Connecting a Unique Streaming Advertising Company with Ideal Clients

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Evolution Media Group Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • It is always beneficial to develop a highly focused ideal customer profile (ICP) to reach the right prospects most interested in your products and services. 
  • CIENCE’s data-driven approach to outbound allows for precise targeting, higher engagement, and consistent results throughout the campaign. 


  • CIENCE goes beyond multichannel outreach, offering innovative sales solutions and agile marketing strategies customized for each business. 


About Evolution Media Group

Evolution Media Group is a measurement-based streaming advertising company. Founded in 2015, the company aimed to support direct response marketers in achieving a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) on a last-click attribution model in programmatic display advertising. After reaching this goal within two years, Evolution focused on streaming advertising.

The company offers three main products: EvoAttribute (omnichannel attribution and measurement), EvoTD (trading desk for streaming advertising), and EvoSupply (premium streaming and digital out-of-home inventory). 

Evolution Media has been working with various agencies and brands, primarily focusing on international consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. Its unique advantage is a performance-first approach through attribution and measurement solutions. 

Thanks to this approach, the company can offer its partners the branding power of TV with analytics available in digital channels. And it works swiftly: Evolution can activate hundreds of campaigns within a week.

Brett Hall VP Sales and Marketing Evolution Media Group
Brett Hall
VP of Sales & Marketing
Marketing & Advertising

The Story of Evolution Media Group

Recently, Evolution Media Group had been looking to expand its clientele and gain leverage by connecting with an industry that would be a perfect match for its services.

One of Evolution’s unique selling points is localized advertising. This became more difficult once this audience shifted from TV, where they saw ads relevant to them based on what station they were watching. 

Evolution Media solved this problem by developing a technology that allows the same localization as on TV within all streaming platforms.

This inspired Evolution Media to go after the industry that profoundly cares about localized advertising: car dealerships.


Evolution Media had been working with another outsourcing company to generate a highly focused ideal customer profile (ICP), but implementing a successful campaign remained challenging.  

Although Evolution Media had a clear vision, it still needed a partnership with a more experienced lead gen provider that could help identify the right prospects with precise messaging that would resonate and drive appointments.

The company was immediately impressed by CIENCE’s effective workflow, research skills, and ability to discern the right leads from the ICP. 

“CIENCE’s approach is much more advanced than what we were doing with another partner prior,” said Brett Hall, VP of sales and marketing at Evolution Media Group. 

Challenges & Scope

Evolution Media Group knew its target audience and wanted to reach out to them in the most efficient way—this meant finding a lead gen partner that could offer expertise in data research, precise targeting, and customized messaging.


The main challenge for Evolution Media was reaching the prospects with a hyper-specific ICP. Then, it needed to understand how to approach prospects based on different scenarios: if they already have an external solution like this in place, if they have an internal solution in place, or if the offering is completely new to the potential client. 


Instead of targeting the auto dealerships directly, Evolution Media saw more potential in reaching the marketing and advertising agencies that already work with the company. This would require the help of a qualified outsourced team to target the right market and increase engagement.


CIENCE immediately presented itself as the best opportunity with the most comprehensive database to reach Evolution Media’s ICP. “We hired CIENCE to assist with our outbound sales motion to target customers and prospects,” said Brett Hall.

Evolution Media Ad Streaming Services


CIENCE’s data-driven approach to outbound attracted Evolution Media right away. “Leading an effective workflow, CIENCE impressed us with their research skills,” said Brett Hall. “They researched contacts, created a database, and reached out via different channels.”

Precise targeting was at the heart of this campaign. “What is really unique about Evolution Media Group is they are in a space that has not fully been adopted by the customers they are going after yet,” said Samuel Elliot, sales executive at CIENCE. “They just needed to be getting in front of the right people.” 


CIENCE also showcased its versatile talents while helping Evolution Media prepare for the 2023 Streaming Automotive Summit in Newport Beach, CA. This conference aims to educate all of Evolution Media’s clients and prospects nationwide on how adding streaming advertising will help grow their business. 

Preparing for the Summit involved the CIENCE team creating a separate playbook that could stand entirely on its own to drive prospects to the event. The team was then able to quickly adjust the playbook as the event drew closer, targeting the right group based on proximity to the location.  


The partnership started in November 2022 and continues to grow. CIENCE’s orchestrated multichannel outreach included a combination of emails, LinkedIn, phone calls, and booking appointments with potential clients. 

Email and phone calls brought almost equal numbers of appointments with almost two-thirds of meetings set. The email channel had the most impressive conversion rates, with an open rate of over 30% and an appointment rate of over 40%.

The initial engagement resulted in securing up to thirty appointments with ideal prospects and the results keep improving: “We are continuing to grow as we push forward,” said Erick Mendoza, project manager at CIENCE.


Partnership Success

Evolution Media Group was impressed by the outcomes of the campaign. “The partnership with CIENCE Technologies led to incredible results,” said Brett Hall. “They are a reliable team that excellently booked sales calls with qualified people from the right companies.” 

“Evolution Media told us that we were consistently setting appointments with everyone they wanted to talk with, and they were worried this was going to end,” said Erick Mendoza. “We had to reassure them it wasn’t a fluke—we had seen it propagate so consistently that I was able to confirm that it was not just a temporary spike in performance.” And it wasn’t—the next months showed even better results.

Campaign success and event support were all the more reasons to extend the partnership. “Evolution Media really appreciated our ability to be flexible around their ICP and tackle their event,” said Mendoza. 

“They were excited about us helping with the event even though we have only done something like this once or twice before,” said Mendoza.

The decisive factor was CIENCE’s flexibility around their hyper-specific ICP and being able to change the campaign accordingly: “We were doing a lot of custom work around their summit, and we are dedicated to reaching out to prospects until we get a positive response,” said Mendoza. 

Evolution Media enjoyed communicating with CIENCE’s team as well. “The workflow was seamless and effective,” said Hall. 

For CIENCE, it was a pleasure to work with such a unique client. “They have an innovative product that is better than most of what is out there in the market,” said Samuel Elliot. “And their commercials are great—we were happy to connect them with clients their solutions are tailored for.”