How CIENCE Powered Outbound for Infolink-EXP

Sales Development

Infolink-EXP Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • CIENCE's experience with tech companies provides clients with valuable data and insights into specific market segments.
  • A collaboration with CIENCE is not only about achieving scheduled appointments but also learning outbound strategies to attract the right clients.


  • Trust and positive personal relationships boost long-term success. Allowing CIENCE to run the tests and try different approaches saves time and brings better results.


About Infolink-EXP

Infolink-EXP provides B2B IT businesses with outsourced customer care experience services. The company works with three primary markets: Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce, and fintech. Infolink-EXP focuses on growing businesses, taking care of their customer services, and allowing them to concentrate on innovations and upscaling processes. 

Infolink-EXP stands out from traditional customer support outsourcing, aiming to become a seamless extension of their client's teams. Their primary focus is the branded care experience their clients aim to deliver to their users. The team of Infolink-EXP is trained in behavioral science to ensure the most effective communication with a user. It also has the expertise to grant valuable data-driven insights to its clients.

Brenda Berumen
Head of Marketing
Information Technology & Services

The Story of Infolink-EXP

Infolink-EXP provides outsourced customer care experience services for companies of all sizes, from small B2B software as a service (SaaS) companies to large software and IoT companies. Although Infolink-EXP provides its clients with customer support at all stages, from onboarding to renewal, the main company's product is recurring support services. 

Being high-quality professionals in customer care services, Infolink-EXP was looking for an outsourcing company equally qualified to take care of their outbound processes and attract new clients. 

"Infolink-EXP was looking to have an expert partner that could deliver them the learning to have right metrics, right content, and best in class outbound," said Ihor Marchenko, project manager at CIENCE. "They knew they could grow with outbound and needed a partner to find them timely opportunities." 

To scale their business effectively, Infolink-EXP was looking for a partner that could use high-level data analysis to provide more insight into the tech markets. 

Jose Gonzalez, the CEO of Infolink-EXP, immediately saw the potential: "We are in the tech business—we do business with tech companies, and we were looking for a company that understands that." CIENCE’s expertise in the tech industry was exactly what InfoLink-EXP needed to launch an effective outbound campaign. 


Challenges & Scope

Infolink-EXP is an outbound-reliant business that needed to create a predictable revenue system. Successfully powering the growth of their clients' companies, they were looking for the same kind of support from an outsource company to propel its business forward. 


One of the most significant challenges was having the access to the right data necessary for reaching out to new clients in three distinct markets—IoT, e-commerce, and fintech. Another challenge was that Infolink-EXP wanted to attract these clients quickly. 

"What they offer is not just a software product—it’s custom—and there is a timing element associated with the prospect’s decision-making," said Ihor Marchenko. Because of the time factor, Infolink-EXP sought help implementing new outbound processes to reach its target market.


Infolink-EXP needed to generate a constant flow of new customers through outbound. They already had a solid foundation to attract potential clients: “They have the talent, the offering, and the product-market fit—they know how to close the deal,” said Michael Lanni, sales executive at CIENCE. “They just needed assistance building out their go-to-market strategy.” 


CIENCE would be able to give InfoLink-EXP a profound understanding of its niche market with new strategies for attracting potential clients. CIENCE could also offer support in all stages: research and data persona market fit, omnichannel outreach, and tracking the right metrics. 



Infolink-EXP trusted CIENCE in its area of proficiency, which allowed for an agile partnership. CIENCE helped Infolink-EXP reach out to the right customers by optimizing its strategy through A/B testing and adjusting sequences at different touch points along the buyer’s journey. 

“We went back and did revisions, and reworked the messaging,” said John McKinney, campaign strategist at CIENCE. “Ultimately, we did deep dives into their ideal customer profile (ICP), persona research, and specific pain points.” 

Addressing the needs of distinct personas in different market segments allowed CIENCE to design a strategy that suited Infolink-EXP the best. “We were removing the internal foreword, making the message more concise and conversational,” said McKinney. “We were working daily to create an approach extremely tailored to the personas.” This strategy allowed CIENCE to deliver Infolink-EXP a successful outcome.


Infolink-EXP began its collaboration with CIENCE in October 2021. Impressed with these results and satisfied with the positive teamwork dynamic, Infolink-EXP extended the partnership after its initial nine-month run.

CIENCE’s lead generation campaign for Infolink-EXP resulted in more than ten appointments with prospects that matched their ICP. “This was an excellent result for their total addressable market (TAM), which is limited and very specific,” said Ihor Marchenko. 

In addition to powering a lead generation campaign, CIENCE brought extra value in the strategy, the consultancy, and the expertise.

“Their project management style is good,” said Brenda Berumen, head of marketing at Infolink-EXP. “Their team is very clear on their roles, which makes it easier for me to communicate with the right people on specific assignments.” 

Another achievement in this campaign was the email open rate of over 30%. “The team delivers quality and timely outputs and keeps the client updated on the project’s progress,” said Berumen. “They also lead an organized workflow, ensuring tasks are properly addressed and tracked.”


Partnership Success

The project's success grew from the positive, open, and friendly work environment built on mutual trust and respect. "I really enjoy working with Infolink-EXP," shared Ihor Marchenko. "Building a good, personal relationship with the customer is the ultimate key to partner success."

Infolink-EXP’s team recognized CIENCE’s expertise, shared all necessary information, and was open to new ideas. Infolink-EXP trusted CIENCE to do its work, test its hypothesis, and perfected its outbound strategy. 

“That enabled us to have the flexibility to figure out how to make the campaign effective,” said John McKinney. “They put their trust in us, and we were willing to watch it play out, which was critical for success.” 

Infolink-EXP, as the experts in customer care, highly appreciated CIENCE’s approach to effective communication and management that drove campaign success.