Sales Leads Researcher

A lead researcher is a person who delivers curated, highly-targeted, and accurate lead lists for your company. The goal of a lead researcher is to enhance the work of your sales team and fill your pipeline with potential clients.

The quality of your contact lists defines the effectiveness of your outbound prospecting. Bought contact lists miss a lot of things a researcher doesn’t. At CIENCE, every lead researcher’s work is based on a client’s buyer persona and ICP. This is how our team knows what companies need your product, as well as which decision-maker will be the most suitable contact point.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Research contact information for sales leads;
  2. Work with various online tools and databases to enrich leads;
  3. Record all lead details in a database.

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How Do I Improve My Lead Researchers’ Performance?

  1. Craft your buyer persona and ICP carefully

    You should compose these profiles for each sales and marketing campaign you conduct. One mistake in crafting your ICP can result in a failed campaign.

    At first sight, your leads may seem totally fine. But if one of the main requirements of your ICP is set wrong, it will lead your campaign in the wrong direction.

    Unsorted contact lists will waste your money because your SDRs will spend colossal amounts of time knocking on doors that will never open.

  2. Set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) criteria clearly

    The accuracy of leads is the KPI for lead researchers. Each inaccurate lead allows you to pinpoint the mistakes your researchers make, why they make it, and how it can be fixed.

  3. Reward your lead researchers for perfect contact lists

    Lead research is hard work that requires people to be attentive and tedium-resistant. To lift up the spirits and boost the productivity of your workers, implement a bonus system. This will reward lead researchers that composed lists free of inaccurate contacts.

  4. Outsource

    Outsourcing is an efficient option to increase your team’s productivity. Adding another pair of hands to your team won’t hurt, plus it’s cheaper than the in-house option.

    For instance, the average salary of a lead researcher per year is almost twice as high as hiring CIENCE as an outsource option.
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A lead researcher delivers accurate and highly-targeted lead lists for your company. This work is the starting point of the lead generation process. Your lead researchers’ work should be based on a buyer persona and an ICP.

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