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Precise Finance Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • The influx of leads is best managed by outsourcing to a company that can build an inbound process. 
  • Outsourcing can help alleviate the time it takes an internal team to effectively follow up with qualified leads.


  • Outsourcing to a lead gen data company can give you real-time insights on how to follow up with inbound leads.

About Precise Finance

Precise Finance provides flexible financing solutions for businesses. Given the increasing difficulty of securing needed growth capital in the face of depleted collateral assets, Precise Finance offers financing based on future revenue and cash flow. It provides an easy-to-use platform that gives direct access to capital at the best possible terms to those businesses that qualify.

Precise Finance buys future earnings at a small discount, which is especially beneficial for business industry models that make it difficult to secure traditional financing. Precise Finance’s customers benefit from a nearly fully automated process, thanks to a fast business qualification process.

Precise Finance offers several accounting and bank integrations tailored to the needs of growing businesses. The company is committed to helping underserved businesses, which puts it in a leading role in the financing industry.

Eilam Osri
Eilam Osri
Financial Services

The Story of Precise Finance

Precise Finance’s interest in CIENCE grew out of the necessity to hire external sales development representatives (SDRs) to help with the overwhelming response to its marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

With the enormous response, the company thought wisely to move forward with outsourcing this task to help qualify these leads. Based on the recommendations of others in the industry, Precise Finance approached CIENCE for support in this area.



The goal was significant and the vision was clear: CIENCE could manage those leads as they come in, whether it is through the website or through other channels. CIENCE would then be able to capture the leads, talk to them, and be the first contact to engage with them before turning them on to Precise Finance.  

Challenges & Scope

The biggest challenge Precise Finance faced was the difficulty of navigating the enormous influx of MQLs. It was having trouble turning its many business opportunities into actual qualified leads.



Precise Finance’s success was contingent on the time-consuming process of qualifying leads. The time it took to follow up with potential business leads was challenging with the limited sales force at hand. 

Precise Finance understood that focusing on inbound would require a team well-equipped in inbound strategies. Guidance would be required to guarantee a better balance between taking care of already qualified users and catering to new prospects.


Considering the research necessary for securing leads, Precise Finance was on the lookout for an outsourced service that could put data research at the forefront of its qualification process. 

“All the email, strategy, innovation, and data analysis, of course, take copious amounts of time,” said Nate Anderson, sales development manager at CIENCE. “That is usually the first thing that goes out the window when you are wearing multiple hats and trying to steer the business as well.”


CIENCE became the perfect partner because its flexibility satisfied Precise Finance’s need to tap into this potential market. The opportunity of focusing on already existing inbound leads made sense with the growing nature of Precise Finance and its knowledge of whom they wanted to target.



CIENCE was able to give a dedicated SDR to the project to engage Precise Finance’s new prospects. The partnership got off to a good start with Precise Finance and CIENCE working together to create a detailed customer journey and inbound campaign.

Precise Finance already had plenty of MQLs; the inbound solution was an ideal scenario because it helped the team move these leads down the sales funnel. CIENCE was able to manage the leads as they came in the inbound channels, qualify them, and vet them before passing them on to Precise Finance’s sales team. 

After initial success, CIENCE was then able to strengthen its ties to Precise Finance by adding more SDRs to the team. CIENCE’s real-time data analytics contributed to Precise Finance’s growth almost immediately. 

CIENCE’s commitment was not restricted to capturing leads but went further to perfect inbound strategies. “We are continually learning from the process and getting better quality as we go through,” said Nate Anderson.


The partnership between CIENCE and Precise Finance started in January 2022 and is growing strong with a fully dedicated team. “They have allocated more than one person to us and have essentially become an integral part of our customer care team,” said Eilam Osri, CEO of Precise Finance.

With a commitment to good client experience, CIENCE manages inbound and the smooth transition to Precise Finance’s sales team, guaranteeing the right fit for leads. “They’ve performed very well in this regard,” commented Osri. “Whenever I need them, they respond promptly and are always available.”

The team continues to grow, including five SDRs and one project manager. CIENCE’s excellent job at managing expectations set the partnership up for success right from the start.

“They have designated people to our account on a regular basis and are part of our Slack channel,” said Osri. “The project manager is a part of the channel as well. We also use email, phone calls, and Zoom to communicate.” The resourceful multichannel collaboration fully contributed to the success of the inbound campaign.


Partnership Success

The biggest win for Precise Finance was CIENCE’s full commitment to this project. The scope and volume of CIENCE’s services exceeded its expectations. CIENCE was able to provide the right guidance to help Precise Finance tackle inbound lead qualifications.

“I think it is the level of their service; they really provide very good services,” said Eilam Osri. CIENCE’s flexibility, experienced SDRs, professionalism, teamwork, dedication, and project commitment were the core values that stood out for Precise Finance.


CIENCE’s dedicated SDRs went above and beyond to show their willingness to provide a good client experience. “They came to CIENCE for inbound work with the right kind of inbound prospects,” explained Nick Kennedy, campaign strategist at CIENCE. “We delivered and are super happy with the results.”

“We have a variety of solutions, and we can work with different clients on what their need is,” said Nate Anderson. “We work with you to help identify your goals and how we can best help you, and that is something that CIENCE does a lot better than other companies.”