How CIENCE Helped a Digital Agency Achieve Its Growth Goals

Sales Development

Panacea3 Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • Having a multichannel approach to outbound can yield significantly better results than running a single-channel campaign.
  • Using repeatable and scalable outbound processes enables businesses to book more appointments and hit target goals more effectively.
  • Outsourcing outbound allows businesses to find the best-fit clients interested in their services while keeping the in-house teams focused on other priorities.

About Panacea3

Panacea3 (P3) is a digital reputation management agency. It specializes in reputation management for businesses focusing on online presence as a niche aspect related to PR and marketing.

With over fourteen years of experience, Panacea3 has achieved measurable results for its clients in the digital space. The company provides a wide range of services, including website development, SEO, content population and updates, media development, custom content strategy, DRM setup and management, and event marketing. 

The centerpiece service is the P3 Dashboard, an annual package that grants access to a custom centralized hub for all relevant digital metrics and in-depth data analysis tailored to the customer’s goals.

Jared Hudson
Director of Digital Services
Marketing & Advertising

The Story of Panacea3

Panacea3 established itself as a highly specialized agency, mostly relying on subscriptions, referrals, and establishing long-term partnerships with larger clients. While this marketing strategy contributed to the company’s success and stability in the past, changes in market conditions and shifts internally prompted P3 to look for ways to expand its customer base. 

“We have some main super clients,” said Jared Hudson, director of digital services at Panacea3. “Many things happened between company restructuring and the pandemic in the last three years … we realized we need to start finding more clients.”

To broaden its outreach, Panacea3 began looking to outsource lead generation to a reliable partner to reach its growth goals. It specifically wanted to target the financial industry in the next outbound campaign.

“Panacea3 turned to us after other attempts at outsourcing outbound,” said Samuel Elliott, sales executive at CIENCE. “They understood at this point that they needed to invest in a company that really knew what they were doing and could set realistic expectations.”

Challenges & Scope

To ensure sustainable growth, Panacea3 needed expertise in developing a new marketing strategy aimed at populating its sales funnel and generating a predictable flow of new leads.


P3 wanted to move quickly to implement a new outreach campaign based on its growth goals. The challenge was finding a reliable and trustworthy partner to lead the outbound initiative to put its prospecting plan into motion.


Ultimately, Panacea3 needed more appointments to grow its business and diversity its client base. The company sought guidance on how to run an industry-specific messaging campaign that would resonate with its target audience. It needed a partner with the experience to think outside the box to orchestrate a successful outbound campaign to reach those ideal customers.


CIENCE's data-driven approach and vast experience in lead generation attracted Panacea3 immediately. They could target those organizations that are the best-fit clients interested in its services while keeping the in-house team focused on other priorities. CIENCE could help P3 reach its initial goals with an influx of new sales opportunities.



During the sales process, P3's team recognized CIENCE's attention to detail and appreciated the amount of preparation. "From the beginning, we aimed at maximizing our chances of having a successful campaign and a long-lasting partnership," said Samuel Elliott.

The campaign consisted of a project manager, sales development manager, and campaign strategist working closely with P3's team to understand different tiers or offerings. Focusing on the ideal customer profile (ICP) allowed CIENCE to fill the top of the funnel and drive more qualified appointments.

"We are a best practice appointment setting agency," said Grecia Moran, project manager at CIENCE. "We have run

tens of thousands of campaigns working on getting the attention of our client’s prospects, generating that interest in the product or service we're offering to create that desire for a prospect.”

Michelle Middleton, sales development manager at CIENCE, agreed: "If we cannot get a client with a full package, we should be able to throw out those other two kinds of starting points. So at least the relationship begins, and we do not lose out on an appointment just because someone does not want the full-fledged service right away."


The partnership started in April 2022. Since then, CIENCE has scheduled more than thirty appointments with Panacea3’s prospective clients. 

The many channels in the campaign included phone, email, LinkedIn, ads, and a landing page. The email open rate was approximately 25%; the phone conversation rate was nearly 10%. Almost all of the set appointments came from the phone channel.

"The messaging that we create for different channels is catered toward what works best for the target audience," said Heather Hallahan, campaign strategist at CIENCE. "Our messaging stands out from all the noise people get in their inbox every single day."

CIENCE’s multichannel approach to outbound and sequencing showed its strategic value: “One channel is only so effective, but when you go from using one channel for outreach to two, that increases engagement by 90%,” said Samuel Elliott. “When you go from one channel to three channels, that increases that engagement up to 300%.”

CIENCE’s meticulous approach to outbound allowed P3 to reach the initial goals and set them up for future success. “This repeatable and scalable process of booking appointments will enable this company to get into growth mode,” said Elliott of the campaign’s high performance. 


Partnership Success

Panacea3 is a unique company in the digital brand management industry. The campaign’s success relied heavily on strategic outreach, precise messaging, and a close working relationship with CIENCE.  

“It is important to have a proactive strategy in place to go out and identify new opportunities and win that business,” said Samuel Elliott. “That's what we were able to provide to Panacea 3, and that's what we provide to all of our clients.”

A crucial success factor in this partnership was the positive collaboration between the two teams. “CIENCE is thorough and clear in their communication,” said Jared Hudson. “They give prompt answers to questions when asked.”

CIENCE’s team also appreciated the healthy relationship they built with Panacea3. “Sometimes, when a client is not seeing a signal right away, they try to rewrite the playbook,” said Heather Hallahan, campaign strategist at CIENCE. “P3 is definitely not that client, and that has worked well for both of us so we can all focus on what we do best.” 

Jared Hudson agrees with this sentiment: “CIENCE has been tasked with outbound lead generation, setting us up appointments, and giving us the opportunity to land sales by eliminating the prospecting work so we can perform other duties. They are essentially our P3 sales team, something we never initially had.”