GO Outbound Data Support - Terms

  1. Period of Performance
    1. The Parties shall make commercially reasonable efforts to have the Services commence on the Service Start Date as set forth on the Order Form preceding this SOW.  

    2. Service Term: The initial term of this Agreement shall be twelve (12) months from the Service Start Date (the “Initial Term”), and will automatically renew for an additional 12-month term (a “Regular Term”) unless either Party provides written notice of its intent to not to renew to the other. Such notice shall be provided no less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Initial Term. Regular Terms shall automatically renew for additional 12-month terms unless either Party provides written notice of its intent to not to renew to the other no less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the then current term. The Initial Term together with all Regular Terms shall be referred to collectively as, the “Service Term”.   

    3. Order of Precedence: During the Service Term, in the event of a conflict between any document or agreement entered into between the Parties, the following Order of Precedence shall govern: (1) the Order Form; (2) any Addendum or Amendment to the SOW; (3) the SOW; and (4) the MSA.
  2. Fees
    1. CIENCE shall charge, and Customer shall pay, fees for the Services as set forth in the Order Form (the “Service Fees”).

    2. GO Outbound Data Support Payment Schedule. Customer shall pay CIENCE for the Initial Term in a single payment that must be received within fifteen (15) days of Order Form execution or three (3) days prior to the Service Start Date, whichever comes earlier. Subsequent payments for Regular Terms are due and payable on the next day following the end of the last paid period of service. Such Fees shall be payable via an automatic withdrawal from a Customer account. If payment for the Initial Term is not received as set forth in this Section, CIENCE reserves the right to move the Service Start Date based on CIENCE's operational availability to a date after payment is received. A $500 late fee is applied to all overdue invoices.
  3. Place of Performance

    CIENCE will perform all work for the Customer at CIENCE’s own facilities or using remote staff. Customer can request online meetings with CIENCE's Account Team.

  4. Communication & Tools
    1.   CIENCE and Customer will use the following forms of communication:

    2. Email: During the Initial Term, CIENCE will provide email details for key team members with whom Customer will likely interact via email. 

    3.   In addition to CIENCE's own developed software applications and tools (the “CIENCE Software”), CIENCE's resources will use such other commercially and non-commercially available tools and websites to research lead data as CIENCE, in its sole discretion, deems necessary or appropriate.

    4.   During the set-up process for the Services, Customer may identify an administrative user name and password for Customer’s account. CIENCE reserves the right to refuse registration of, or cancel, passwords it deems inappropriate.
  5. Scope of Work - GO Outbound with Data

    a.  CIENCE’s staff shall provide the Services set in Section 5 below as well as the Deliverables described in Section 6. 

    b. Data

    Tasks that may be assigned as part of services:

    • Development of Ideal Customer Profile criteria (ICP)
      • Targeting across relevant industries, company characteristics and identification of key stakeholders, decision-makers and influencer
    • CRM data analytics, “Closed/Won” pattern matching
    • Organization and persona level ICP targeting review and recommendations including: first name, last name, title, department, seniority level, email address, telephone number (including mobile and direct-dial where available), company information, company name and associated firmographic information. All fields are as is and where available.
      • CIENCE may provide limited custom research support with pre-defined and mutually accepted criteria (if extensive customer research support is required a GO_Custom subscription would be required)
    • Data Feasibility Report (DFR); a scan of the CIENCE Data Network - This lets you know how many actionable business contact records match your recommended ICP criteria.
    • Advanced data intelligence; derived from the CIENCE Network’s millions of yearly interactions using Account, Persona, Tech, Social and Partner/Integration and other signals to give matching personas a Low to High opportunity score.
    • If Go Show services are contracted by Customer with CIENCE, resolve intent-based signals from the Go Show Offering to the visitor-specific contact information (subject to visitor match rates) in order to implement as part of the Go Outbound services
    d. The Parties may agree, in writing and in exchange for a fee consistent with one month’s Service Fees, to temporarily pause the Services for an agreed upon period (the “Services Pause Period”) that shall not exceed ninety (90) days. CIENCE shall be under no obligation to provide Services during a Services Pause Period. Unless this SOW is otherwise terminated, CIENCE shall resume providing Services on the first day following the last day of the Services Pause Period and the then current term will be automatically extended by the number of days of the Suspension Period. Customer shall not be required to pay Services Fees during any Services Pause Period; however, Customer must pay for all Services rendered prior to and after the Services Pause Period.
  6. Deliverables - GO Outbound with Data

