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The Warren Group Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • CIENCE's GO Digital advertising demand-side platform (DSP) helps companies pinpoint their exact audience and increase brand awareness to drive sales. 
  • CIENCE offers ‌exceptional data-driven lead gen strategies with precise targeting and customized outreach tailored to each business. 
  • A successful lead generation partnership begins with setting the right expectations and understanding how both sides work to deliver the best results.


About The Warren Group

The Warren Group provides national real estate and transaction intelligence so customers can identify new business opportunities and analyze the marketplace. This is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that just celebrated its 150th anniversary. 

The company is the original source of real estate and financial data in New England and provides information to the country's top five national data providers. 

The Warren Group offers unique insights into the real estate and mortgage market, with millions of data points about ownership, property characterization, sales, mortgage histories, and more on millions of properties across the country. 

The Warren Group’s unique selling point (USP) is its focus on customer service, competitive pricing, and customized data with one-of-a-kind insights backed by in-depth analytics. The company delivers the most up-to-date, detailed, and reliable property and transaction information available in the business.


John Bottini
Director of Sales and Marketing
Information Technology and Services

The Story of The Warren Group

The Warren Group has a strong brand presence in New England, reinforced by its legacy. Recently, the company set a goal to scale its success nationwide. Reaching this aim required finding a lead gen company that could show prospects how The Warren Group’s product and services enhance the process to maintain customer interest and stay competitive.

The company was targeting two main groups that were looking for data customization:

  • Mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions 
  • Real estate, finance, mortgage, and legal insurance companies

“The Warren Group is very service-led in an industry where a lot of the people have generic, but not customizable data,” said Vince Heaton, sales executive at CIENCE. “They pride themselves in their ability to customize data sets for the unique needs of different industries.”

Before partnering with CIENCE, The Warren Group tried working with lead gen companies that took a more traditional approach of pulling lists and reaching out to people, often missing the mark on the company’s principal value: building customer relationships. 

“This involves much expertise, and The Warren Group is not a large corporate company, so they needed a reputable lead gen provider to help them reach their goals,” said Joshua Schoeff, director of customer success at CIENCE. 

The Warren Group therefore sought a partner to meet its excellence standards without exceeding the budget.

“When we partnered with CIENCE, we were trying to mirror and expand on what we have been doing in our own successes with marketing efforts and transitioning them into sales,” said John Bottini, director of sales and marketing at The Warren Group.


Challenges & Scope

The Warren Group aimed to grow beyond its existing clientele, striving to deliver the same product quality and customer experience to a new nationwide market.  


The Warren Group was looking to expand geographically while searching for the right balance between macro- and micro-approaches. Significant changes and uncertainty in mortgage lending, real estate, and housing markets contributed to the challenges.


The Warren Group needed resources for this expansion, including robust data-driven insights to identify trends in the market. The company also needed to detect markets with the most growth potential and those to avoid in order to achieve its growth goals.


In this partnership, CIENCE would be able to offer new data solutions, fill in the data gaps, and successfully reach out to the ideal customer profiles (ICPs) the company was trying to target. CIENCE could get the right sales leads for follow-up and help them do this quickly.



The Warren Group was impressed by CIENCE immediately: "We wanted to expand outside of our established footprint, but we didn't necessarily have the resources immediately to do so," said John Bottini. "When we found CIENCE, we felt that was a good fit for us to expand quickly."

The crucial part of The Warren Group's expansion was broadening its brand awareness nationwide. "The easiest way to get your brand known is by impressing a broader audience at scale in a cost-effective way, to understand who is potentially interested at the time to prioritize then whom to reach out to," said Joshua Schoeff. "The Warren Group needed it done in a way that is efficient and scalable with their resources."

CIENCE’s GO Digital platform was the perfect fit as a digital advertising ecosystem that allows the management of both ad exchange and data exchange accounts. 

"With CIENCE GO Digital, we could display ads while being laser-focused on whom we were impressing with our messaging," said Schoeff.


"We could guarantee that it would be people The Warren Group would care about, but also, that it would be people who resonate with the message we were putting out there in the market," said Schoeff.

By combining a rich data set and tracking pixels for targeting, layered with advanced lead gen strategies, CIENCE GO Digital gave The Warren Group ways to increase the effectiveness of its ad spend. 

"They asked exciting questions and recommended taking a different direction," said Bottini. "CIENCE GO Digital allowed us to expand our internal team, and we were able to go out to the market and then come back into a discussion where we started to analyze the results."

Another CIENCE strength was its ability to set realistic expectations from the beginning and suggest an efficient balance in outreach approaches. "CIENCE was great at setting realistic expectations out of the gate, walking us through that," said Bottini. "CIENCE doesn’t overpromise and underdeliver.”



The initial partnership started in November 2022. The multichannel outreach campaign consisted of email, LinkedIn, phone calls, and digital ads. This resulted in ten appointments secured through the call channel.

“The phone channel absolutely crushed it—the conversion rate was almost double the industry average,” said Vince Heaton.


Digital ads significantly enhanced the brand awareness of The Warren Group. “We took their audience size of 20K people, and we were able to generate 400K impressions in just three months,” said Joshua Schoeff.

“It was phenomenal in the digital aspect, and we were able to deliver on what they wanted us to expand all across the country,” said Schoeff.


The Warren Group Case Study

Partnership Success

Setting the right pace from the very beginning of the partnership secured this campaign's impressive results.

"One of the big turning moments for making the campaign so fruitful was when we sat down, had a demo of their product, and we had a lot of back and forth on what it actually is and what this platform looks like and how custom it can be and what fields can be added,” said Joshua Schoeff. 

“Having that moment with our SDR and the client was huge to get a thorough understanding of the product, we feel like we are more experts in their real estate space and articulate all benefits rapidly," said Schoeff.

Such a balanced approach was beneficial to both sides. "When educating a new company coming on board to represent you, you look at things differently than your average discussion internally," said John Bottini.


"CIENCE did put effort into understanding what our company does—the products and the people we target—and goes after our audience and customer base. And you don't necessarily get that with other services," said Bottini. 

The Warren Group is also a unique client for CIENCE. "They were the first client with CIENCE GO Digital," said Schoeff. "With them, we found out that we can take on all sorts of roles and responsibilities working with different clients, even if we are not that familiar with their product initially."

Another positive aspect of The Warren Group is its heritage. "They are family owned and have been around for 150 years, so they know exactly who they want to target and how they want to scale," said Vince Heaton. "However, they allowed us to be creative and help them explore new options. We were able to have that unity together to drive new messaging and still hold true to their legacy."