Real-Time Event Streams for Your Prospect and Customer Data

CIENCE GO Flow is a data ingestion engine for modern sales and marketing teams.
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Moving the Right Data to the Right Systems

Send data from anywhere

Simply select your framework, add a few lines of code to your website or app, and then watch data moving between one source to your preferred destination.

Destinations = Connected

CIENCE automatically creates your sales and marketing data warehouse and your data can be queried instantly. Data can be streamed in real-time or sent in micro-batches (up to 1x per minute).

In addition to your new Sales and Marketing Data Warehouses, your data can flow to other services (HubSpot, Google Analytics, Amplitude) or call any HTTP Application Programming Interface (API). Virtually all advertising pixels also supported!

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Enriched Data Too!

Enrich the data

CIENCE GO Flow automatically resolves, identifies and then enriches your visitor based event data and any contact data flowing to your downstream marketing and sales stack.

There are 140+ external services CIENCE GO Flow can pull from to enrich your data and build a 100% accurate profile of your users. These include CIENCE GO Show to determine the underlying contacts visiting your website!

CIENCE GO Flow connects key website, outbound data to your systems of record!

Maximize the Data Coming to You!

Retroactive User Recognition

CIENCE GO Flow stores all events from anonymous users and updates them in your data warehouse with unique, individual user ID’s.

Data Replay

All incoming events are automatically saved to JSON logs, either locally or to the cloud. This means new destinations can be added and then loaded with replay data.


CIENCE GO Flow can send to multiple destinations at the same time, based on rules established.


Can I send to multiple Destinations at the same time?
Do I need to code anything on my own?
Is your data handling privacy compliant?
Can I send to multiple Destinations at the same time?
Yes. CIENCE GO Flow is designed to be able to move data to multiple Destinations at once (Multiplexing).
Do I need to code anything on my own?
No. Outside of placing the initial CIENCE GO Flow code on your website, you will have the ability to add Sources and Destinations through an easy-to-use web interface.
Is your data handling privacy compliant?
Yes: *EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) *California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) *The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) United Kingdom ...all are compliant.