How CIENCE NOW Outperforms Previous Vendors For LeanLaw

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LeanLaw Case Study

About LeanLaw

LeanLaw sells financial software to mid-sized law firms and professional service firms. Specializing in timekeeping, invoicing, reporting, and accounting, LeanLaw champions lawyers by reducing their overhead, making the justice that lawyers bring more accessible.

Gary Allen
Founder & CEO

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Mid-size law firms.

Product: Financial software for law firms.

Initially looking to do direct outreach via email, CIENCE Technologies has since configured two projects for LeanLaw. The first project was to test email and LinkedIn outreach to mid-sized law firms and their managing partners. The second project, largely research-based, was to create a list of specific types of accountants to reach out to.


After a disappointing experience with a different vendor, LeanLaw’s marketing consultant found CIENCE NOW and appreciated the “fantastic resources on their website about how to pick a data consultant.”

Since starting a relationship with CIENCE NOW in February 2020, LeanLaw has taken notice of how quickly and efficiently the team works.

“The CIENCE Technologies team is friendly and smart. They are very patient with us, and, while they take their job seriously, they are a lot of fun to work with.” – Gary Allen, COO of LeanLaw.


CIENCE NOW blew the previous vendor’s results out of the water. During the first project, the team made nearly 500 new LinkedIn connections. Continuing on with the second, research-based project, the list CIENCE NOW produced with their skilled researchers produced 25 new signups for LeanLaw in just one day.

Pleased with the results, LeanLaw is looking forward to continuing its relationship with CIENCE NOW and reaping the benefits of curated, efficient research.