CIENCE GO Data: Sales Solutions for Business

In B2B sales, making the right business decision is crucial. One miscalculation can cost millions of dollars of revenue and months of stagnation in the development of a company. The main key to making the right business choices, especially in times of crisis, is having access to high-quality data

According to a survey by Deloitte, 80% of entrepreneurs already use data analytics to a certain extent to support their corporate strategies and operate their businesses more efficiently. Besides that, 96% of them predict that data will become even more important to their business within the next three years. It is now evident that what was done before based on business intuition can be completed more effectively if you back up your decisions with data insights. 

It comes as no surprise that the market size of big data has grown at a huge speed over the last decade and is expected to reach the point of 273.4 USD billion in 2026. Consequently, more and more companies that have access to large datasets start offering data products too. 

CIENCE’s GO Data platform offers innovative sales solutions customizable for your business. Available in different packages, GO Data is essentially a customer data platform (CDP) that gives­ B2B professionals from all industries new ways to enrich and optimize the quality of their data. Find out more about these packages and how GO Data products can help power your business.

The Evolution of GO Data Products

After more than six years after conducting tens of thousands of outbound marketing campaigns, CIENCE has managed to store and collect a huge data asset of four terabytes of input, which is larger than many other data product examples existing on the market. CIENCE didn't start with this ginormous data asset when it was first formed, but rather the team had to build it on their own day after day. 

GO_Data_1 (1)

CIENCE’s team has aggregated their data product over the years through a trusted array of relevant sources, a diligent research process, and daily sales activities that validated and enriched the dataset. The reality is that the more CIENCE’s specialists use their data to conduct business, the better the quality of this data gets. 

The more calls and emails they’ve sent, the more accurate their dataset becomes. And once they have used it over a million times a month, salespeople already know why an email bounces, which phone number rings, who changed their job just recently, and who is better to contact within a certain company simply because they have already contacted them before. After all, the best way to validate a record is to actually use it.

CIENCE GO Data Packages

CIENCE’s data-as-a-product service comes in several different packages, customized for different audiences and business needs. Here’s the breakdown of the products available and their key features:

CIENCE GO Data: Insightful Sales SolutionsCIENCE Launches Go Data Plarform - B2B Leads Database and Customized Solutions

CIENCE GO Data is a sales intelligence platform that offers over 300 million records of leads from all industries, validated by a team of sales professionals in real-life campaigns to help you find smart business contacts that match your preconfigured ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria.

With access to highly accurate data, you can build a more effective sales and marketing strategy that will be customized according to the needs of your audience. 

Benefits of GO Data

The GO Data product is a convenient tool that highlights the important information you already have about your prospects and helps you develop it further. You can then identify dozens of extra data points that characterize your potential client and find the most suitable channels to contact them most efficiently. Basically, the GO Data package merges existing profiles in the system with your ICP criteria and then generates high-quality prospecting lists that perfectly fit your requirements. 

GO Data collects tens of millions of records annually that include up-to-date demographic and technographic records, company information, accurate email addresses, phone numbers, trigger events, specialized data points, and many others. 

Besides that, anyone who subscribes to GO Data also gets access to GO Custom (separate fees apply), an additional package that can help turn ordinary machine-generated lists into smart lists through data enrichment and deep-dive profile analysis by CIENCE’s experienced researchers.

CIENCE GO Data - Sales Database Solution

Key features: 

  • Advanced data intelligence
  • ICP development
  • Customized search
  • Smart business contacts matching
  • CRM data analysis

Best suited for: 

Sales and business development teams, and companies still developing their ICP and go-to-market strategy.

CIENCE GO Custom: Advanced Profiling 


CIENCE GO Custom is a personalized research service that further enhances the quality of the data you work with. With GO Custom, you can get access to a wider spectrum of information, specifically target personalized contact details, and explore the deep corners of accounts or markets that exist for your product.

Thanks to 1:1 support sessions offered by our highly trained research analysts, your marketing and sales teams will be able to turn ordinary machine-generated contact lists into smart, hand-picked target account lists that secure a top-notch performance.

The main goal of GO Custom is to represent data that lives behind firewalls and requires custom, hand-curated research, in a simple, clean, and actionable way. Your account-based marketing team can create the most optimal data-based action plan to target and engage the decision-makers required to close important deals.

Benefits of GO Custom

The CIENCE GO Custom service deploys real-world data analysts to help you understand valuable data attributes that are often disparate, unstructured, and not generally retrievable through machine-matching.

Your team will be guided into accessing data that can only be obtained through deep-dive profiling and micro-segmentation processes like specific, accurate, high-quality sales data and analysis of your target audience. 

With the assistance of our diligent, detail-oriented researchers, a well-proven methodology, and the most modern investigative tools at your disposal, you will be able to craft the most accurate, resourceful, and practical ideal customer profiles.

CIENCE Go Show  - Website Visitor Indetification

Key features: 

Teams can create highly specific lead lists with enrichments and custom categorizations for:

  • Demographics 
  • Firmographics 
  • Technographic (behind the firewall)
  • Psychographic data
  • Trigger event and market event specialized data

Best suited for: 

High-end sales and business development teams that aim to optimize the results of their account-based marketing strategies.

CIENCE GO Show: Accurate Visitor Tracker


CIENCE GO Show is a visual ID system that helps to identify anonymous traffic to your website and then either enrich an existing profile or create a new client account in your database.

With the GO Show Data product, you can extract more in-depth information about your audience—even unidentified ones—by researching their behavioral, demographic, and firmographic features, and further segmenting them into different categories for more personalized future outreach campaigns.   

Benefits of GO Show

Once a tracking pixel identifies a new user, it is your turn to make an action. You can either enable a direct sales call at the same moment this user is on your website, display retargeting ads at them later, or simply include this new account in your future marketing outreach campaign. The choice is yours.

Of course, you do not need to filter every new visitor one by one. Some businesses have thousands of unique users on their websites at the same time. GO Show allows you to apply filters to segment the incoming leads automatically depending on their website activity, use different attributes to identify those users that need the most attention immediately, display only high-quality leads that fit your ICP, and power your database constantly with freshly gathered data. 

One more important thing to highlight about the advantages of the GO Show data product is that it collects multiple identifiers from different sources like HEM, cookies, device IDs, phone numbers, etc., instead of simply focusing on the website traffic, which has limited information. The CIENCE GO Show solution truly makes a difference when identifying your anonymous website traffic, unveiling a huge potential for further business growth. CIENCE Go Show - Website Visitor Tracking Tool

Key benefits: 

  • Anonymous traffic detection
  • Web pixel (ID data in real-time)
  • Data enrichment
  • Automatic lead scoring

Best suited for: 

Advertising, marketing, and sales teams that choose to create more effective remarketing and retargeting strategies.

Choose Your CIENCE Data Product

Data as a product is a very important service with high demand in the B2B market. There are almost no big companies left that neglect data-driven solutions to conduct business. If you still don’t have a running data strategy yet, you better start working on one immediately. 

CIENCE’s GO Data packages offer more than just raw data points. Each of these packages contains hundreds of millions of real-life vetted records, which, when used correctly, deliver valuable insights to different departments and cover a number of businesses' needs. Whether you are a marketer, salesperson, advertiser, entrepreneur, or business owner, choose your CIENCE GO Data subscription plan and discover new unlimited business opportunities.

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