World Challenge Expeditions Case Study

Event-Based Sales Development

How CIENCE Increased Brand Awareness, Engagement, And Event Attendance For A Multinational Student Travel Provider

About World Challenge Expeditions

World Challenge is a multinational organization based in the UK. They provides overseas adventure travel programs targeted at schools and send high school students on life-changing experiences in developing countries.

The company is over 30 years old and has businesses in North America, Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Europe, and is part of the Travelopia group of companies.

Dan Porter
Director - North America
Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Particular educational institutions.

Product: School Trips

Dan Porter, Director – North America at World Challenge Expeditions: “Our brand awareness in the U.S. has always been low. We needed help with lead generation.”

The main task of our campaigns for World Challenge Expeditions was to find key contacts in US public and private high schools to invite their students on life-changing trips to developing countries.

Our research team first focused on a single state to find principals, vice principals, other administrative titles, and teachers at specific schools to narrow our search.


CIENCE aims to provide as many lead generation services as possible for our clients to support both inbound and outbound efforts. In addition to writing email templates and phone-call scripts, we also create landing pages with contact forms and tools that enable our customers’ prospects to book an appointment in real time.

“CIENCE provides a full sales development team and works on various lead generation tasks, such as copywriting and landing page design. They also conduct research on the schools we want to contact to help us identify areas of interest and better market our services.”

When it comes to the quality of the content, we are meticulous in our efforts to use the exact language needed for successful execution. We know that people lack time and reflect this by producing a concise yet comprehensive copy to engage prospects.

“Their copy is excellent and they’re fantastically responsive, often getting back to me within minutes of sending an email, even if it’s after-hours. I speak to the manager once a week, and we email regularly.”


CIENCE began with one state in the US and then expanded research and outreach, with several projects targeting schools in other English-speaking countries. Our SDRs conducted a number of campaigns to generate leads for the special events involving World Challenge Expeditions.

“We had very little brand awareness among our U.S. prospects, but CIENCE has been generating a lot of activity. They’ve helped us promote specific events and achieve a high response rate. We’ve been inundated with responses, and I’ve seen enough results in the first three months to invest more in their services.”

Since World Challenge Expeditions didn’t have websites for certain English-speaking countries that we targeted for them, the CIENCE web-development team created landing pages specifically for these projects.