7 Best Testimonial Video Examples and Why They Work

Using testimonial videos is a tried-and-true method to leverage your successful partnerships for your marketing strategy. They’re a fantastic way to get more businesses to know your brand, show the value of your products or services, and increase B2B sales. And all of it in one fell swoop.

Now, as great as they can be, ask any video agency about testimonials, and they’ll all tell you the proven recipe requires some unique tweaks and perspectives to be effective in a B2B marketing setup.

So, how can you know what type of testimonial video ideas pique a decision-maker's interest? What are the best practices to follow when creating your brand's testimonial? Let’s break down the seven top customer testimonial video examples to inspire and teach you how you can get the most out of this powerful marketing tool.

What Video Testimonials Bring to the Marketing Table

By now, it’s no secret that most people prefer to watch videos as part of their pre-purchase research. In addition, videos are much easier to share among the many people involved in the B2B selection process.

After all, when you’re pitching possible solutions to a team full of busy people, a short video demonstrating the benefits of working with a particular business is usually much more compelling than a long-winded email or a whitepaper.

Video testimonials also eliminate time spending on writing lengthy case studies and customer feedback. Instead, companies can provide real stories about the impact their products have had on customers’ lives by simply using a screen recorder.

The best video testimonials also serve as a tool to establish a brand's credibility. The fact that another company is vouching for your brand—one that knows exactly the amount of work and expertise needed for such projects—gives the piece a sense of truthfulness that is hard to replicate with other video styles. It’s not just a marketing piece designed to sell but a real success story being shared.

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7 Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples

Now that you know why testimonials are a go-to piece of content for businesses, you may be wondering exactly what is needed for a good, compelling testimonial of your own. Let’s go through some of the best testimonial video examples and see what we can learn from each.

1. Ceridian: Blue Man Group testimonial

Why it works: The Blue Man Group is full of creative, artistic people. So, naturally, showing them in their element is the way to go. The video not only shows the testimonial itself, but there are also plenty of frames of company people behind the scenes, working, using Ceridian’s product, and having fun at the same time. 

This is the perfect example to follow if your business is more of a creativity-oriented outfit. A video with a serious, corporate tone would come out as dry and probably do more harm than good branding-wise.

Most importantly, Ceridian is tackling a core marketing challenge in the most subtle way. By featuring this particular client in their testimonial, they are showing us their core services— human capital management (HCM) software solutions—are flexible and useful even to a company that operates in a niche as chaotic as the entertainment industry.

2. CIENCE: Clients tell the story

Why it works: Sometimes, going outside the norm can produce excellent results.

Usually, when you think “B2B testimonial," you expect to see a single person talking about their business experience after working with another brand. And don’t get it wrong—that’s a go-to for a reason. It is a format that has proven to be very effective with little hassle.

However, here we have a very different approach. The folks at CIENCE decided to have a lot of people providing quick, clear, positive takes about their experience working with the company. And all of it uses no live-action footage—only audio. 

Not only does this sets their testimonial apart in practical aesthetic terms, but it also creates a series of positive synergies between what they do decide to show you. 

Every testimony comes from a different person, with a transcript framed by the brand's colors and the speaker's job title as the sole identifier. The end result is a very compelling piece that company decision-makers would find hard to ignore as more and more voices add their take to the choir.

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3. Yum Yum Videos: McKesson testimonial

Why it works: When you're an experienced video production company and animation is your specialty, it only makes sense to combine it with live footage. The result is a fun and engaging mix that complements and synergizes really well with the traditional testimonial editing format.

A bit of animation here and there paves the way for branding opportunities through elements like your company's colors and logo, and it also gives you a great way to smooth transitions from establishing shots. However, what we'd like to highlight here isn't so much the animated elements themselves but the importance of subtly showcasing your product within your testimonial. A logo animation template offers a pre-designed, customizable framework for creating dynamic and visually appealing animated logos with ease and efficiency.

This works for any niche and product, not just animated video production. Combining the testimonial itself with frames and footage of whatever it is you want your brand to be known for gives you a great way to show your expertise to businesses looking for the type of sales solutions you can provide.

4. WilsonCooke: B2B international testimonial

Why it works: Needless to say, this WilsonCooke video is a classic testimonial, an approach that remains effective today.

There’s no need for different backgrounds, multiple locations, or over-the-top music—just a first-person interview showcase of a company's representative sharing their experience around a collaborative B2B project. 

Of particular notice here is the length of the video. In under two minutes, everything that needed to be said was said. No more, no less. 

Nine times out of ten, keeping it short and sweet is an essential requirement of most marketing video content. If you are going with the traditional testimonial approach, length becomes that much more important. It can be tempting to go overboard and try to cram too many questions and positive statements in a single video.

Since your video will likely be seen by the many people behind a B2B purchase decision, keeping it under two minutes improves your chances of getting any vital information across and can be essential to ensure you keep the attention of everyone involved.

5. Direct Agents: Belkin International testimonial

Why it works: We like this Belkin International testimonial because the company takes little time to make its point but ensures you'll remember it by reinforcing it all the way through.

To really drive the point home, when the client talks about a particularly positive aspect of working with the company, we’re shown a frame with the quotes in big, bold letters via animated inserts. 

This is an excellent way to highlight important information you want the viewer to walk away with, from key features of working with your products to overall impressions about how interviewees regard your brand and what you did for them. 

Just keep in mind that doing it once or twice, like in this example, is enough. Overdoing it can have a negative effect. Less is more.

6. Zoom and Slack: HubSpot testimonial

Why it works: Yes, you want to showcase whatever positive experience clients had with your brand. But sometimes, the best way to do so is to have them describe in detail what you do for them.

This testimonial is built around the need for the workers at HubSpot to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently and how using Zoom and Slack addresses that need to a T. 

Of particular notice is that they leave nothing to chance. As if words alone aren’t sufficient proof, we’re shown live footage of these products working in tandem. Just by typing just a few letters on the Slack chat platform, Zoom is readily available to jump on a call. 

As you work on your company's testimonial, remember that you can copy this example to show how easy it is to use your products by following those who are already benefitting from them. Just make sure to keep your video’s editing snappy, using tools like Premier Pro Templates to add inserts and transitions that highlight your testimonial’s core message.

7. Robin: OneEleven testimonial

Why it works: As we mentioned at the beginning, the human, relatable aspect of testimonials is one of the style’s strongest features. 

This example revolves around the core strengths of testimonial videos: having a qualified representative explaining the problems or challenges their company faced and how the Robin hybrid workplace platform helped solve them. 

Of particular note is how Robin, whose services are being talked about, plays almost an implicit role. Most of the footage is about the company they are servicing, and the testimonial showcases them going about their business. This approach is brilliant for a business like Robin, whose whole MO revolves around helping other companies conduct their business.

People looking for solutions for their business need to know exactly why your company can be a good choice to solve it, so focusing on them instead of you can be an impactful tool at your disposal.

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Diving into the waters of making a B2B testimonial video can be difficult if you don't know what to expect or what to do. But, without a doubt, it's an effort that will greatly pay off if you do it right.

Hopefully, you now have a broader perspective on different approaches you can take with this marketing tool and are already thinking about what the perfect testimonial for your company would look like.

Now it’s time to start drafting what could be one of your best-performing content marketing pieces. Take advantage of the inspiration and lessons from these great testimonials and start creating.

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