Imagecraft Case Study

Sales Development

How CIENCE’s Targeted Outreach Doubled Lead Generation For An Event Services Firm

About Imagecraft

Imagecraft Exhibits is a full-service manager and custom designer/fabricator of trade show exhibits, marketing centers, and custom interiors and environments. With a foundation in commercial art and craftsmanship, Imagecraft Exhibits works with clients to create unique elements that bring a company’s brand and products to life.

Imagecraft Exhibits also offers a variety of portable displays by Nimlok. The Nimlok line of Fast Solutions portable trade show display products contains everything needed to create unique trade show booths and face-to-face marketing experiences.

Steve Bailey
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Events Services

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industry-specific + Geo-targeting. The participants of a particular event.
Product: Custom booths for events at a competitive price.

Imagecraft came to CIENCE because they needed to increase sales. They were lacking necessary leads for their sales team.

CIENCE jumped in by specifically working on outbound email campaigns which were event specific. As part of a regular cadence, Imagecraft provides CIENCE with specific trade shows, usually about 5-6 months prior to the event. Then, CIENCE starts data mining– finding attendees for these shows, often without attendee lists. After sleuthing accurate contact data, building bespoke lead lists per event, and vetting titles to target– the outbound email process begins.

Each campaign creates the opportunity for extremely customized messaging, geared primarily around generating engagement. Once prospects respond, CIENCE immediately transfers warm leads and appointments to Imagecraft for immediate follow-up from their Business Development Director.

Steve Bailey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Imagecraft states, “We’re now at double-digit meetings per month.”
New records continue to be set for the number of meetings per month received.

“(CIENCE is) much more effective than any account executive we could’ve hired and probably around the same price, too.”


CIENCE and Imagecraft have weekly campaign review and analytics calls with the team manager. The manager maintains regular communication with Steve, to ensure complete transparency at any given time.

“CIENCE is extremely responsive—I know exactly what’s going on with our accounts, prospects and messaging. They’re intent on delivering on and executing any requests.”

This has proven to be a vital part of an aggressive events schedule that goes year-round. Prospect companies needing booths and displays are always working a few months ahead of actual deployment, so the ability to get onto the radar of decision-makers with a strong value proposition is critical. Imagecraft targets sponsor companies at events as large as CES in Las Vegas and smaller, industry-focused events in strategic geographies to their own operations in Austin and Dallas, Texas.


“The free trial they offered at the beginning gave us confidence in their skills. We didn’t look for a different company after seeing how effective they were.”

In a sample of 3 months, CIENCE has reached out to 3,557 leads. Out of these leads, the reply rate has been up to 12%. According to other industry averages, this is 12X the results as cold email response rates are often at or lower than 1%.

CIENCE has landed appointments with titles like Director of Global Sales, Director of Operations, VP of Sales Enablement, VP, Director of Business Development, Director of International Sales, President, CEO, and more.

“We’re now at double-digit meetings per month, and I’m hoping for continued improvement. They're much more effective than any account executive we could’ve hired and probably around the same price, too.”