How CIENCE Fueled Outbound Lead Gen for Silicon Valley Insight

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Silicon Valley Insight Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • Responsive, transparent communication between teams builds mutual trust and helps nourish a long-term partnership.
  • Highly agile processes and creative approaches to outbound campaigns can generate positive results.

  • Outsourcing to an experienced lead gen provider provides the expertise to discover more sales opportunities, enter new markets, and hit growth goals.

About Silicon Valley Insight

Silicon Valley Insight (SVI) is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in implementing end-to-end technology solutions. SVI's team of business strategists, software engineers, and product designers helps clients solve their business problems worldwide and leverage their opportunities. 

Silicon Valley Insight consulting services are ideal for companies that build hardware products and need additional resources and best practices to create software solutions. SVI provides its clients with data-driven advice about creating a business model for a new product line, building a recurring revenue model, identifying where the product innovation opportunities lie, specifying a software product, and then designing a software solution. 

The company's services cover the whole continuum: clarification, discovery, development, maintenance, and managed services. SVI's clients receive support on all stages, from pre-idea through the product life cycle and onward with iterative innovation. With a full range of skills available in its team, Silicon Valley Insight provides solutions considering the entire ecosystem in which its clients operate.  

Bryce Garoutte
Bryce Garoutte
SVP of Business Development and Marketing
Information Technology & Services

The Story of Silicon Valley Insight

The initial Silicon Valley Insight team consisted of developers and designers finishing their degrees at Stanford. SVI's founder wrote the code for Twitter's first Android mobile application, which positioned his company on the market. SVI began to grow from consulting the early-stage Bay Area companies and helping them to build products for more extensive engagements serving a global client base.

SVI's marketing strategy previously relied on referrals from long-term relationships. But recently, the company set up the growth metrics that required focusing more on outbound, which became SVI's strategic priority in 2022. 

Another priority for SVI was reaching out to the new market: hardware companies that are considering, have tried, or would like to integrate or create software solutions and services into their existing product offerings. SVI’s new ideal customer was a company that specialized in producing world-class hardware products but lacked the software and product team to build out new business lines that better connect them to the end consumer. 

Pursuing the new goals led SVI to look for outsourcing lead generation and eventually partner with CIENCE. "I did a deep dive and reviewed a variety of lead generation companies," said Bryce Garoutte, senior vice president of business development and marketing at SVI. "CIENCE stood out head and shoulders among the other candidates."

Challenges & Scope

For the first time, Silicon Valley Insight became outbound reliant when striving for new growth goals and expanding into new markets. 


The main challenge for Silicon Valley Insight was bandwidth. The company was looking into reaching new hardware companies that needed to add software to their existing hardware. SVI required an experienced lead gen partner that could offer guidance and leverage outbound channels for their campaign. 


To address these challenges, Silicon Valley Insight needed this partner to build its outbound strategy, find a way to create a consistent flow of qualified sales leads, and secure more appointments. 

"We were seeking lead generation services, including prospecting, email, and phone campaigns," said Bryce Garoutte. "We needed appointment setting for a technology-focused consulting company targeting the U.S.-based mid-size hardware and financial services companies."


With their ambitious growth goals within the hardware and later financial services industries, SVI saw the opportunity to lean on CIENCE to develop predictable outbound channels and a strategy that best resonates in the U.S. market. 

“SVI were new to the outbound market,” said Arely Vizcarra, project manager at CIENCE. “They needed an expert and saw great potential in CIENCE to help them reach their target goals.”



CIENCE proved to be an excellent fit for Silicon Valley because of its clear yet highly agile processes and creative approach to running campaigns. “SVI is an example of a perfect fit for CIENCE,” said Arely Vizcarra. “Part of the solutions we offer lies in our creative approach.”

CIENCE became a seamless extension of SVI’s team. “CIENCE is our lead generation partner and acts as our SDR,” said Bryce Garoutte. “They work collaboratively with us on building outbound messaging campaigns and leveraging multiple channels to set appointments for our sales team to meet with prospective clients.”

SVI and CIENCE worked together to orchestrate the campaign and execution plan in a series of iterations. CIENCE adapted to SVI’s specific requests and allowed for quick changes.

CIENCE offered clear guidance from the start: SVI first provided CIENCE with its ideal customer profile (ICP) and revisited the value proposition respectfully to those targets. CIENCE then used this input, case studies, and past success stories to develop an effective sales playbook. 

"CIENCE excels in two aspects," said Garoutte. "On the one hand, they custom tailor their entire service to their client's needs, and they're very adaptable throughout the process; on the other hand, they're very transparent about how they measure the results." 


Silicon Valley Insight outbound campaign with CIENCE lasted from February to August 2022. Satisfied with the outcome, SVI decided to continue the partnership with CIENCE. “Since working with CIENCE, we’ve increased our monthly new appointments by over 500%,” said Bryce Garoutte.

CIENCE’s omnichannel lead generation campaign scheduled over twenty appointments with the ideal prospects for SVI. In the beginning, the most effective channel was the phone. After that, emails started bringing more appointments with an open rate of 26%. The LinkedIn channel also generated positive results.

The messaging campaign was especially successful because of CIENCE’s out-of-the-box approach to copywriting. “Creative and fun copy for the emails was the original hook, a spark in the campaign,” said David Phillips, campaign strategist at CIENCE. 

Currently, CIENCE plans to work on consistently improving the outbound processes and providing Silicon Valley Insight with more appointments. CIENCE will also support SVI in entering a new market, launching a campaign targeted at finance technology companies. 


Partnership Success

The success of this partnership was foreseeable from the beginning. Both teams were straightforward, which nourished mutual trust and supported high agility in the lead gen process. 

“What contributed to creating this ongoing relationship was transparent communication between our teams,” said Arely Vizcarra. “Since the beginning, we worked with a great team, and we were highly collaborative.”

SVI greatly appreciated CIENCE’s availability. “CIENCE is extremely responsive,” said Bryce Garoutte. “They usually get back to us within ten minutes, allowing us to adjust our efforts in real-time.” 

Such seamless communication promoted fast iterations and result-oriented collaboration. “We always know when things are going well and when they aren’t," said Garoutte. “Overall, they’re very data-driven and willing to adapt to ensure we’re successful.”

SVI’s team recognized CIENCE as trustworthy partners. “The more transparent you are about your goals, resources, and constraints, the more helpful they can be,” said Garoutte. “Trust them in their process as the experts and treat them like an internal team so they can effectively help you move forward.”