CIENCE Helps Ripple Stay on Track with Outbound

Sales Development

Ripple Science Case Study

About Ripple Science

Ripple is a HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, web-based platform that streamlines the recruiting and enrollment process for clinical studies, with real-time analytics to track progress and mitigate risk. They help clinical trial and study teams achieve their retention targets quicker, with a centralized system that makes it easy to find, manage, and connect with research participants. 

By delivering a more patient-centric, secure way to schedule and track participants, Ripple improves communication and empowers collaboration, delivering a better experience for patients and research teams at every stage in their journey.

Amanda Holdan-Sinisi
Director of Marketing

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Ripple was having a difficult time finding marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in the hospital/healthcare industries, in particular ones highlighted in their ideal customer profile (ICP). They were looking for a solution to reach their target market, including contract clinical trial sites and health institutes engaged in research studies for development (childhood/family), aging, and mental health.

Need: Ripple wanted an outbound agency that could provide the right MQLs to fill their sales funnel. They hoped to set eight appointments a month by successfully reaching their target audience and ICPs. 

Solution: CIENCE set up an outbound campaign that focused on their industries and contract research organizations (CROs) identified in Ripple’s ICP. With a highly trained SDR team, CIENCE was able to successfully target the industry and move quickly to find qualified leads and set up appointments. 


CIENCE’s remarkable ability to create an outbound campaign for this industry demonstrated its versatility in working with all types of businesses to achieve their B2B sales goals. They were able to provide quality appointments and connect Ripple to the right decision-makers with team-winning results. 

“The CIENCE team is organized, professional, and meets our expectations,” says Amanda Holdan-Sinisi, Director of Marketing at Ripple. “I feel like they are a part of our internal team, not an agency. We are always included in the feedback loop when details are changed so we know exactly what’s going on at all times.”


During the nine-month engagement, CIENCE researched approximately 10,000 leads and delivered 36,000 emails. Between March and November 2020, Ripple achieved an average of ten appointments per month, which exceeded its expectations.

Their outbound phone campaign alone resulted in almost one-third of all appointments. The landing pages, which almost half of the prospects visited, secured another five appointments for Ripple. CIENCE is helping us fill the top of our sales funnel and in doing so, have brought us several lucrative opportunities,” says Holdan-Sinisi.

CIENCE continued to support Ripple in its outbound campaigns, including helping them move into the Asia-Pacific market. I feel great knowing that our CIENCE team will deliver,” says Holdan-Sinisi. “It makes sense to use an organization like CIENCE as an extension of your inside sales/outbound marketing teams.”