How CIENCE Inspires Healthy Leads To Grow Sales For Pitch Media

Sales Development

Pitch Media Case Study

About Pitch Media

Pitch Media is a seasoned team of storytellers, innovators, and customer psychologists, expertly operating a studio, a digital marketing agency, and a video production company passionate about supporting healthy and active lifestyle brands. They do this through powerful video production and insightful digital marketing. Ultimately, they want to excite people to live healthier, more adventurous lives.

Justin Lautermilch
Marketing Director
Media Production

Challenges & Scope

ICP: The core of Pitch Media’s target market is decision-makers (DMs) in medium-sized businesses making over 8 million dollars in revenue annually. At the center of these decision-makers are Pitch Media’s “dream” clients. 

Product:  Video production and digital marketing packages that range from a basic (one-time) launch to a 12-month agreement that includes a full suite of popular, marketable deliverables.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Pitch Media. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct cold-outreach campaigns.


I highly recommend them,” – Justin Lautermilch, Pitch Media Marketing Director

In January 2020, this marketing agency deployed CIENCE’s outbound marketing efforts as a tool to sell the video and marketing expertise of its Founder/President. Passion, first and foremost, was at the frontline of the campaign, meant to connect with B2B/B2C end-users, and to partner with the top, local marketing, and advertising agencies.

“I managed our relationship with CIENCE as an outside agency working on generating our company leads,” says Justin Lautermilch, Marketing Director. “It was a joy working with them.”


It was important to stay within the chosen vertical; to find experts in the field, and work with businesses close to Pitch Media’s brand of passion. From hundreds of outbound emails delivered, many calls were successfully fielded and several qualified leads were delivered – all on budget.

“They did a fantastic job and delivered everything we asked of them,” says Lautermilch. “I am very happy to have worked with them. They are a very professional company, and I highly recommend them.”