How CIENCE Keeps Enriching Scalefast’s Account Database

Sales Research

Scalefast Case Study

About Scalefast

Scalefast offers an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to transform their traditional brick-and-mortar shops into online stores. The company’s cloud-based software application provides opportunities for direct-to-consumer interaction (local and international), personalization, and enhanced customer engagement. Furthermore, Scalefast offers its customers the option of setting up their online stores with multiple languages, currencies, and payment methods.

Apart from a cloud-based eCommerce platform, the company provides a number of supplementary services such as management of warehousing facilities, shopping carriers, tax compliance, and security.

Mike Schwartz
VP of Sales

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Local and International online stores (or soon-to-be).

PRODUCT: A software platform for eCommerce businesses.

Scalefast hired CIENCE to help them with market research for qualified lead generation. They provided a database of potential clients and our researchers were tasked with the job of examining all the prospects on the list and determining whether they met Scalefast’s requirements. CIENCE’s specialists had to enrich and refresh Scalefast’s database and hence, facilitate the customer’s sales and marketing team by allowing them to focus solely on sales. Olivier Schott, Chief Marketing Officer at Scalefast, aptly summed it up, “The goals of the project were to constitute a database of qualified accounts to fuel our sales & marketing team or outbound and inbound tactics.”


“My favorite part about working with CIENCE, outside of the great results, is their responsiveness. When something comes up last minute, they jump on it right away. It’s nice to have a vendor that can pull through. They know what they are doing and are very good at it, no gimmicks nor smoke – just results. I love working with them and highly recommend this company.” Caroline La, Marketing Manager at Scalefast.

Today, specialization is believed to be the cornerstone of the sales development process.Having been in the lead generation business for nearly a decade, CIENCE’s researchers have developed the necessary skill set to conduct a thorough and accurate analysis.

Your salesforce can capitalize on the research findings and work more efficiently by focusing on closing the generated leads.

Mike Schwartz, VP of Sales at Scalefast, said, “We’re currently using CIENCE to increase the number of high-quality leads for our Sales team and find quality target clients. The team at CIENCE does thorough research for each prospective lead. They’re very flexible and their team is open to customization that tailors to your specific needs.”

“They know what they are doing and are very good at it.”


“On a weekly basis, CIENCE reports back to us the list of all accounts reviewed and qualified. Weekly meetings are used to discuss the focus of the coming weeks and adapt the process/criteria if necessary.”

Scalefast and CIENCE joined their forces on June 15, 2017, and have been working together ever since.The companies remain in constant contact on a regular basis. Every week, CIENCE prepares a detailed review of approximately 80 companies. This number is measured in thousands of researched accounts over the period of collaboration between two companies.

According to Olivier Schott “CIENCE drastically increased our CRM with nonqualified and qualified accounts alongside firmographics, technographics, market data and trends for easy lead scoring.” His colleague, Mike Schwartz, adds, “Time to ramp up marketing research and lead qualification significantly reduced after we started working with CIENCE. This allowed us to refocus effort on more difficult tasks.”

“CIENCE drastically increased our CRM.”