Run Revenue
Focused Sales

Run Sales Meetings automagically with linked OKRs, KPIs, and check-in feedback.

Fact-based Sales
Focused Meetings

Practical and revenue focused agenda management. Use real-time information from your CRM system to populate your meeting agenda, ensuring you have the most recent and most accurate revenue data possible to have productive team meetings.
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Create Clear Expectations

Leverage sales team meetings so team members never miss a follow up action item again by linking concrete next steps, accountabilities, and deadlines while in your sales team meetings.

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Stay Up To Date

Make sure time spent in meetings is effective and keep track of one-on-ones, sales to-does and sales team members development to guarantee continuous improvement.

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Easy 1-on1 and
Team Meeting
Scheduling for your
Sales Team.

Keep track of uncompleted agenda items for your team meetings with SDRs, AEs, or CSMs with 1-on-1 or Team Meeting Agenda - from meeting to meeting.

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Establish autonomous &
high-achieving sales teams

Develop super-focused and empowered SDRs, AEs, and CSMs to reach the top goals of your revenue organization