GLOBO Case Study

Research & Outbound Sales for Language Services Provider

How CIENCE Boosted A B2B Translation Service Provider's Sales Velocity with An Enriched Pipeline


GLOBO is a B2B provider of translation technology and services, giving organizations the ability to communicate in any language, 24/7 through one simple platform. GLOBO also offers real-time data, analytics and insights to help its users achieve a greater understanding of their linguistically diverse customer bases.

The company provides a suite of support solutions, including telephone interpreting, document translation, chat, and email translation, and multilingual support.

Alec Kissell
Sales Operations Manager
Translation & Localization

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industry and Geography – specific at the beginning.

Product: One platform to handle all the company’s language services

Like many other clients of CIENCE, GLOBO needed more leads to fill the pipeline. The company had a team of professional sales managers, who performed great at later stages of the funnel. However, they lacked the necessary appointments to grow quickly.

Alec Kissell, Sales Operations Manager at GLOBO: “We have a small sales team, and we were struggling with achieving the outbound sales velocity – we were looking for to generate more leads. We were quite good at closing deals, but we had a shortage at the top of our funnel.”

“We interviewed CIENCE and a few other agencies. We found this company to be innovative and data-focused, which we appreciated. ”


“We had access to their researchers and marketing team, but we primarily met with our account manager and a sales development representative. The project manager would oversee our account from a high level, but the sales representative did the outreach on our behalf.”

We have a Customer Success Manager that is in charge of managing and controlling each campaign of our clients. What few of our customers know is that apart from a researcher, SDR, CSM, and copywriter, there are many people working behind the scenes, such as Quality Assurance Managers and Team Leads, who provide additional supervision of the Sales Development Team’s work.

“We exchanged short messages daily on Slack or through email. We would sometimes take phone calls, but they also used Basecamp and HubSpot.”

CIENCE is multichannel in both running sales development campaigns and connecting with our clients. We try to be as flexible as possible because we understand the uniqueness of each customer. CIENCE is people-driven and machine-powered. We strongly believe that the best data can be obtained only when human and artificial intelligence work together.

“They seemed to discuss sales the same way we did, and that made us comfortable with hiring them.”


“They were extremely diligent in their data gathering process, and we had access to all conversations they had with any prospects or any research they’ve done. They were transparent and accessible in that regard.”

Being an outsourcing outbound prospecting company, CIENCE is transparent, because we know that it is the only way to succeed in serving our clients.

“For a company that doesn’t have a well-established sales department, CIENCE can be a great option because they can assist with everything—the marketing, the research, and content creation.”

We try to become a valuable extension for our clients’ sales team and provide the full range of services that support outbound prospecting activities.

“And when the engagement starts, it’s best to give them as much assistance as you can at the start so that their work reflects your values.”

CIENCE knows that marketing is there to serve the sales.


CIENCE employs a tested methodology of outbound marketing activities for B2B companies. We adjust to the specifics and needs of each client. First, we study the company, its challenges, and goals. Then we come up with several possible solutions.

“There was a bit of an onboarding process, during which we had to introduce them to our company, how we sell things and getting them the necessary content. But once they were adjusted, they were sending out an average of 500–1,000 emails a week, which produced two or three leads a week. We thought that was valuable production because we didn’t feel like we gave them as much support as we should have.”

CIENCE sales development team works steadily and consistently. Our established working process enables us on a daily basis to generate around 50 leads, send customized emails to them, and write personalized follow-ups to responses or opened emails on behalf of our clients.

“We primarily used CIENCE for research and outbound marketing. We gave them sample titles or people within industries that we would like to target, and they created a list of similar prospects. We’d work together to create a campaign for each prospect.”

CIENCE is flexible when it comes to lead generation and sales development. We can run micro-targeting activities based on your Ideal Customer Profile.