How CIENCE Generated Significant Leads for SitelogIQ

Sales Development

SitelogIQ Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • Developing genuine trust between partners allows lead gen campaigns to be put into play more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Frequent communication between partners and greater involvement in the outbound process produces greater results.
  • Precisely defining the ideal customer profile (ICP) and pinpointing the decision-makers provide the groundwork for campaign success.

About SitelogIQ

SitelogIQ is an ESG and sustainability program manager that provides comprehensive solutions nationwide to companies that need to manage large amounts of real estate in an environmentally friendly way. SitelogIQ focuses entirely on B2B partnerships, exclusively targeting a niche vertical of companies that require its centralized, large-scale solutions.

SitelogIQ’s services boost its partners' success in seeking and maintaining investments. As well as planning and executing environmentally friendly construction projects, SitelogIQ also acts as a consultant, advising businesses on their future challenges, needs, and strategies.

SitelogIQ has established successful, ongoing partnerships with market leaders in real estate ownership groups.

Austin Taylor
Enterprise Sales Associate
Facilities Services

The Story of SitelogIQ

Despite these significant successes, SitelogIQ realized there was so much more that it  could achieve. There were many potential customers in its target verticle who could benefit from what it had to offer, and, after proving its competence with the largest players, SitelogIQ wished to expand quickly.

So far, SitelogIQ had relied mainly on organic growth and only employed a single sales development representative (SDR). Its small niche made an inbound focus viable in securing its first successes; however, it needed additional support for the planned switch to a more aggressive scaling strategy.

Specifically, SitelogIQ wanted to identify and reach key titles with the authority to make large-scale procurement decisions. These decision-makers were generally already making efforts to improve efficiency and sustainability in

their approach but often in a decentralized way. They needed to know the value that SitelogIQ’s centralized strategy would provide to their businesses.

SitelogIQ had to decide whether to commit more time and resources into developing an SDR team. After considering the benefits and costs of employing a third-party provider, SitelogIQ decided to pursue an external solution and quickly came across CIENCE.

“I found them online and did a bunch of due diligence on different services to see which one would fit us best,” said Austin Taylor, enterprise sales associate for SitelogIQ. SitelogIQ then chose to move forward with CIENCE after seeing positive reviews and speaking with a sales representative about their approach to outbound.

Challenges & Scope

After successfully establishing itself in a niche market and demonstrating its value to customers, SitelogIQ was ready to accelerate. But this would require a significantly larger and more focused research and lead generation program.


SitelogIQ had a very limited SDR department for its growth campaign, which specifically required in-depth research and outbound processes to reach those specific buyers. Currently, its sales team was spending the majority of its time and resources attempting to generate leads and populate its sales funnel, leaving less time focused on closing the deals.


SitelogIQ realized it needed an experienced SDR team to facilitate its targeted growth. This team would have to understand SitelogIQ’s target market and services precisely, and further, be able to conduct data-driven research and outreach to potential customers who could recognize the value of its services.


SitelogIQ recognized that CIENCE had the experience and understanding necessary to deliver on its very specific outbound requirements. CIENCE would be able to find qualified leads and connect them with SitelogIQ to move sales objectives forward.



SitelogIQ was weighing the time and resource costs of developing its own SDR team. CIENCE became the logical solution to help them build its outbound strategies. 

“I realized that there was a lot to be gained by bringing in an outside vendor,” said Austin Taylor. “We didn’t want to completely commit to hiring SDRs and managers to facilitate a strong outbound process, as it would strain our internal resources too much. After some research, it was clear that CIENCE would be the best fit to facilitate the manpower behind our SDR and outbound activities.”

Armed with the list of target companies and the ideal customer profile (ICP) provided by SitelogIQ, CIENCE

was able to conduct data-driven research to identify the key titles and decision-makers that SitelogIQ needed to reach, with a focus on environmental, sustainability, and operations roles.

“Even if we can just understand who the key decision-maker is, that is extremely valuable for SitelogIQ” said Michell Middleton, sales development manager at CIENCE. “This provided the groundwork for the most important part of CIENCE’s solution—actually connecting with those decision-makers.”


CIENCE partnership with SitelogIQ began in January 2022. Working closely together, the teams were able to make several successful connections with relevant players from SitelogIQ’s clearly defined ICP. This allowed them to quickly generate qualified leads from SitelogIQ’s target pool of companies. 

“CIENCE’s ability to connect us with these organizations, and specifically with people in those organizations who hold targeted titles, is incredibly helpful,” said Austin Taylor. "Just one customer can bring in millions worth of deals, so bringing in one or two could pay for the program ten times over.”

During the campaign, CIENCE produced more than thirty appointments, an impressive number in a niche market. Over two-thirds of these connections were made through the phone channel, using personalized, targeted messaging. Email proved successful with an open rate of 5%.

“They really understand our industry and how we got about selling our services,” said Taylor. “This gave us ease of mind in knowing that someone who knows our pitches, customers, and teams is representing us.”


Partnership Success

SitelogIQ chose to renew its partnership due to the consistently positive results. CIENCE’s attention to detail allowed them, as experts in the lead gen space, to fulfill the role of the SDR team for SitelogIQ and create effective outbound strategies custom-made for its business. 

“The sheer system that they’ve developed behind their SDR service stands out,” said Taylor. “It feels much more organized and fleshed out than that of other vendors I’ve worked with. They’ve been ready to roll from the beginning. Additionally, their ability to merge SDR services with marketing is great for establishing consistency.”

CIENCE was able to take a deep dive into SitelogIQ’s unique market and expertly target the right prospects: “SitelogIQ

has become my measuring stick for similar companies,” said Ashley Shoen, campaign strategist at CIENCE. “By having a trusted partnership, we were better able to precisely target a very specific market while also gaining a lot of insight into ESG and sustainability upgrades, and how organizations actually use them.”

Going forward, CIENCE will continue to connect SitelogIQ with relevant decision-makers that fit their ICP, allowing them to expand into their total addressable market (TAM). “Come prepared to invest your time in working with the SDR manager on your account,” said Taylor. “The more you put into working with them, the more you’ll get out of them. They have all the tools to help you go into battle.”