CIENCE GO Platform Products: Sales Data Solutions for Business

In B2B sales, making the right business decision is crucial. One miscalculation can cost millions of dollars of revenue and months of stagnation in the development of a company. The main key to making the right business choices, especially in times of crisis, is having access to high-quality data

According to a survey by Deloitte, 80% of entrepreneurs already use data analytics to a certain extent to support their corporate strategies and operate their businesses more efficiently. Besides that, 96% of them predict that data will become even more important to their business within the next three years. It is now evident that what was done before based on business intuition can be completed more effectively if you back up your decisions with data insights. 

It comes as no surprise that the market size of big data has grown at a huge speed over the last decade and is expected to reach the point of 273.4 USD billion in 2026. Consequently, more and more companies that have access to large datasets start offering data products too. 

CIENCE’s GO Data platform offers innovative sales solutions customizable for your business. Available in different packages, GO Data is essentially a customer data platform (CDP) that gives­ B2B professionals from all industries new ways to enrich and optimize the quality of their data. Find out more about these packages and how GO Data products can help power your business.

The Evolution of GO Data 

After more than six years of conducting tens of thousands of outbound marketing campaigns, CIENCE has managed to store and collect a huge data asset of four terabytes of input, which is larger than many other data product examples existing on the market. CIENCE didn't start with this ginormous data asset when it was first formed, but rather the team had to build it on their own day after day. 

go-data-products - 1

CIENCE’s team has aggregated their lead generation platform over the years through a trusted array of relevant sources, a diligent research process, and daily sales activities that validated and enriched the dataset. The reality is that the more CIENCE’s specialists use their data to conduct business, the better the quality of this data gets. 

The more calls and emails they’ve sent, the more accurate their dataset becomes. And once they have used it over a million times a month, salespeople already know why an email bounces, which phone number rings, who changed their job just recently, and who is better to contact within a certain company simply because they have already contacted them before. After all, the best way to validate a record is actually to use it.

CIENCE’s data-as-a-product service comes in several different packages, customized for different audiences and business needs. Let's take a look at the products available, their main benefits, and key features.

CIENCE GO Data: Insightful Sales SolutionCIENCE GO App - GO Data

CIENCE GO Data is a sales intelligence platform that offers over 300 million records of leads from all industries, validated by a team of sales professionals in real-life campaigns to help you find smart business contacts that match your preconfigured ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria.

With access to highly accurate data, you can build a more effective sales and marketing strategy that will be customized according to the needs of your audience.

Benefits of GO Data

The GO Data product is a convenient tool that highlights the important information you already have about your prospects and helps you develop it further. You can then identify dozens of extra data points that characterize your potential client and find the most suitable channels to contact them most efficiently.

Basically, the GO Data package merges existing profiles in the system with your ICP criteria and then generates high-quality prospecting lists that perfectly fit your requirements. 

GO Data validates millions of records through regular outbound outreach with demographic and technographic records, company information, accurate email addresses, phone numbers, trigger events, specialized data points, and many others. 

Besides that, anyone who subscribes to GO Data also gets access to GO Custom (separate fees apply), an additional package that can help turn ordinary machine-generated lists into smart lists through data enrichment and deep-dive profile analysis by CIENCE’s experienced researchers.

CIENCE GO Data #2Key features: 

  • Advanced data intelligence
  • ICP development
  • Customized search
  • Smart business contacts matching
  • CRM data analysis

Best suited for: 

Sales and business development teams, and companies still developing their ICP and go-to-market strategy.

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CIENCE GO Custom: Advanced Profiling 

CIENCE GO App - GO Custom

CIENCE GO Custom is a personalized research service that further enhances the quality of the data you work with. With GO Custom, you can get access to a wider spectrum of researched data, specifically target personalized contact details, and explore the deep corners of accounts or markets that exist for your product.

Thanks to 1:1 support sessions offered by our highly trained research analysts, your marketing and sales teams will be able to turn ordinary machine-generated contact lists into smart, hand-picked target account lists that secure a top-notch performance.

The main goal of GO Custom is to represent data that lives behind firewalls and requires custom, hand-curated research, in a simple, clean, and actionable way. Your account-based marketing team can create the most optimal data-based action plan to target and engage the decision-makers required to close important deals.

Benefits of GO Custom

The CIENCE GO Custom service deploys real-world data analysts to help you understand valuable data attributes that are often disparate, unstructured, and not generally retrievable through machine-matching.

Your team will be guided into accessing data that can only be obtained through deep-dive profiling and micro-segmentation processes like specific, accurate, high-quality sales data and analysis of your target audience. 

With the assistance of our diligent, detail-oriented researchers, a well-proven methodology, and the most modern investigative tools at your disposal, you will be able to craft the most accurate, resourceful, and practical ideal customer profiles.

CIENCE GO Data #3Key features: 

Teams can create highly targeted lead lists with enrichments and custom categorizations for:

  • Demographics 
  • Firmographics 
  • Technographic (behind the firewall)
  • Psychographic data
  • Trigger event and market event specialized data

Best suited for: 

High-end sales and business development teams that aim to optimize the results of their account-based marketing strategies.

