How CIENCE Generates Healthy Leads and Orchestrates Outbound Marketing For Vegetarian Traveler

Sales Development

Vegetarian Traveler Case Study

About Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarian Traveler offers people looking for healthier and more convenient proteins a completely new food concept: plant-based protein meal add-ins that provide 15 to 17 grams of plant protein. Their Protein Toppers® are designed to harmoniously blend with any type of meal or be enjoyed as a snack – at home, on the go, and anywhere in-between. The product is non-GMO, vegan-certified, gluten-free, and available in-bulk to add with salads, yogurt, or as a stand-alone snack.

Roger Jacobi
EVP of Sales & CFO
Food & Beverages

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Vegetarian Traveler sought an outbound marketing agency to help them generate leads and messaging to penetrate an entirely new food category with their vegan product. They asked CIENCE to find ways to connect with Food Service Directors in cafeterias at schools, universities, and hospitals to offer free samples and raise awareness of their product and find the right Market Fit.

ICP: Food & Beverage for hospitals and K-12/College/University markets.

Solution: CIENCE Technologies coordinated lead generation and outbound marketing outreach for Vegetarian Traveler. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they targeted leads with personalized outbound messaging campaigns. The outbound sales team consisted of an account manager, project manager, campaign strategist, researcher, and sales development representative. The outbound campaign was delivered via multiple channels including email, phone, and a custom landing page developed by CIENCE.


“They delivered exactly what they promised. Their research department developed lists of prospects that we could only dream of. Calls and reports were exactly what we asked for.” Roger Jocobi, Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarian Traveler approached CIENCE in September 2018 for supplemental help with ongoing outbound marketing and research targeting prospects potentially interested in their plant-based protein product, Protein Toppers®.

To help Vegetarian Traveler target a new market for the company and meet its appointment and sales goals, CIENCE used their ideal customer profile to conduct thorough marketing research targeting leads in hospitals, schools, and college/university foodservice markets, an area the company had not yet penetrated. Furthermore, CIENCE’s expert campaign strategists crafted customized outreach campaigns aimed at the leads generated for each project.


As a result of the partnership, CIENCE provided Vegetarian Traveler with messaging that included personalized calling scripts, email sequences, and reply handling that offered a useful explanation of their products to prospects. The campaigns illustrated how their company differentiated itself from competitors and how their product could be used to resolve problems such as a lack of food variety and nutritional options in cafeterias. The messaging specifically revolved around securing meetings and offering prospects free samples of Vegetarian Traveler’s products.

Thanks to CIENCE’s expert Campaign Strategists, Researchers, and Sales Development Representatives Vegetarian Traveler was able to meet their lead generation and outbound messaging goals, finding over 4,000 leads in their targeted areas of interest. 

In addition, CIENCE’s outbound campaigns resulted in a strong email open rate of between 10-15% and secured over 200 appointments for the company within just six months of the partnership, helping bring in new client relationships and boost revenue.

At the conclusion of the outreach, Vegetarian Traveler expressed thanks to CIENCE for being experienced and knowledgeable in both technical ability and outbound tactical expertise. They were particularly impressed by CIENCE’s ability to identify gaps in their market strategy to pinpoint exactly where to focus outbound efforts.

According to Vegetarian Traveler, they would recommend CIENCE to others, suggesting the team’s skills and solutions offer great overall value for the money. 

“They will definitely get our next project,”  said Jacobi.