How CIENCE Connected a Consulting Company with Industry Leaders

Sales Development

Sound Business Consulting Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • A business that strongly differentiates itself from its competition allows for more targeted lead gen development strategies.
  • Understanding the client’s ICP and unique value proposition can help personalize outreach and reach target markets more effectively. 
  • Developing genuine trust between partners allows CIENCE to fully utilize its outbound knowledge and experience to ensure a successful campaign.

About Sound Business Consulting

Sound Business Consulting (SBC) is a new business coaching practice specializing in executive leadership in the construction industry. It provides advice to business owners, CEOs, legacy groups, founders, and presidents of all kinds of construction companies. 

SBC's goal is to establish solid, long-term business relationships with partners through dedication, technical and business expertise, and proven methodologies. Focused on growth and organization, SBC empowers business owners to achieve results through strategy and innovation.

Conor Chamberlain
Business Consultant & Coach

The Story of Sound Business Consulting

Sound Business Consulting is led by Conor Chamberlain, an expert consultant in the construction industry. Chamberlain launched SBC in 2021 after more than twenty years in the construction space as an executive, marketer, consultant, and manager. 

SBC differentiates itself in the market by leveraging the field-specific expertise of Chamberlain, in contrast to other competitors who may offer more generic business coaching.

Chamberlain initially dedicated his time to approaching potential leads from the extensive personal network he had developed during his career, as well as personally researching and generating new ones.

Wanting to scale more quickly, he realized SBC needed

additional support in lead generation to populate its sales pipeline. Chamberlain had to choose whether to hire in-house sales development representatives (SDRs) or seek an external partner to fill this crucial role.

Chamberlain knew the value of his services but needed help identifying and connecting with the right prospects, which required outbound expertise. This meant finding an experienced team to understand and communicate his business’s unique selling point (USP).

After researching possible internal and external solutions and considering various companies, Chamberlain came across CIENCE. He was impressed by CIENCE’s track record, its familiarity working with small businesses and niche markets, and its willingness to learn more about his company to ensure a successful campaign. 

Challenges & Scope

Sound Business Consulting was clear about its value proposition and confident it could close deals once connected to the right decision-makers. But SBC recognized the need for B2B lead gen experts to fill its sales funnel with more qualified leads.


SBC did not have in-house SDRs, which meant Chamberlain was spending a lot of his own time researching and developing leads. The challenge was finding the right team to support his growth goals so he could focus more time on closing deals and working with clients.


Chamberlain specifically wanted to reach out to executives at small-to-medium-sized construction companies in the Seattle and San Diego area. He sought capable partners to thoroughly research the available market and find relevant titles at those companies.

The outsourced team should have the ability to connect with the right prospects to show the value of SBC’s services. They would need to have full knowledge of Chamberlain’s background and the unique solution that his company offered to construction clients.


With expertise in outbound, CIENCE would be able to understand SBC’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and communicate its value proposition in a personalized way. The team could work closely with SBC to pinpoint the right decision-makers in need of its construction consulting services.



Chamberlain was very specific about what he wanted to get out of the partnership, and CIENCE was confident it could provide the best solution right from the start.

“The clients that I get most excited about on the sales side are people who have something that I think is differentiable,” said Eric Goldstein, sales executive at CIENCE. “Whether a unique product or pitch, it’s something valuable that hits a pain point. I get excited when someone brings me something I can see is unique, and Conor Chamberlain is unique.”

CIENCE had relevant experience in connecting founders through personalized outreach and had innovative ideas about how to build an orchestrated outbound campaign around this target market. 

The CIENCE team drew on its considerable data resources to create a comprehensive list of the small-to-medium-sized construction firms in the Seattle and San Diego areas with a focus on leaders who are also owners or founders.


CIENCE began working with SBC in July 2022 and was immediately able to generate qualified, targeted leads fitting SBC’s ideal customer profile.

Email, phone, LinkedIn, and web channels were utilized in the outbound campaign. Appointments were successfully secured from all channels, with the email channel delivering an open rate over 25% and a reply rate more than 5%. 

On the email and LinkedIn front, CIENCE’s team worked closely with Chamberlain to develop highly personalized messaging for specific individuals on a case-by-case basis.

“We use the founder-to-founder methodology across email and LinkedIn,” said Nick Kennedy, campaign strategist at

CIENCE. “When reaching out to business leaders, statistically we will get higher response and engagement. It’s a successful methodology when the situation and the context are right, and in this case, they were.”

As a result of this campaign, CIENCE secured more than ten meetings with construction company owners and executives in SBC’s geographical area. “Working with CIENCE has been exactly as advertised,” said Chamberlain. “The meetings they have booked for me have been qualified leads who are open to hearing how I can help their business.”


Partnership Success

After being impressed by the depth of their research and consistent generation of leads, SBC chose to continue its partnership with CIENCE. The close collaboration in the initial outbound campaign contributed to its success. 

Chamberlain trusted the CIENCE team for their experience and expertise in lead generation. He was very clear about the kind of prospects he needed to target and what he had to offer, meeting regularly with the SDR team at CIENCE to help shape the outbound campaign.

“Conor put a lot of work into this,” said Kseniia Korbut, project manager at CIENCE. “He is a great client who is always open to any suggestions and trusts us in terms of the campaign and any changes we want to implement. At the same time, he always shares his feedback, as well as anything he can about his industry and background, to improve our results.”

Chamberlain was also an essential part of the “founder-to-founder” methodology CIENCE’s team put into play to leverage his business’s unique value proposition. 

“Conor Chamberlain’s background provides credibility for any customer we get in front of,” said Eric Goldstein. “Our SDRs can communicate the value that SBC would bring to the table.”

Going forward, CIENCE will build upon the postive experience to connect SBC with other construction owners and executives. “I’m very much looking forward to a long relationship with CIENCE,” said Chamberlain.