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CIENCE GO Show: Accurate Visitor Tracker


CIENCE GO Show is a visual ID system that helps to identify anonymous traffic to your website. The GO Show software recognizes companies, then departments, seniority levels, and even individual contact details of your web visitors.

With the GO Show Data product, you can follow up appropriately with your unconverted, formerly anonymous website audience through retargeting, outbound outreach, or nurturing campaigns.

Benefits of GO Show

Once a tracking pixel identifies a new user, it is your turn to take an action. You can either enable a direct sales call at the same moment this user is on your website, display retargeting ads at them later, or simply include this new account in your future marketing outreach campaign. The choice is yours.

Of course, you do not need to filter every new visitor one by one. Some businesses have thousands of unique users on their websites at the same time. GO Show allows you to apply filters to segment the incoming leads automatically depending on their website activity, use different attributes to identify those users that need the most attention immediately, display only high-quality leads that fit your ICP, and power your database constantly with freshly gathered data. 

One more important thing to highlight about the advantages of the GO Show data product is that it collects multiple identifiers from different sources like HEM, cookies, device IDs, phone numbers, etc., instead of simply focusing on the website traffic, which has limited information.

The CIENCE GO Show solution truly makes a difference when identifying your anonymous website traffic, unveiling a huge potential for further business growth. 

CIENCE GO Show #2Key features: 

  • Anonymous traffic detection
  • Web pixel (ID data in real-time)
  • Data enrichment
  • Automatic lead scoring

Best suited for: 

Advertising, marketing, and sales teams that choose to create more effective remarketing and retargeting strategies.

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CIENCE GO Digital: Precise Ads Targeting

CIENCE GO Digital #1CIENCE GO Digital is a tool that enables marketers to deliver powerful messages to their target audience across different channels of communication through display, video, or audio ads. If the GO Data package is aimed at defining your ideal customer, GO Digital goes further and helps to activate them more precisely, avoiding spending thousands of dollars on ineffective targeting. 

With GO Data and demand-side platforms, you can make the first connection with your potential client at a very fast speed through multiple channels and different devices simultaneously. By being able to manage the targeting criteria for your digital ads, you increase the chances of reaching out to the right prospect significantly. 

Benefits of GO Digital 

CIENCE’s GO Digital data product stores only high-quality B2B accounts that are constantly validated. Therefore, your ads will only be displayed in front of that audience that fits your ICP precisely. CIENCE database has access to millions of business users and allows you to set over a hundred B2B targeting filters. 

CIENCE data products support a large variety of formats for your programmatic ads. GO Digital works with display ads of all sizes, over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) videos, audio ads in podcasts, and social media ads. Besides that, you can improve your targeting by developing multiple personas to reach out to.  

You can then personalize your ads by segmenting your audience further depending on their age, industry, title, and company size, and expose them to different content. The more precise your targeting and personalization get, the better the outcome of the ad campaign will be. 

CIENCE GO Digital #2

Key features:

  • Audience activation
  • Programmatic audience targeting
  • Micro-segmentation by over a hundred targeting filters
  • Compatibility with different formats of ad campaigns (OTT, CTV, social media)

Best suited for: 

Marketers, advertisers, and PPC specialists looking for an optimal return of investment ratio for their SEM campaigns.

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CIENCE GO Intent: Buying-Signals Researcher

CIENCE GO Intent #1CIENCE GO Intent is a tool that analyzes billions of intent data signals from verified users. It helps marketing and sales teams target the right leads from the earliest stages of their buyer's cycle so prospects can be properly nurtured until they are ready to become clients.

The GO Intent tool matches companies' IP addresses and tracks underlying buyer intent topics across the web. Your team benefits from knowing which accounts to target across thousands of intent topics, including those most relevant to your business.

Benefits of GO Intent

The CIENCE GO Intent software accurately determines the semantic meaning of the most searched website pages by your ideal customer profiles. This enables sales development representatives (SDRs) to dissect ICP accounts and book more meetings with prospects that have shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

By combining top-notch big data applications with CIENCE’s in-house natural language processing (NLP) experts, GO Intent can filter the hot topics related to your target audience so advertisers can launch the best-fitting ad campaigns and content creators can leverage the most-optimal keywords.

GO Intent also provides daily possible buyer lists related to the most-relevant topics of a certain industry or digital community. Thanks to our profiling match-rate technology, it is possible to deploy account-based marketing (ABM) tactics that generate higher click-through rates, better-targeted messaging, and more effective campaigns.CIENCE GO Intent #2a

Key features: 

  • New intent results every four hours
  • Buying-window data for sixty days
  • Account lead scoring
  • Page-level heuristics
  • Advanced click-tracking AI
  • Downloadable in-market buyers list

Best suited for: 

Sales and marketing teams that are looking for new, practical, and organic ways to identify and filter in-market buyers.

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CIENCE GO Chat: Uninterrupted ProspectingCIENCE GO Chat #1

CIENCE GO Chat is an always-on, agent-enabled AI chatbot that promotes sales-focused conversations with users and allows prospects to book meetings with SDRs.

