Quick’rCare Case Study

Outbound Email Marketing

How CIENCE Takes Care Of Lead Generation And Sales Sourcing For Quick'rCare

About Quick’rCare

Quick’rCare is on a mission to give sick patients all the information they need to make the best-educated decision as to what immediate care they need. As a company, it is their goal to act as a concierge assistant to patients. Too many families and friends still have issues accessing proper care.

Alex Guastella
Founder & CEO
Hospital & Health Care

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities

Product: Healthcare Software

Initially, Quick’rCare’s goal was to add ten demos a month through lead generation and sales sourcing. They also wished to use Sales Development Representatives to reach out to hospital systems and urgent care centers across the U.S. to further maximize their selling potential and outreach beyond their internal capabilities.

CIENCE Technologies researched hospital systems and their high-level executive offices. Through emails and calls, CIENCE sets up demo meetings for Quick’rCare’s teams to help them close deals.


Quick’rCare heard about CIENCE through a referral from the CEO of another company. 

After interviewing competitors, Alex Guastella, the Founder and CEO of Quick’rCare, felt that CIENCE had the best capabilities for the project at hand.


CIENCE Technologies is incredibly good at lead generation. They’ve set up meetings with larger hospital systems that we’ve struggled to get into. The team has excellent cadences in their email and can maintain our domain health at 100% even after hundreds of emails.” 

Achieving demo appointments within these large hospital systems has been particularly rewarding. As Alex says, “A lot of them are difficult to get in touch with; a connection takes time and they must take multiple approaches to get in.”

Moreover, CIENCE surpassed Quick’rCare’s KPIs. An effective strategy based on a strong understanding of their market’s sales process meant that CIENCE could deliver on their commitment to Quick’rCare in less than three months.