CIENCE Awarded Best Workplaces in Technology 2022 by Fortune

Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work® have honored CIENCE as one of the 2022 Best Workplaces in Technology™. CIENCE earns a spot on this list for the first time, ranking at an impressive #24. This achievement places CIENCE as one of the best companies to work for in the country.

The Best Workplaces in Technology award is based on the analysis of survey responses from over 151,000 current employees from Great Place to Work®-Certified™ companies in the tech industry. In the survey, 97% of CIENCE employees said the company is a great place to work, exceeding the 57% average of other companies in the U.S.

We’ve tried to build an employee-first culture here at CIENCE, so it’s gratifying to see we’ve achieved this goal—as represented by this award.  

—Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

CIENCE was recently recognized as a Great Place to Work®-Certified company in 2021, honored for its commitment to employees and exceptional workplace culture. It also received Fortune’s Great Workplaces for Millennials in 2022. 

“These awards are worth noting because of the rigorous nature in which they are put together and the surveys are screened and measured,” said Quanstrom. “This signal to future applicants, from hundreds of our team members here at the company, really helps us compete for talent because it shows what a great place CIENCE is to be!” 

Best Workplaces for Technology Award

The Best Workplaces in Technology list is very competitive. Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, selected the list using rigorous analytics and confidential employee feedback. Companies were only considered if they are a Great Place to Work-Certified organization.

These companies have adapted to the challenges of an ever-changing workplace by their commitment to inclusive, high-trust cultures where employees are treated as human beings first and foremost. Congratulations to the Best Workplaces in Technology.

—Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is the only company culture award in America that selects winners based on how fairly employees are treated. Companies are assessed on how well they are creating a great employee experience that cuts across race, gender, age, disability status, or any aspect of who employees are or what their role is.CIENCE Awarded Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology 2022CIENCE Achievements 

Great Place to Work measures the differences in survey responses across demographic groups and roles within each organization to assess both the quality and consistency of the employee experience. 

CIENCE’s employee survey responses reflect a highly positive work environment with top strengths based on credibility, respect, and camaraderie compared to other best small and medium businesses: 

CIENCE Top Strength Based on Employee Feedback

In a thriving workplace, CIENCE employees continue to focus on providing exceptional lead gen, software solutions, and targeted campaigns for each of its clients. 

The highly anticipated recent release of the CIENCE GO Platform—software solutions like GO Data (sales intelligence), GO Digital (targeted advertising), and GO Show (website visitor identification)—is a testament to the dedication and hard work of this talented workforce. 

The GO Platform represents the future of CIENCE. We’re bringing innovative, new products into markets that all tie back to our fundamental goal as a company—to help other companies grow.

—Brian Perks, GM of Digital Solutions

Try CIENCE GO Data Platform

CIENCE GO Platforms

CIENCE GO Data was also recently recognized by SourceForge as Top Performer Summer 2022 for highly rated product reviews in the top 10%.

About Great Places to Work®

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, it has surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a trusted great workplace.

Its employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything it does is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organization become a great place to work For All


Great Place to Work determines its lists using its proprietary For All™ methodology to evaluate and certify thousands of organizations in its annual workforce study, based on over one million survey responses and data from companies representing more than 6.1 million employees. 

To be considered for the Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology list, companies must be Great Place to Work-Certified and be in the technology industry. Companies with ten to 999 people are considered for the small and medium category while companies with 1,000 employees or more are considered for the large category.

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