Customer Success Manager (CSM)

In Account-Based Marketing, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a person who interacts directly with the client after the purchase has been made and makes sure that the delivery of services or products is made in time and with due quality. Alternatively, the CSM secures the success of a client’s project and guarantees the best customer experience.

Why is the CSM role important?

When it comes to complex products or services in B2B, a company has to educate its clients on how to implement the solution in the best way possible. There are many ways to do it. A company can create manuals, for example, or send its professionals to assist.

In addition to that, the implementation requires a lot of back and forth communication between the customer and the vendor. When it comes to a subscription-based business model, such communication can last years.

Customer Success Manager organizes, tracks and controls all the activities around solution implementation and serves as a medium of communication between the brand and the customer.

For example, when a CIENCE customer signs a 3-months contract for an SDR Team, apart from a team of one dedicated researcher, one dedicated SDR, one copywriter, QA specialist, and email deliverability specialist, they have one CSM taking care of their campaign.

CIENCE CSMs study the client, their ICP, their solutions, their USP and brand promise to offer the best outreach strategy. They’re in charge of assigning tasks and controlling all team members and their performance.


CSM is an important role for any business that wants to deliver high-quality solutions, ensure their successful implementation and provide an impeccable customer experience. CSMs can also educate the client on how to implement and use the solution in the best possible way.