How CIENCE Conducted a Market Research Campaign for VeChain

Sales Development

VeChain Case Study

About Client

VeChain is a blockchain-based SaaS platform adapted for enterprise users. Their product ToolChain provides traceability solutions that allow their clients to rapidly build and drive digital transformation on a global scale through the use of the decentralized public ledger VeChainThor blockchain. 

VeChain is an international company with multiple offices around the world, including China, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan, France, Italy, and the United States. They have built strong partnerships with such industry leaders as Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, H&M Group, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group, and others.

Unlike their competitors, VeChain is fast and simple to get started with, easy to operate, and extremely cost-efficient, which makes them a perfect solution for both start-ups and big companies.

Jason Rockwood
General Manager
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: While having a strong base of clients on the Eastern market, VeChain needed help with testing the viability and building a strong go-to-market strategy in the U.S. They aimed to scale outbound sales on the North American market without making huge investments into hiring, developing, and training an in-house SDR team.

Need: By outsourcing lead generation to CIENCE, VeChain hoped to figure out the right market for their service and the level of awareness about blockchain solutions among the targeted industries. They needed help building their ideal customer profile (ICP) and defining their buyer persona. As a result of this cooperation, VeChain aimed to schedule eight meetings per month and generate as many sales opportunities as possible. 

Opportunity: CIENCE became the perfect choice to build an effective outbound outreach strategy without big investments of time and resources. CIENCE provided VeChain with fifteen experts, including campaign strategists, researchers, project managers, outbound phone callers, and account representatives. 

Together, they conducted market research and led an outbound campaign targeted at specific U.S. industries that fit VeChain's ideal customer profile perfectly. The outreach channels included: emails, calls, LinkedIn, pre-targeting ads, and a landing page.


VeChain was searching for a lead generation company with extensive experience in outbound lead generation. After searching for several outbound sales companies, Jason Rockwood, general manager at VeChain, landed on CIENCE: “I was very impressed with the way their site outlined their services and value proposition,” says Rockwood.

After a follow-up call with CIENCE sales representatives and a thorough analysis of all the reviews, which were authentic and highlighted the quality of their work, he had no doubts that CIENCE could easily handle VeChain’s sales process. 

“I have been very happy with how quickly they work. If anything, we have to work hard to keep up with them,” says Rockwood. “They have a lot of specialists that are very good at what they do.”


During four months of engagement, the CIENCE team scheduled twenty appointments with high-quality prospects, all fitting VeChain’s ideal customer profile. Besides that, there are still many prospects in the pipeline which are expected to convert in the near future.

Jason Rockwood stated that CIENCE methods turned out to be extremely successful: “We have a very high open rate on our emails and many people have scheduled appointments. Since we’re able to reach more people, we’ve signed more deals as well. By partnering with CIENCE Technologies, we were able to scale our outbound sales efforts very rapidly.” 

The market research campaign conducted by CIENCE for VeChain has brought some extremely valuable conversations and insights that will continue to enrich the client’s business. Rockwood best sums up this collaboration: “CIENCE has earned my trust and respect. I have the utmost confidence in them.”