Gains Traction in Outreach Efforts with CIENCE

Sales Development Case Study

About Client is a U.S.-based company and one-of-a-kind venture that provides “Conversational Intelligence as a Service.” Its innovative AI technology and voice-tech infrastructure allow developers to build applications and deploy conversational intelligence (CI) at scale. is designed to securely handle the processing of large amounts of conversation data both in real-time and asynchronous modes, analyzing large amounts of human-to-human conversations more accurately and efficiently. It empowers businesses to access and connect massive amounts of existing data and communications to identify growth opportunities and improve customer engagement.’s comprehensive suite of conversational intelligence APIs and developer tools enables product owners and developers to build speech/voice-driven products and applications with speech-to-text capabilities that are more robust and intelligent. 

Beyond speech-to-text, is able to interpret, categorize, and automatically generate actions and insights based on the context of the conversations and speech. These applications can then be applied to phone video, audio, and text channels to extract meaningful information and build actionable insights for businesses.

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Vikram Modgil
Head of Growth
Information Technology & Services

The Story of was started in 2018 by co-founders Toshish Jawale and Surbhi Rathore—visionaries who wanted to develop a conversational intelligence platform to ease the creation of apps that could easily convert conversations to text in a meaningful, intelligent way. was looking to reach out to the right audience and establish itself in the early stages of business: The target audience was made up of engineers and IT personnel in executive or higher management roles in the U.S. region. 

To gain the attention of its target audience, needed a partner with an intelligent, thoughtful approach to outreach.

In the initial stages of its marketing and sales efforts, spent time exploring other lead generation options: It had tried out other methods, including cold calling and LinkedIn messaging, to boost its sales and target the right market, but had not reached the level of success it desired. found it difficult to reach its target audience with the help of its previous partners; they were not performing the right amount of research before reaching out to prospects. wanted more out of its outbound partner and was looking for an experienced company that could tackle its biggest challenges with greater efficiency—with a track record of outreach success in its industry. 

Challenges & Scope had a challenging road ahead of them. The company wanted to bring its unique platform to the right audience by attracting qualified prospects who could benefit most from its products. But how to orchestrate the outreach was the ultimate challenge.


Given the specific niche they occupied in the market, it was difficult for to move sales forward. wanted to target decision-makers and influencers in many areas: 

  • unified communications 
  • video conferencing 
  • call centers 
  • meeting and collaboration platforms 
  • sales automation 
  • productivity tools
  • telehealth and e-learning 
  • customer services 

Pinpointing target accounts, and then finding the right title to reach out to, were the next steps.

Need needed to outsource its sales for two main reasons: 

  • First, it required an experienced team to target a specific audience type through outreach—a team that knew the market well and had previously worked extensively in the engineering/tech industries. 
  • Second, since it was still a fairly new company in the industry, it lacked the internal capabilities to establish a sales funnel that could be effective for them.

“They had tried different things in the past, like blasts and outreach on LinkedIn but they weren’t getting in front of the right people,” says Max Pittman, sales executive at CIENCE. With a specialized team that could handle campaigns of this magnitude, CIENCE was the ideal match.


With extensive experience in global outreach and working with IT companies, CIENCE successfully created an orchestrated outbound campaign to help overcome obstacles and cement sales opportunities.

Previous methodologies had not been well-structured enough to gain traction and grow sales faster. CIENCE was prepared to fix exactly that. 

“They valued what our team had to offer,” says Viktoriia Filenko, project manager at CIENCE. “Specifically, how we arrange processes, the way we work, follow up, and handle responsibilities. They were an ideal client who required and expected a solid structure that CIENCE could offer.”



Despite the challenges, CIENCE was able to offer well-executed workflows and campaigns, essential for’s growth in-market. The CIENCE team used an effective multi-channel outreach that included email, phone, landing page, LinkedIn, and pretargeting ads to reach identified audiences.’s team partnered with CIENCE, knowing the reputation it had in the sales outsourcing industry, all of which (if successful) could drive its next series of funding. 

With the hope of increasing its meetings per month, could further increase its top-of-the-funnel sales investment and expand its marketing campaign with further outreach, all to accelerate its long-term growth. had a plan in mind for the CIENCE team, believing that CIENCE understood the requirements and could deliver on its promises. They knew that CIENCE could engage the right companies and meet the necessary goals.


It was important for to achieve its goals; what started as a partnership with and CIENCE in early 2021 continues to show significant growth to this day.

CIENCE was able to average more than five appointments per month, a number that exceeded goals set for sales outreach. Its outbound email campaign had more than a 25% open rate; LinkedIn messages held a positive 10% reply rate. Overall, the campaign had a 1:1 positive: negative response ratio, a good indication of the prospect’s interest and level of success in outreach efforts.

The sales team has since doubled in number and expects to grow steadily, thanks to the sales efforts delivered by CIENCE. 

Vikram Modgil, head of growth at, explains what contributed to the success: “The team is very professional, process-oriented, responsive, and adds value to each interaction.”

About the results of the campaign, Viktoriia Filenko adds: “Our team has worked hard for They have specific instructions for our team, and we work diligently within that time frame to get them the meetings that they require. From following up, reaching out, and getting them the leads they require, we’re always going the extra mile.”


Partnership Success

CIENCE and continue to work successfully together to attract more targeted customers from the IT and engineering industries with the help of CIENCE’s professional approach. 

Regarding CIENCE’s performance, Vikram Modril says: “The company follows a rigorous process and is never afraid of experimentation and adaptation. The team, starting from the account exec, account manager, and project manager, has been superb. I highly recommend this fantastic team.”


For CIENCE, working with an innovative new company like was a great experience: “We have learned a lot by entering into a partnership with, like how valuable communication and process makeup is for our clients,” says Viktoriia Filenko. “Both these elements make the clients feel we are invested in their project and we care about what they are working on.” has reached the new level of trust that they were looking for in a sales partner, hitting the numbers required for their next round of funding. More importantly, is building traction with customers and growing sales through its strong partnership and targeted outreach.