How The Machine Learning Conference Attracted Needle-Moving Attendees

Sales Development

Machine Learning Conference Case Study

About Machine Learning Conference

Machine Learning Conference (ML Conference) is an AI consultancy and product studio focused on life sciences. Their team of data science experts partners with clients to integrate machine learning capabilities to improve care, enhance discoveries, and enable data-driven decisions.

ML Conference’s data scientists offer clients domain expertise in many areas of life sciences: computational biology, omics, bioinformatics, digital health, medical devices, insurance. They combine data science with full-stack product development experience to get clients’ solutions to production.

Courtney Burton
Founder and Event Producer
Information Technology & Services

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: The Machine Learning Conference team was looking to overcome already-stretched resources with a dedicated support team focused on lead generation and outbound messaging.  

ICP: Start-ups involved in the Machine Learning (ML) industry (platforms, developers, talent, etc) who would be good fits for attending (and even sponsoring) the conferences. 

Solution: CIENCE Technologies coordinated lead generation and outbound efforts for ML Conference to supplement its current marketing team’s efforts. After researching appropriate industries and clients, CIENCE conducted cold email and cold calling campaigns.


“Not only did their results exceed the cost of investment in their services, but their team was also easy to work with, highly professional, and prompt in communications throughout.” – Founder, Machine Learning Conference Courtney Burton.

In September 2017, ML Conference asked CIENCE to supplement their company’s already-stretched resources with a dedicated support team focused on lead generation and outbound messaging.

“I spoke to CIENCE’s CEO about the kind of services his team offers and thought we could benefit from them, so I asked him to connect me to his sales team.”

During the contract, CIENCE conducted marketing research targeting prospective clients and crafted and directed cold email outreach campaigns directed at the leads generated for ML Conference based on their ideal customer profile (ML startups) on Burton’s behalf. 

In the end, ML Conference worked with CIENCE on multiple projects through the end of September 2019 with successful results.


After generating and targeting leads through outbound campaigns for ML Conference, CIENCE was able to secure dozens of appointments, building useful client relationships that brought in much-needed revenue for their company.

“CIENCE’s team reached out to 50–100 companies per week on my behalf, scheduling 33 calls in the process,” said Burton back in July 2018. 

By the end of the partnership, ML Conference was able to generate great ROI from CIENCE’s leads, meeting their client appointment goals and gained a noteworthy boost in cash flow as a result of new successful business partnerships made during the email outreach.

CIENCE’s cold email campaigns were very successful with strong open rates at more than double the industry averages of 18%, which reflected in higher than average appointment rates and overperforming based on ROI Calculations for ML Conference. The ML Conference increased the sales pipeline and at-bats for their sales team with sales opportunity goals met or exceeded in each month of partnership.

Throughout the process, ML Conference’s team noted CIENCE was very friendly and easy to work with, expressing earnest praise for the account manager and customer experience manager who were always on hand to help. Burton said the team was especially well-coordinated in their communications through email, Zoom, and spreadsheets. CIENCE also made sure to loop her team into the process once the leads turned into potential clients.

“They were always on time and prompt in communications,” said Burton. “CIENCE quickly educated themselves on my business and customized the types of leads they reached out to accordingly”.

At the conclusion of these successful projects, ML Conference recommended CIENCE wholeheartedly to its peers, offering sage advice for future clients to ensure a seamless partnership:

“Give their team as many details as possible to give them a better understanding of your targeted audience.”