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Improve your sales teams’ performance management and develop a strong goal oriented sales culture focused on objectives and key results that are aligned with the desired revenue goals for your organization.

The Sales OKR Tool That Ensures Every AE, SDR, And CSM Stays On Track

CIENCE GO Process automatically converts daily sales activities into key results and visualizes top of funnel progress with cascading OKRs.
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Get The Information You Need Through Sales Assessments

Sales key results don’t always tell you the whole story. Our Sales OKR assessments within GO Process allow your sales teams to give critical insights into their OKR progress - before you have to ask.

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Focus on Revenue Outcomes

Quickly add follow-ups to your 1-on-1 smart agendas to celebrate progress and sales performance or push deals that are at risk. Sales management has never been so easy!

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Real-time Sales Performance Dashboard

Understand revenue-org-wide progress at a glance with access to real-time sales dashboards, sales metrics and revenue OKR tracking. Schedule recurring sales goal reports to be delivered to your email or mobile.

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Align Your Global Revenue Teams

Oversee revenue teams and revenue OKR management regardless of the location and ensure continued revenue focus across the revenue-org, wherever your sales reps are.

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Establish A Autonomous & High-achieving Revenue Organization

Develop super-focused and empowered sales development reps, sales executives, and success executives to reach the top goals of your organization


What are OKRs?
Why use a sales-focused OKR Software?
What are the benefits of a sales-focused OKR Software?
What does revenue- and sales- OKR onboarding look like?
How is GO Process' sales-focused OKR management software different from other options?
What are OKRs?
OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a collaborative goal-setting process used to set ambitious goals that have measurable results. With OKRs, you can track the progress of your sales team, align them towards the same objective, and even drive engagement. OKR stands for objectives and key results. Your objectives are what you want to achieve, and the key results are the metrics that track your performance and progress towards meeting your objective.
Why use a sales-focused OKR Software?
Tracking Revenue OKRs allows you and your sales teams to focus on their goals from one space instead of using multiple spreadsheets or other tools. In that unified space, everyone is able to see everyone’s progress and, therefore, revenue-org wide progress.
What are the benefits of a sales-focused OKR Software?
Keeping an eye on how every team member in your revenue organization is performing gives you the opportunity to see if someone needs help if someone is over achieving or if a specific team is maybe struggling to keep on track. It also gives your SDRs, AEs, and CSMs the chance to see how their work and every task they perform impact the entire revenue organization, either positively or negatively, improving team members engagement and task management.
What does revenue- and sales- OKR onboarding look like?
We will give you a personalized onboarding experience to help you set your revenue organization. That includes a special focus on how to set up your sales- and revenue OKRs!
How is GO Process' sales-focused OKR management software different from other options?
With our integrations into all leading CRMs, tracking the progress of your OKRs happens automagically. Our singular focus on revenue teams from SDRs, to AEs and CSMs - empowers us to focus on what is important for revenue generating teams and skip the rest.