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Falcon IT Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • CIENCE provides real-time solutions to its clients and a flexible approach to outbound that delivers the best results.
  • Having full transparency throughout the outbound process will ultimately lead to better returns and successful outcomes for future campaigns. 
  • Outsourcing lead generation allows companies to focus on sales, grow their business, and nurture relationships with their clients.


About Falcon IT

Falcon IT offers temporary and permanent IT staffing solutions for federal government contractors nationwide. The company has experience helping small businesses grow and a proven track record staffing small, mid-sized, and large companies in the intelligence, military, and fed civilian sectors of the U.S. federal government. 

The company specializes in staffing small businesses in the federal sector, providing customizable contracts and flexible payment terms for contractors. Falcon IT can quickly find highly skilled IT professionals with active security clearances for clients to hire, with an extensive internal database of resources for locating talent across the U.S. 

Falcon IT takes special pride in helping service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSBs), women-owned small businesses (WOSBs), minority-owned businesses (MOBs), and many more.

President and CEO Joe Pasciucco
Joe Pasciucco
President and CEO
Information Technology & Services

The Story of Falcon IT

Established in 2013, Falcon IT operates in its defined niche and primarily works with small businesses in the government contract sector, helping clients find IT professionals that also have the necessary security clearance. 

While Falcon's competitors can provide their clients with massive lists of government contractors, Falcon is unique in delivering shorter lists of contractors that are a better match and available immediately. If Falcon IT's team is not able to find the talent right away, they provide the client with the reasons why and recommendations on how to do so.  

"They are able to place everybody," said Michell Middleton, sales development manager at CIENCE. "That makes them stand out from the competition."

Having a fundamental advantage, Falcon IT never lacked referrals from its satisfied clients. Falcon IT had been steadily growing over the years and was ready to expand its services into new markets. The business was positioned well internally from a recruiting standpoint but looking for additional support to reach its target audience.  

CIENCE's team initiated the first conversation through its own outbound: "This journey was one of the most unique ones I've ever taken," said Manny Pacheco, sales executive at CIENCE. "The first conversation was over the cell phone, and we took time discussing details and clarifying, but eventually, they decided that they just needed to try it, and have never regretted it since."

“The salesperson who initially had reached out to us from CIENCE was absolutely fantastic and here's why,” said Joe Pascuicco, president and CEO of Falcon IT.  “We're salespeople—this is what we do every day. He had the appropriate level of follow-up, he understood, and most importantly, he listened.”

CIENCE was able to assess Falcon IT’s business challenges and provide real-time solutions. Falcon IT would be able to focus on selling and growing the business while CIENCE could concentrate on outbound and finding quality leads. 

Challenges & Scope

Falcon IT was eager to build its clientele but needed additional support to make this happen. The company offered exceptional IT staffing solutions as a niche business but needed a strategic plan to attract more clients regularly and maintain a high-value sales process. 



Falcon IT had a great referral rate but wanted to populate the funnel much more quickly to meet its strategic growth goals. As a small business, the sales team was mostly relying on recommendations to build its client base. They were having success with messaging via LinkedIn and other channels but just not at the level they wanted. 



Understanding its ideal customer profile (ICP), Falcon IT needed a way to reach more prospects consistently. This meant exploring new lead generation strategies and sustainable outbound processes.


In partnering with CIENCE, Falcon IT saw the potential in a company that could provide real-time outbound solutions to its challenges, willing to do all the heavy lifting so it could focus on existing customers and selling more.

Falcon IT Staffing Services


Falcon IT was particularly attracted to CIENCE for its data-driven reporting capabilities: “With reporting and the GO platform, we can see exactly who you're calling, how many calls you are doing, and how many outbound reaches you're doing," said Joe Pasciucco. “It's fully transparent.” 

CIENCE’s custom data research was particularly helpful in targeting ideal clients. "We talked about data accuracy, enriching, and validating current data sets that they may already have," said Michell Middleton. “Our accuracy rating is in the top percentile.”

Fully invested in the process, CIENCE sent daily updates and qualified leads to ensure Falcon IT was set up for success. Such involvement was also manifested in Falcon's openness to feedback and new suggestions. "We were able to be creative and test A/B messaging," said Middleton. "Just allow us to do our thing, and we will find that secret sauce." 

Falcon IT appreciated this hands-on approach: "You can now focus on selling and growing the business because you're already building your client base with the meeting CIENCE is setting up for you," said Pasciucco.


This partnership started in September 2022. During the initial campaign, CIENCE was able to set nearly one hundred appointments for Falcon IT.  The successful orchestrated outreach consisted of email, LinkedIn, and phone calls, the perfect combination with each channel showing excellent results. 

Calls were by far the strongest channel, securing two-thirds of the appointments. The email channel had an impressive open rate of 40% and an appointment rate of 16%. LinkedIn, popular among recruiters, also showed solid results with a 10% appointment rate.

With impressive results, Falcon IT extended the CIENCE partnership and grew the team. "The key was flexibility," said Joe Pasciucco. "We've been so happy with the service that we just added one more team, so now we have three teams out there and selling because we believe in the process.”


Partnership Success

For Falcon IT, what stood out from the beginning was CIECIENCE's excellent communication skills. "They were growing with us, listening to what we were saying, and applying it in real-time solutions," said Joe Pasciucco. "There were no egos, and it was clear that CIENCE's team just wanted to be an extension of our organization."

As for CIENCE, what made a successful partnership was Falcon IT's dedication to working together as a unified team. "They're very involved and were willing to put in their work too, to make it successful because they know their solution and their services more than anything," said Michell Middleton. 

With expert guidance, CIENCE was able to attract the right clients while offering best practices for future campaigns. And for Falcon IT, this collaboration brought new sales perspectives for outreach. "We were learning things from CIENCE that we can now apply to our internal team as well," said Pasciucco.

Both teams appreciate what they have gained along the way. "This has been an eye-opening process in the sales journey to get to this point," said Manny Pacheco. "It's truly been a huge team effort to get Falcon IT to where they are now."