GO Custom Terms

Period of Performance

a. The Services shall commence on the Service Start Date as provided on the Order Form, and shall continue for the fees and for the term specified on the Order Form.

b.Service Term: The initial term of this Agreement shall be three (3) months from the Service Start Date (the “Initial Term”), and will automatically renew for an additional 3-month term (a “Regular Term”) unless either Party provides written notice of its intent to not to renew to the other. Such notice shall be provided no less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Initial Term. Regular Terms shall automatically renew for additional 3-month terms unless either Party provides written notice of its intent to not to renew to the other no less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the then current term. The Initial Term together with all Regular Terms shall be referred to collectively as, the “Service Term”. 

c. Order of Precedence: During the Service Term, in the event of a conflict between any document or agreement entered into between the Parties, the following Order of Precedence shall govern: (1) the Order Form; (2) any Addendum or Amendment to the SOW; (3) the SOW; and (4) the MSA.


Payment Schedule: Customer shall pay CIENCE for the Initial Term in a single payment that must be received within fifteen (15) days of Order Form execution or three (3) days prior to the Service Start Date, whichever comes earlier. Subsequent payments for Regular Terms are due and payable on the next day following the end of the last paid period of service. Such Fees shall be payable via an automatic withdrawal from a Customer account. If payment for the Initial Term is not received as set forth in this Section, CIENCE reserves the right to move the Service Start Date based on CIENCE's operational availability to a date after payment is received. A $500 late fee is applied to all overdue invoices.

Place of Performance

CIENCE will perform all work for the Customer at its own facilities. Customer can request in person or online meetings with CIENCE's account managers, team leads, team captains and any resources assigned by CIENCE

Communication & Tools

Email: CIENCE will provide email details for all individual team members

Phone: Customer can call CIENCE at +1 (949) 424-2906

Along with CIENCE's own developed software applications and tools (the “Software”), CIENCE's resources will use other commercially and non-commercially available tools and websites to research lead data.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses / Invoice Procedures

Customer will not be charged any out of pocket expenses, except for those stated on the Order Form, or as mutually agreed between the Parties in writing. Invoices shall be submitted as described in the Order Form via CIENCE’s subscription billing system prior to the first day of the Initial Service Term. Invoices are due upon receipt and payable in accordance with the Order Form and the Terms and Conditions.

Team Expectations



Working Days

20 Days / Month

Working Hours

160 Hours / Month

Scope of Work - Researcher

Research Related Tasks that can be assigned by the Customer include:

  • Identifying prospect companies for Customer using the Customer's Ideal Client Profile (ICP) details
  • Enriching data elements defined by Customer including but not limited to:
  • Contact details: phone, email, address, social media profiles, etc.
  • Company Details: Employee size, verticals, industries, revenue, etc.
  • Sales Intelligence: Specific data on company or individual determined by Customer. Example: Salesforce user Y/N, decision  maker hobbies, funding research, etc.
  • Customer database enrichment
  • Cleaning and scrubbing data in Customer lists (email, phone, etc.)
  • Augmenting contacts; adding contacts to database that Customer does not have
  • Updating contacts: ensuring contacts are still working at prospect company and replaced with new contact if they have left prospect company
  • Adding Sales Intelligence to Customer database
  • Custom and/or On-demand research. 
  • If utilized as part of CIENCE SDR services the researcher will coordinate with SDR Services to support services under that SOW

Customer understands that different tasks have different outputs. Below are examples of ICP changes that can alter output positively or negatively.

  • Change in vertical or size of company being researched
  • Adding and/or removing data points
  • Adding and/or removing sales intelligence
  • # of contacts requested per company researched
  • US vs Non-US research
Deliverable Materials - Researcher

As part of the Customer’s project, CIENCE will be responsible for the research to deliver the following data:

  • Decision Maker First / Last Name
  • Contact Role
  • Personal Email Address
  • A binary field for whether email is valid or not (Email Confidence Level)
  • Additional data elements as requested by Customer
Set-Up & Kick-Off Responsibilities - Researcher

Set up and kick off will start on the Service Start Date.

CIENCE will coordinate the schedule of each lead researcher, schedule for file transfer options for receiving and delivering lead lists to and from Customer. Customer will provide file format requirements and/ or access to Customer's CRM to CIENCE at kickoff. Customer will provide CIENCE with a suppression list to avoid duplicates. Customer can also give CIENCE access to CRM to match against existing contacts and/or support Customer in uploading new contacts to CRM.

  • Customer and CIENCE will review Customer ICP and initial test lists.
  • Customer and CIENCE will review desired titles and order of priority.
  • Customer and CIENCE will review generation vs enrichment needs.
  • Customer and CIENCE will review data points and estimated outputs.
  • Customer and CIENCE will review "Suppression"/"Do not research" list.
  • CIENCE will complete all research data available, according to the data points provided by Customer.
  • CIENCE will conduct testing and quality control for all gathered email data before sending lead files to Customer and Customer will indicate results in the lead file.

Modifying any required lead data points may result in higher or lower number of generated or enriched leads.

Customer Responsibilities - Researcher

The Customer will provide CIENCE with the following:

  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Customer’s Point of Contact to pass information to and engage with questions