How CIENCE Set 40 Appointments In 1 Campaign For Magna5

Sales Development

Magna5 Case Study

About Magna5

Magna5 is an Information Technology & Services company offering a full suite of managed IT solutions, including voice and connectivity, cloud-based communications and services, cloud data backup and disaster recovery, security, and full technical support.

Amanda Wheeler
Director of Marketing
Information Technology & Services

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Manufacturing and phone system providers for direct and channel campaigns.

Product: Magna5 sells voice, data, and managed services to businesses across the US.  

CIENCE acquired leads through research and lists from target industry events for Magna5. The team led campaigns, assisted in the phone and email communication, and cleaned their CRM.


Magna5 and CIENCE worked together from April 2018 through July 2019 with the goal of gaining more leads and traction from industry events. “Our previous lead generation agency did not meet our quality standards, so our vetting was extra careful this time. I came across CIENCE Technologies on Google and met with a business development rep. He was phenomenal to talk to,” said Amanda Wheeler, Director of Marketing at Magna5.

The highly organized team was attentive and mindful of Magna5’s image in the marketplace, constantly staying in touch, and taking care of their needs. The CIENCE team shared reports for review through Basecamp and phone calls, which demonstrated their steadfast commitment to quality and transparency, which has always been a defining differentiator for CIENCE.


The engagement was effective. Magna5 appreciated that whenever the team ran into a problem, such as a tricky reply, they would reach out to Magna5 for clarification on their processes. Weekly meetings meant that the teams worked together with a productive level of familiarity and, over time, CIENCE was easily able to operate as an extension of Magna5’s team. 

Overall, “The team’s efforts drew over 9,000 prospective leads, including more than 40 appointments set in one campaign. CIENCE Technologies’ success came from their expert resources, their willingness to ask questions, and their fast response times. The team’s high level of communication stood out.

Although this partnership is no longer ongoing due to budget constraints, Magna5 recommends CIENCE and offers this advice to potential customers: “Make sure that CIENCE Technologies knows who the target accounts are and what types of businesses they’re looking for before you get started. Also, assign a team member who can manage the CIENCE team from your side, which can be a time-intensive responsibility.”