    Deliverables for Outbound SDR services are as follows:


    a. Deliverables for Go Outbound Data Support  services are as follows:

    As part of the Services, CIENCE will be responsible for the following:

    • Data support for no more than two (2) concurrent campaign strategies per SDR Services team, along with reasonable modifications and improvements to those strategies
    • Access to the contact data utilized as part of the Go Outbound services
  7. Set-Up & Kick-Off Responsibilities
    a. Set-up and kick-off activities will start on the Service Start Date and are part of the Initial Term.


    b. Set-up activities are expected to take between ten (10) to twenty (20) days, depending on Customer requirements and the specific Services being provided.


    c. For Go Outbound Data Support), the set-up activities may include, at a minimum, the following:

    • CIENCE will coordinate the schedule of each SDR, schedule for file transfer options for receiving lead lists from Customer or CIENCE GO DATA / GO Custom offerings
    • Customer may provide Leads to the CIENCE Account Team
    • Leads will have Decision Maker Name, Title and Contact info (email/phone)
    • Customer will provide a point person to manage the relationship with CIENCE and to coordinate the Services.
    • Customer will provide an ideal time for a bi-weekly review call.
    • Prospect Qualification (if Customer desires more targeted qualifying).
    • Customer may approve content created by CIENCE (templates/scripts). In order to avoid delays, Customer shall have twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of content from CIENCE to review and provide feedback. If Customer does not provide feedback with forty-eight (48) hours, the content will be deemed approved.
    • If Customer is utilizing CIENCE GO Outbound services it will complete all necessary setup responsibilities listed under the Go Outbond SOW.
  8. Activity Expectations

    a. GO Outbound Data Support will provide enough data to support the GO Outbound service activity expectations. CIENCE’s Outbound SDR services will be targeted to reach out to no less than 200 companies per month (output would be prorated for partial months of service) as long as the customer's TAM (Total Addressable Market) and customer's ICP (Ideal Client Profile) allow for it. During the customer onboarding process and throughout the agreement, the Customer and CIENCE will define a strategy around how many contacts per company, the number of touchpoints per contact, and the overall messaging approach, as defined in the Playbook that CIENCE will create on Customer's behalf. Based on these variables it is possible to see the number of companies reached out to per month get as high as 600. It is understood that the more contacts and touch points reached out to per company the lower number of companies can be reached out to in a given month. The exact strategy will be defined with the goal of optimizing the overall results of the campaign to yield the most impactful meetings or brand awareness to the market based on the need of the client.


    b.  Service Fees are based on the anticipated activities for each of the Services and not on the number of hours worked by CIENCE staff. The number of working days and hours required for CIENCE to complete the Services shall depend on the volume of the lists of prospects provided to CIENCE by the Customer. CIENCE shall determine, in its commercially reasonable discretion, how many working days and hours CIENCE shall need in order to provide the Services based on the list of prospects provided by the Customer and in order to fully fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.


  9. Out-of-Pocket Expenses / Invoice Procedures

    ​Customer will not be charged any out-of-pocket expenses, except for those stated on the Order Form, or as mutually agreed between the Parties in writing. Invoices shall be submitted as described in the Order Form via CIENCE’s subscription billing system prior to the first day of the Initial Term. Invoices are due upon receipt and payable in accordance with the Order Form and the Terms and Conditions.

  10. Notices

    Any notices under this SOW shall be provided, in writing, to the following:


    To CIENCE:

    1624 Market St.

    Ste 226

    PMB 99737

    Denver, Colorado 80202-1559

    With a copy to: billing@cience.com