How CIENCE Guided Ori into the B2B Outbound Lead Generation

Sales Development

Ori Case Study

About Ori

Ori reimagines home spaces and creates interiors that adapt to specific activities, creating a new movement in urban living. They replace multiple pieces of furniture with multifunctional units that save space and create smart interior systems—modern designs combined with high-quality materials that are meant to last a lifetime.

Ori offers a combination of services, from installation to maintenance, with the flexibility to create living spaces personalized for every client. By increasing the functional space of a living area, Ori improves the quality of life for tenants while helping to generate more revenue for developers. 

Peter Ceccarelli
Director of Business Development

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: After successfully penetrating the B2C space, Ori decided to look into the B2B. As a fast-growing and progressive start-up, they wanted to track outbound statistics, gather more feedback, and generate more leads into the pipeline. 

Need: Ori aimed to understand the market response to their offerings, learn how to mitigate risks, and find ways to increase their return on investment (ROI). They also wanted to build brand awareness, gather intel to compare outbound efforts with the inbound, and continuously upgrade their messaging. Their ideal customer profile (ICP) targeted companies in commercial real estate, property development, and architecture.

Opportunity: To open the B2B world for Ori, CIENCE structured a personalized outbound campaign with multiple outreach channels. They conducted lead research, created content, and reached out to leads through emails, pre-targeting ads, and social media. Along with that, CIENCE kept track of every action made to create detailed statistics and documentation.


Ori had experience working with B2C sales vendors but knew they needed someone B2B savvy—a top agency that would know how to expertly generate demand and leads. Ori performed research and cross-referencing on the lead generation agencies. With tons of experience and good reviews, CIENCE matched the profile completely. 


“After going through two or three rounds of conversations and exercises with CIENCE Technologies, it just made sense to go with them,” says Peter Ceccarelli, Director of Business Development at Ori.


During the six-month engagement, CIENCE ran two primary outbound campaigns, which resulted in seventy-five qualified meetings set for Ori. These results topped the expectation of six to eight appointments a month.

“They are the complete package. They take the time to understand our brand, define a customer, build a strategy around that, and execute the strategy,” says Ceccarelli. “They then evaluate on a weekly basis, make changes as necessary.” 


Ori plans to continue working with CIENCE and has already scheduled another re-engagement campaign. “They sound like us and feel like us,” says Ceccarelli. “They don’t feel like an SDR agency; they feel like a part of our company.”