SOC Telemed Case Study

Lead Generation, Research and Outbound Marketing

How CIENCE Generates Leads and Conducts Orchestrated Outbound Marketing For SOC Telem

About SOC Telemed

SOC Telemed helps 550+ hospitals and other healthcare organizations nationwide launch or expand telemedicine programs using its industry-leading and proven platform, Telemed IQ.

SOC virtually delivers clinicians directly to their patients. With an aligned success model, SOC provides a comprehensive enterprise program, inclusive of knowledge and experience garnered over 15 years and 1M+ consults – helping health systems avoid the pitfalls associated with scale. 

Their advanced reporting and analytics and Lean Six Sigma support help to optimize workflows toward achieving improved clinical outcomes. Their comprehensive quality management program supports evidence-based practices, tracks satisfaction levels, and encourages continuous improvement of telemedicine services.

Adam Cohen
Vice President of Growth Enablement
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Acute care providers, hospitals, and corporate organizations that own hospitals.

Product: Enterprise telemedicine platform for acute and post-acute care.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for SOC Telemed. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct cold-email campaigns. 


When an obstacle is encountered, CIENCE is always ready and willing to collaborate and overcome the obstacles.” – Adam Cohen, Vice President, Growth Enablement.

SOC Telemed went through an exhaustive search of lead generation and outbound marketing vendors. “CIENCE stood out as a clear leader,” says Adam Cohen. “We had very stringent requirements and high expectations.” SOC Telemed partnered with CIENCE for business development, pipeline growth, and increased prospect engagement. They immediately began collaborating on research and outreach.

CIENCE is very responsive and works hand in hand with our company,” says Bo Swartz, Sales Operations Analyst. “We consistently review processes and results and refine them over time.” After conducting research and delivering an accounts list for SOC Telemed’s approval, CIENCE begins multi-channel outbound marketing campaigns.

They are easy to work with and their services align well with our goals,” says Leonidas Anez, Business Development Specialist. “There is not much to dislike, a great company.


SOC Telemed and CIENCE began to work together in February 2019.

The entire CIENCE team took on a partnership orientation and worked alongside our crew to design and implement a solution that helped drive the outcomes we desired,” reports Adam Cohen, Vice President, Growth Enablement.

SOC Telemed benefitted from over 50 meetings with their ideal client types within the first year of their engagement with CIENCE.

We are solving big picture outreach to potential sales prospects in a very large industry,” says Bo Swartz. “A benefit we’ve realized is that this is a finite market and we can specialize and laser-focus our outreach.

The relationship with CIENCE continued to flourish as SOC Telemed’s platform became increasingly needed during the 2020 global health crisis. Leonidas Anez comments, “Their methods are positive and results-driven.