The GO Chat tool combines human interaction with unique AI-powered technology to provide instant responses to website visitors. Your users will always find the answers they need, as the AI will send them directly to active agents whenever the situation demands it, driving sales more quickly.

Benefits of GO Chat

CIENCE GO Chat is the engagement platform for modern sales teams. It can connect with different APIs to provide maximum productivity. Slack, Zoom, and Messenger are only part of the thirty external integrations aligned to the tool that supports data collection and opens different communication channels with prospects.

In addition to AI chat technology, CIENCE sales experts can be deployed 24/7 to resolve more complex queries and provide insightful details about your product or service. This way, the prospect can clearly understand the benefits your solution brings to the table from the first contact touch.

CIENCE GO Chat smart bots automatically collect the contact information of every website visitor, qualify their data footprint, and filter the users' characteristics to determine the prospects' intent. GO Chat is the speed-to-lead, AI-powered conversational tool for B2B sales conversions.CIENCE GO Chat #2

Key features: 

  • 100% Configurable chatbot flows 
  • Bot + human pre-built interactions
  • Audience-targeted chat experiences
  • Lead routing options to agents
  • Multimedia messaging capabilities

Best suited for: 

New business development teams with multiple active conversational channels that desire to filter potential buyers from the first interactions.

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CIENCE GO Schedule: Smart Booking Software CIENCE GO Schedule #1

CIENCE GO Schedule coordinates your team and your lead’s existing calendars so meetings can be booked in a clean and straightforward way. Our full-featured scheduling tool offers robust round-robin, meetings links, and time zone sync for sales and marketing teams.

The GO Schedule software determines the availability of every team member involved in the sales process and syncs their calendars automatically. It also allows the integration of unlimited event types with different settings around availability, locations, meeting length, attendance parameters, and more.

Benefits of GO Schedule

CIENCE GO Schedule offers a robust follow-up and notification system so sales teams can generate high meeting hold rates. Your sales reps may program and trigger as many emails or SMS reminders as they need to ensure that the prospects will show up on time.

The GO Schedule tool enables complete analytics on the registered events. This way, managers have a clear view of their teams' performance. The software also provides a reporting platform so all team members can identify all booked appointments in a single dashboard.

Through GO Schedule, sales reps have the ability to add, reschedule, or delete any meetings while all meeting attendees' calendars get automatically updated. Your team's booking power can be deployed through a simple calendar link, compatible with several kinds of productivity software, conference apps, forms, automation, and payment integrations.CIENCE GO Schedule #2a

Key features: 

  • Up-to-the-minute calendaring
  • Sales team round-robin capable
  • Routing forms
  • Email and chat support
  • Fully brandable
  • Collective events
  • Reporting suite

Best suited for: 

All sales teams who want to avoid the back and forth to get a sales meeting booked and desire to boost their hold rate as high as possible.

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CIENCE GO Flow: Real-Time Data Streamer


CIENCE GO Flow is a data ingestion engine for sophisticated, data-powered sales and marketing teams. The GO Flow tool can stream or send data in micro-batches (up to 1x per minute). Each data event related to all anonymous users can be updated in your data warehouse with unique, individual user IDs.

By setting up pre-established rules in the platform, the CIENCE GO Flow streamer can deliver data batches to multiple destinations at the same time. All incoming events are automatically saved to JSON logs, either locally or to the cloud. This means that new destinations can be added and then loaded with replay data in a very simple manner.

Benefits of GO Flow

CIENCE GO Flow automatically resolves, identifies, and enriches your visitor-based event data and any contact data flowing to your downstream marketing and sales stack. All you have to do is to select your framework, add a few lines of code to your website or app, and then watch data being transferred between one source to your preferred destination.

The GO Flow engine automatically creates your sales and marketing data warehouse so your data can be queried instantly. Additionally, your data can flow to other services (HubSpot, Google Analytics, Amplitude), call any HTTP application programming interface (API), or integrate all the advertising pixels you need.

CIENCE GO Flow can enrich your data from over 140 external services, helping you to generate 100% accurate user profiles. CIENCE GO Show can also be integrated to determine the underlying online contacts visiting your website in real time.CIENCE GO Flow #2

Key features: 

  • Retroactive user recognition
  • Automatic data replay
  • Multiple destinations at the same time (multiplexing)
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Data-handling privacy compliance

Best suited for: 

Sales and marketing teams aiming to boost their data warehouse's performance through a sophisticated and user-friendly platform.

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Choose Your CIENCE GO Product

Data as a product is a very important service with high demand in the B2B market. There are almost no big companies left that neglect data-driven solutions to conduct business. If you still don’t have a running data strategy yet, you better start working on one immediately. 

CIENCE’s GO Data packages offer more than just raw data points. Each of these packages contains hundreds of millions of real-life vetted records, which, when used correctly, deliver valuable insights to different departments and cover a number of businesses' needs.

Whether you are a marketer, salesperson, advertiser, entrepreneur, or business owner, choose your CIENCE GO Data subscription plan and discover unlimited business opportunities.

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