How CIENCE Kicked Off Lead Generation for Outliant

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Outliant Case Study

About Client

Outliant is a digital product development company that offers technical, end-to-end services. They provide services ranging from simple business automation to full-scale software development and implementation to help businesses craft and deploy beautiful digital products.

Outliant specializes in design and development, with world-class designers and engineers bringing products to life. Their multidisciplinary expertise includes cloud services, web development, UI/UX design, data engineering, mobile development, and automation, with a track record of success working with companies such as Purina, Mandolin, Storylytics, and Mouse Circuits.

Outliant stands out by combining expertise and modern technologies to promptly start a new project with a clear vision in mind. 

Robert Schmidt
Founding Partner
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Outliant had seen growth from referrals and their SEO work, but they never had enough time to devote themselves to an outbound lead generation fully.

Need: Outliant needed to kick off and scale their first outbound lead generation campaign to get a consistent flow of qualified leads into their sales funnel. Outliant’s ICP targeted solar energy, renewable energy, SaaS startups, and healthcare software companies.

Solution: CIENCE penetrated key accounts for Outliant, conducted research, and created and deployed three multichannel outbound campaigns (email, phone, social media, landing pages, and ads). These campaigns mainly targeted C-level executives, founders, and owners. 


Outliant didn’t have an outbound lead generation in place. They were mainly getting new customers through referrals and SEO efforts. So they were looking for a professional lead gen firm that could start outbound from scratchCIENCE was the final choice. Robert Schmidt, the founding partner at Outliant, describes CIENCE as an "instrumental partner in outbound acquisition.”

“Their team has worked with us to pivot quickly when necessary and double down on what is working. CIENCE has always been very attentive and kept us up to date. Strong communication,” says Schmidt.


CIENCE researched approximately 4,000 leads during the seven-month engagement, which resulted in 12,000 emails, 6,000 calls, and 3,900 social media connections. These efforts produced a considerable amount of appointments that closed multiple new deals. 

Three different multichannel campaigns were all based on the founder-to-founder principle, yet one was particularly successful, and Outliant decided to prolong cooperation with CIENCE indefinitely. 

“CIENCE has worked on several campaigns for us, but the most powerful has been the partnerships campaign,” says Schmidt. “We've grown our channel and referral partners in a big way, resulting in meaningful revenue.”