How CIENCE Enabled SendBird’s Sales To Soar

Sales Development

SendBird Case Study

About SendBird

SendBird is a white-label chat developer that offers its customers a fully-fledged in-app messaging platform. They cater to their target audience by providing a chat API for mobile apps and websites that works across different platforms such as iOS, Android, JavaScript and React Native. This way, SendBird aims to simplify human interactions in business settings.

SendBird is headquartered in San Mateo, USA; however, it has also established an international presence with offices in London, Singapore, Seoul, and Bengaluru. Now, the company strives to solidify its position in respective markets and that is exactly where CIENCE’s expertise can prove its value.

Eddie Parkansky
Head of Sales Operations

Challenges & Scope

SendBird approached CIENCE with the objective to expand the number of their prospects and generate new leads across different geographical locations. Like any company in a similar situation, they faced the typical dilemma of either employing more people, and hence adding to overheads, or reaching out to a company that is specialized in sales development. This is how Eddie Parkansky, Head of Sales Operations at SendBird, put it, “We have a small in-house team and wanted to increase the team relatively quickly. We decided to look for an outsourcing company to get resources quickly and to avoid a long hiring process. It’s cheaper to work with them than to get in-house resources.”

Thus, CIENCE was tasked with a challenging job of coordinating sales development efforts across different continents and, as a result, different cultures and time zones. However, the ability to effectively deal with multiple markets was one of the reasons why SendBird’s choice eventually fell on CIENCE. “They also have a global outreach and aren’t just focused on the US market,” later added Eddie Parkansky.

The technical complexity of the IT market was a potential stumbling block to effective communication with the target audience. However, working hand in hand on marketing materials, two companies managed to develop the right communication strategy that was eventually implemented in email outreach.

“They also have a global outreach and aren’t just focused on the US market.”


Here at CIENCE, customer satisfaction is not a buzzword, but a driving force behind our commitment and dedication, so it comes as no surprise that our customers also happen to be our most credible advocates. “The main reason we went with them is because we had references from people we knew.”

Depending on the scope of the project, CIENCE can offer different packages to accommodate customer needs. Furthermore, we encourage constant interaction so that necessary adjustments and fine-tuning can be implemented as quickly as possible.

“Responsive and proactive, the team communicates seamlessly, provides frequent updates, and achieve quick turnarounds. They also maintain global outreach and provide great value for cost. We’re satisfied with them. It’s really easy to work with them.”

The ability to put the right team in place and implement global outreach proved to be an important factor for our clients. “They work for us globally across APAC, Europe, and the US. We interact with five people in different regions. There’s also a research team and a project manager who manages everything for us.”

“It’s really easy to work with them.”


“CIENCE Technologies has created a large pipeline of revenue-generating deals that exceed internal expectations.”

This particular project provides a glimpse of CIENCE’s outreach capabilities. The segmentation along was based on three different levels: individual (different job titles), industry (e.g. on-demand, healthcare, gaming, etc.), and geographical level (US, Europe, APAC).

Only in the first four months of an email campaign, nearly 11,000 people were contacted and 35,000 emails were sent. This resulted in 227 appointments. Furthermore, to complement email outreach, unique landing pages were designed so that prospects could familiarize themselves with the product and  conveniently book a meeting. Five percent of appointments were scheduled via landing pages.

“We are satisfied with most of the metrics that we follow. They have reached tens of thousands of leads. Their open rates are about 50%, which is pretty good. Our in-house team has copied some of their methods, campaign wording, etc. Their reply rate is also relatively decent. They schedule a lot of meetings with people. We’ve won a few deals and have had revenue coming in from the deals they’ve generated. They’ve created a relatively large pipeline for us, with some very nice labels that we’re surprised they were able to break into.”

“CIENCE Technologies has created a large pipeline of revenue-generating deals that exceed internal expectations.“