How CIENCE Proved To Be The Catalyst For ThruPore’s Growth

Sales Development

ThruPore Case Study

About ThruPore

Founded in 2012, ThruPore Technologies is a company in the chemical industry that develops heterogeneous catalysts.

By utilizing highly porous synthetic carbon materials, ThruPore is able to offer industrial products that are more sustainable and showcase superior performance.

John Currie
VP of Sales and Marketing

Challenges & Scope

John Currie, VP of Sales and Marketing at ThruPore: “I needed top-offunnel marketing tactics to execute my sales strategy. CIENCE understood the problems very well and put a team in place to execute.”

ThruPore approached CIENCE with the request to expand its customer base by generating a constant flow of qualified leads. Within a short space of time, CIENCE has composed a team of dedicated and welltrained specialists to meet customer objectives. As John Currie later said: “CIENCE has impressed me with the depth and breadth of the team they put on ThruPore. There is a full-time Sales Development Representative, a top-notch Market Researcher, a great Project Manager, and part-time Content writers and web-landing-page developers.”

From the very beginning, the team fully understood the intricacy of the task they faced. ThruPore, at the time, was a relatively new player in a niche market. More importantly, the catalysts they develop are a particularly innovative, technically complex, and multifaceted product. This posed additional difficulties to clearly define boundaries for the Ideal Customer Profile. The reason was that ThruPore’s catalysts are not limited solely to the chemical industry, but can be customized and successfully applied across multiple domains. Apart from that, the technical complexity of the product made it harder to convey a value proposition and required a highly technical sale.

The starting point of the campaign was the focus on Chemical and Oil & Gas industries; however, as the campaign gained momentum, it expanded to other areas such as Fuel and Cell manufacturers, E-Cigarettes, and Pharmaceutical.

“CIENCE understood the problems very well and put a team in place to execute.”


According to John Currie: “CIENCE did a good job standing out from the crowd. They proved their acumen with the 1st pilot, producing 10 major leads and more importantly, a fantastic ROI for my segment. It was a no brainer to sign up for a year commitment.”

The generation of highly qualified leads is one of CIENCE’s primary areas of expertise. We use highly accurate research as our starting point. Based on our findings, decision-makers that fit the Ideal Customer Profile are identified and it opens the door for a customized outreach campaign. Working with ThruPore, our team produced around 200 leads on a weekly basis. Then, by using available information about decision-makers, the highly targeted email outreach was executed.

“CIENCE has all the tools to execute efficiently and effectively at a great ROI. The client is benefitting from better CPL and higher conversion rates, partly due to the increased volume of qualified leads. Dedicated and proactive, CIENCE Technologies offers tailored support at every stage. Customers can expect a flexible, experienced partner.”

At CIENCE, we attach significant importance to communication with our customers. Therefore, two companies were in constant contact with each other. “We worked great together, and I was able to spend more time on strategy and new product development.”

This case demonstrates why CIENCE is particularly capable of helping its clients to find a footing in the market, even when the niche is difficult to define.

“CIENCE has all the tools to execute efficiently and effectively at a great ROI.”


“I am so pleased with CIENCE that I’ve diverted all of my digital marketing and conference marketing budgets as the ROI is so high. CIENCE delivers qualified leads on a weekly basis for a chemical and biotechnology manufacturing firm.”

Over a period of 12 months, CIENCE has implemented a successful outreach campaign.Overall, around 4.000 decision-makers in 1.500 companies were contacted.

CIENCE has adjusted its messaging strategy so that communication was customized not only to different decision-makers, but also to different industries. As John Currie said, the collaboration with CIENCE helped increase ThruPore’s reputation, size & scope and drive CPL down to a level that is 10x better than the industry benchmark.

“As a sales and marketing expert, I can’t imagine a scenario in which CIENCE is not well suited.”