CIENCE Technologies Launches B2B Lead Generation Performance Group, Led by Michael Maynes


CIENCE announced the launch of the CIENCE B2B Performance Group and the appointment of General Manager Michael Maynes to oversee operations. 

The CIENCE Performance Group is geared around a cost-effective business model for sales organizations. The Performance Group generates qualified sales appointments for a fixed cost and also offers B2B organizations limitless scalability to penetrate new markets or gain more market share.

Maynes brings a strong history of building businesses, highlighted by his sales and technology background. Previous to CIENCE, Maynes led business development efforts for Developer API partners at FullContact, a worldwide leader in social data and contact management. He was an instrumental sales leader and manager at Alterx and Connectifier—the latter of which was acquired by LinkedIn in a buyout in excess of $100 million in 2016. 

Maynes inherits a team of lead generation experts and will be growing the CIENCE B2B Performance Group aggressively. The group fits within the larger organization and enjoys the same CIENCE commitment to becoming the leading provider of sales managed services around the world.