How CIENCE Penetrates Accounts For Subatomic Digital

Sales Development

Subatomic Digital Case Study

About Subatomic Digital

Subatomic Digital provides a suite of services to both print and media companies that allows them to monetize their content. Notably not based in either New York or L.A. where most of their clients operate, this Vermont grown firm prides itself on a fanatical commitment to responsiveness, taking care of their customers, straight-forward pricing, and quality, on-time execution – all while being outside of any traditional hub for their industry.

Alex Lintott
Media Production

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Film and TV Distribution Companies.

Product: Video Media Services.

CIENCE Technologies performs lead generation services to increase the customer base of Subatomic Media, a media services business. The team researches potential leads in appropriate industries, conducts cold marketing campaigns, and schedules top-of-funnel meetings.


Their transparency is noteworthy. Their communicative approach supplemented their professional management style. Expect a streamlined process working with CIENCE Technologies.” – Alex Lincott, CEO of Subatomic Digital.

Subatomic Digital was already using another lead generation company for the print side of the business when they decided to try out CIENCE’s services for their video service in February 2019. Since then, they have been impressed with the excellent project management and effective communication in targeting film and television distribution companies for their services.


The results were so impressive, in fact, that Subatomic Digital was thinking of replacing their old vendor for print services with CIENCE.

“They’re doing an exceptional job getting our name out there and scheduling meetings.

In terms of results, we’re getting about three to four meetings a week, which is phenomenal,” said Alex. He also commented that CIENCE, “uses technology better than anyone else I’ve seen. I appreciate that the data is available for everyone to see.