Travel Tripper Case Study

Sales Development

How A Boutique Hospitality Business Closed $200k In A Few Months With CIENCE

About Travel Tripper

Travel Tripper is a hotel tech provider and strategic digital partner helping hotels worldwide to increase direct bookings and maximize revenue. Known in the industry for its constant innovation and exceptional expertise, Travel Tripper empowers hotels to dominate from search to stay with its comprehensive suite of solutions, including booking engine and CRS, web design and development, and digital marketing management.

Patrick J. McIntyre
Senior Director of Sales

Challenges & Scope

Travel Tripper started using CIENCE because they needed help with lead generation. They faced many problems and challenges after moving to Salesforce as a small organization that was lacking bandwidth.

Patrick J. McIntyre, Senior Director of Sales: “It became an urgency for us, and we tried for a long time to find the right company to help us, before finding CIENCE. The first part of our engagement was more of a test to see whether or not we could work with and trust a remote, third-party vendor with our information.”

CIENCE is a global organization with offices on four continents. Through servicing 100+ industries in our short history, we’ve learned to build trust quickly despite great distance and different time zones.


“CIENCE is responsible for identifying prospect companies for the customer, enriching data elements, and conducting custom or on-demand research. They’re also responsible for calling or emailing prospects on customers’ behalf, managing drip nurture campaigns, delivering templates and scripts for approval, and scheduling meetings through various mediums.”

On average, CIENCE typically researches 500 contacts for Travel Tripper per month. All of which are MQL’s. CIENCE sets ~15 high-value appointments set a month on average, including demo requests and inbound leads that come from the demo form.

“They also provide follow-up work from trade-shows, conduct phone-related research, and qualify prospects. In terms of administrative support, they provide data cleansing for our Salesforce CRM [customer relationship management], sales funnel reporting and organization, sales data entry and review, internal scheduling and organization, and gathering and reporting KPIs [key performance indicators].”

CIENCE has helped Travel Tripper with eight events in the past seven months. At these events, CIENCE helped set up sales meetings for Travel Tripper at different trade-shows and conferences.

"I feel as though we’re on the same team, and I’m happy with the service I receive from them. My favorite thing is that they bring to our relationship highly qualified leads."


For B2B Lead generation, the daily routine is essential to drive results. You need to generate a fair number of leads and reach out to them on a daily basis. Beginning many conversations pays off at the end of the day.

“We assign projects to them on a weekly basis during meetings with our Marketing Director, our representatives from CIENCE, and my colleague in the U.K. We do a review of the prior week’s work, and then give and receive feedback. This includes looking at how calls worked out in terms of appointments and campaign metrics, bounce rates, open rates, and confirmed appointments. We then figure out next week’ strategy; however, if we’re attending a trade show, we try to provide CIENCE with lists as far in advance as possible.”

This daily routine carried out by our dedicated team results in conversions. We turn the generated leads into appointments and then pass them to your sales team.

Because of CIENCE, we’ve generated a fair amount of interest, and have also closed business as a result of their engagement. Their work has paid for itself. We’ve closed around $50,000 worth of business, and probably have about another $150,000 coming through that we can attribute to CIENCE.”

"My favorite thing that they bring to our relationship is qualified leads."