20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas for 2024

Marketers know that branding a B2B company needs more than just any effort: In order to convince potential clients to become partners, you should have great corporate branding to attract them. 

When it comes to branding, social media is the right place for you to build a good reputation. With the sheer number of people using social media every day, you can optimize corporate branding more effectively by publishing compelling posts on your social media handles. 

B2B marketing involves every activity that helps companies drive sales. This process can take a long time since businesses need to build a segmented market that has a demand for their products or services. With social media, B2B marketers can fasten the process by generating an audience and connecting with the right partner.

If you want to succeed in incorporating social media marketing, you should consider making content that captures attention. Let’s look at twenty social media content ideas you can use for your B2B company.

1. User-Generated Content

Use-generated content (UGC) is great for brands because people can post content on their own regarding the business or product, and they can do it whenever and wherever they want. UGC is perfect for B2B businesses who wish to engage with their community and give them a voice. Utilizing this type of content allows you to show the authenticity of your business as well as receive word-of-mouth marketing. 

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_12 . Interactive Content

Marketers can keep up with the trend by using interactive content on social media, such as asking questions, polls, quizzes, videos, and more. When people interact with your content, you'll drive engagement regarding your brand on social media. 

The more interesting these posts are, the more likely people will play along and interact with your post that asks a question or gets them thinking about something new involving your product or business.

Interactive content can also be extremely valuable for lead generation. For instance, if you use webinar software to host educational webinars, you can remind people on your Instagram stories about the event and tell them to swipe up to sign up and attend.

If you create valuable/educational content on Instagram that they appreciate, they’re much more likely to attend and then become a lead for your business.

Tip: Posting consistently on Instagram is one way to ensure your content will get to your audience. And scheduling Instagram posts ahead of time can help you stay consistent with your posting schedule.

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_2

3 . Explainer Videos

Video content has always been popular on social media platforms since people are more inclined to watch videos rather than read text-based posts. When it comes to increasing your brand's visibility across various platforms, videos are your best bet. 

Using videos to introduce your product can also make a huge difference as well as explain the topic of your post. Since most internet users prefer a quick and easy explanation about a product, explainer videos can help deliver information effectively.

4. GIFs

GIFs these days have become a popular form of content used by B2B marketers and other business owners for social media purposes. These silent videos usually consist of short animations that can be useful in conveying emotions or certain messages to your audience on any particular subject relevant to your business. 

You should only publish one to two GIFs a day because too many GIFs tend to take away from their impactful nature. While you need to find relevant GIFs related to your business, you can always post funny GIFs as an intermezzo in your social media channel.

5. Blog Posts

Blog posts are effective for improving SEO scores and website discoverability. They also help increase social media engagement when you share them on different platforms.

If you think your website needs more SEO score or traffic, blog posts can be a great help. You can post them as posted images on all your social media handles or include some relevant excerpts in your text-based posts to make people click through to read the full article on your website.

Promoting blog posts on social media6. Corporate Images

Since visual content is known to engage the audience more than any other content, be sure to use images on all your social media channels. Whether it's an image sharing a piece of information related to your business, a new product launch, or a company event, pictures and photographs are the best way to convey your brand’s messages. Using images also helps you deliver information effectively, so the audience can understand what you're trying to say quickly.  Here's how CIENCE promoted its new podcast on LinkedIn, with the logo prominently displayed:

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_4

7. Infographics

Infographics are visual images that quickly and clearly display data and information on a topic. These graphics make it easier for clients to understand complex concepts in an engaging way. 

It's difficult to convey your brand's messages through a long-block text since it will overwhelm your audience in receiving information. Therefore, combining visual elements and data into one image through an infographic maker can help people understand the information better. See how the quick video below uses interactive infographics to emphasize the importance of sales. 

8. Behind-the-Scenes Post

When convincing your clients to invest in your business, using behind-the-scenes posts in B2B social media marketing can help them acknowledge your business from a different perspective. Behind the scenes content showcases your business candidly, allowing clients to put more trust in you.

9. Case Studies

A B2B case study presents a detailed story that builds trust or credibility in your business. For example, you can create content that shows how your past clients successfully use your product or services. Case studies allow people to learn more about how your business works in helping solve their problems.

10. Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks are short bits of information that help readers discover new ideas without too much effort or time spent reading long texts within an article. This type of content provides readers quick access to extra insights they might find useful without giving too much away. You should consider writing one tip every week or month to attract new audiences into becoming your clients in your business.

11. Employee Spotlight

This type of content gives a snippet of how employees feel working in your company. Employee spotlight posts will help you improve corporate branding via social media. Presenting your employees' perspectives in your business can also increase client trust because it shows that happy employees mean that the company is doing alright.20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_10

12. Clients Testimonials

One of the easiest ways to get new clients is to write testimonials on your blog or website and share them on social media platforms. When people read about the experience of others with your product or service, they are more willing to give it a try. 


13. Company History

Company history always plays an important role in branding your B2B company online because it helps humanize the business. By telling the story of how you started working in your industry, potential clients can relate easier to what you do and why you do it. 

14. Company Milestones/Achievements

Talking about milestones achieved by your brand also increases the chances of getting new clients because people will trust more in a business that has been recognized in public. When you share company achievements, you can capture the attention and attract potential brands to become your partners in future projects. 

Publishing the best of industry awards you received will help people discover more about your brand and why they should choose your business instead of others in the same niche. Your social media content must show how prestigious the award was and what makes you improve day by day in order to win such public recognition.

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_715. Hiring Announcements

Your hiring announcement content should be engaging enough for people to consider applying for your job vacancy. You can also make content about your employees alongside hiring announcements.

People like reading or watching videos about the hiring stories from companies they would like to work for. Accompanying job vacancies with words from current employees can improve your corporate branding on social media.

16. Holiday Content

Make sure to add holiday and celebration content for your social media post. Content such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Independence Day can attract a large number of social media engagements. 

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_8Source: Breadnbeyond.com

This is especially true for businesses whose target audience is in a certain region. Customize holiday content based on the country you are doing your business so you can connect with the right audience. Click on the video below to see how interactive content can bring your product to life (or die) and draw attention to your brand:

17. Giveaway Posts

Contest or giveaway posts always have a special place for businesses. This content helps drive engagement because it encourages the audience to participate in your challenge. Many brands use a giveaway to boost engagement and collect prospects in a short time. 

18. Tutorial Videos

The how-to or tutorial video is extremely popular on every social media platform. This type of content helps people solve their problems simply by following your guides. 

If you want more exposure to your product or service, tutorial videos help spread awareness about your business. Your potential clients will also find your content helpful before deciding to buy your services.

19. FAQ Posts

When running a business, you'll find people ask the same question multiple times. You don't need to repeatedly respond to their questions all the time. Instead, you can create a post about frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your social media handles. 

This will help you save time by answering similar questions. However, it's crucial to pin or highlight your FAQ posts so people can find them quickly.

20. Company Event Content

When you have a company event or host/participate in a business event, make sure to record and take photos to post on social media. Having your business included in a prestigious event can help increase your branding and improve client trust in you. 

20 B2B Social Media Content Ideas in 2021_10-1

Optimize Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Use these twenty creative content ideas for your social media posts to influence B2B customers positively. Make sure to do thorough research about your target industry and audience before starting any campaign or activity to achieve your business objectives. 

Do not forget to track and measure what works and what doesn't work so you can improve later on. Keep in mind that optimizing social media content is important since it enables you to do more with your marketing efforts within a shorter amount of time.