How CIENCE Generates Leads and Orchestrates Outbound Marketing Efforts For MK3 Creative

Sales Development

MK3 Creative Case Study

About MK3 Creative

MK3 creates multimedia solutions that help tell your story and build your brand. They offer the creative abilities of an ad agency and the in-house capabilities of a production company. The shorter the distance between idea and execution, the stronger the relationship between the two.

Jennifer Brown
Senior Producer
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Marketing and Multimedia solutions.

Product:  Campaigns, commercials, videos, and websites.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for MK3 Creative. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct orchestrated outbound marketing campaigns.


MK3 hired CIENCE to generate leads for us by compiling a targeted prospect database and emailing those prospects serially to set up an introductory call, nurture leads, and also to support the company’s email marketing efforts,” said Jennifer Brown, Operations Manager, and Project Coordinator.

The team provided concise, consolidated, weekly reports and effectively communicated with MK3 throughout the weeks as the campaign progressed.

“We selected CIENCE because we were looking for a partner to assist with lead generation that we believed would produce results. The criteria were based on a pilot offering combined with a competitive pricing model,” says Jennifer Brown, Operations Manager, and Project Coordinator. “The CIENCE team is a pleasure to work with. All members of the team are enthusiastic about the work and so helpful in finding solutions to new challenges or problems.”


“CIENCE is well suited for email marketing – great for those email blasts and follow up campaigns,” Brown says.

There was room for opportunity in generating solid leads resulting in business, but, overall, CIENCE is, “adaptable and flexible when a certain cadence isn’t working well, they pull their knowledge/resources to develop a plan that works better for our service,” Brown adds.

“Their team members are very friendly, professional, and dedicated.”