How CIENCE Helped NEOU Fitness Pump Up Its B2B Outbound Campaign

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NEOU Case Study

About NEOU

NEOU Fitness is dedicated to delivering unlimited access to thousands of on-demand, at-home workout classes available when you need them. With more than 70 fitness concepts across 26 genres, NEOU offers the ultimate personalized experience to help customers achieve fitness goals. With fun challenges and goal-oriented programs led by industry-leading instructors, NEOU helps fitness enthusiasts of all levels reach their full potential.

Blake Shutterly
Director of Business Development
Health, Wellness & Fitness

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: NEOU had an ambitious goal in their B2B corporate partnerships, setting a target of reaching out to companies to provide fitness services to 100,000 corporate employees by the end of 2020, and another 250,000 by the end of 2021. NEOU needed a highly experienced company like CIENCE to move in quickly to achieve their objectives.

Need: NEOU wanted to launch a multi-channel outbound marketing campaign that specifically targeted prospects identified as ideal partners. They were eager to collaborate with organizations looking to expand and enhance their wellness initiatives for employees. NEOU also wanted to aggressively seek out new prospects who were aligned with their ideal customer profile (ICP).

Solution: CIENCE came in strong by supporting NEOU with an SDR team that was highly experienced and responsible for scheduling meetings and making inroads to key accounts. They also used a campaign strategist to work on customized messaging and an outreach strategy. 

The team of people that we were assigned is so strong,” says Blake Shutterly, Director of Business Development at NEOU. “Each individual makes up an important part of our campaign.” In addition, a project manager and an account manager were also on standby, ready to provide support and direction when necessary. 


CIENCE’s expertise was a perfect fit for NEOU. They were able to quickly orchestrate a large-scale, multi-channel B2B outreach campaign that included email, phone, and LinkedIn, as well as help to create a customized landing page. 

With the ability to support NEOU from every angle, CIENCE became an incredible asset to their team: We’re a small company, so using CIENCE has allowed us to launch a much larger B2B campaign than we could have not done on our own,” says Shutterly.


CIENCE was able to provide immediate and impressive results with precise targeting and quality research. In less than three months, CIENCE organized and executed a successful outbound marketing campaign, which resulted in an average of thirty-five new contacts per day that fit in perfectly with their ICP. 

From April to June 2020, the marketing campaign yielded twenty-two booked appointments, including a meeting with leading global investment banking group Goldman Sachs on the very first day of their email campaign. 

By using a proactive and adaptable approach to B2B outreach, NEOU’s was able to double the amount of appointments scheduled each month during the campaign. 

NEOU and CIENCE’s collaboration was a positive one and a great experience for all involved. “Working with CIENCE at the very beginning of our B2B outreach was the best decision we could have made,” says Shutterly. “They’re professional, skilled, timely, and always available to help.”