to prospective clients,” said Pesci.

With CIENCE’s impressive iterative testing on campaign objectives and agile research approach, Emperitas’ and CIENCE collaborated well together. CIENCE integrated seamlessly with Emperitas’ executive and sales team and prioritized communication surrounding the achievement of objectives outlined in the cooperative agreement.

CIENCE is an ally you want as you formulate your business objectives or campaigns! Their professionalism is outstanding. They respect your time and always search for solutions that are in your best interest to reach your goals,” said Pesci. “Nobody has been better suited to our service capabilities modeling and needs of the organization.”