Manage daily sales activities with KPIs

Sales OKRs help you win this quarter. Sales KPIs help you win this week.

Engage your sales team to take action

What gets measured gets done. Track daily activities across the revenue organization in real time to increase sales team engagement and key performance metrics. Our sales focused KPI tracking allows you to keep the revenue organization on point.
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Build Stronger Sales Teams

To perform well, teams need cross-funnel visibility on various goals and what is accomplished day-by-day, allowing them to spot obstacles in the funnel before they become a problem.

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Make sales performance a daily habit

Consistency in reporting progress of key performance indicators for the sales team guarantees sustained performance. Help your SDRs, AEs, and CSMs to perform while simultaneously reducing time spent in meetings.

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Discover the common ground

With our KPI management software you can standardize sales KPIs, sales reports and dashboards across the different revenue generating teams, sectors, or regions to ensure no revenue impacting team member gets left behind.

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Establish autonomous & high-achieving sales teams

Develop super-focused and empowered SDRs, AEs, and CSMs to reach the top goals of your revenue organization