UpCity Honors CIENCE as 2022 Excellence Award Winner

Each year, UpCity qualifies and ranks thousands of B2B service providers based on the quality of their services and brand integrity. For the second year in a row, UpCity has recognized CIENCE in its Excellence Award listings, in both local and national categories. 

"It’s quite gratifying to have the CIENCE brand recognized for integrity and quality of services, as this is our goal with each and every client we’ve ever worked with. We treat their business, their growth, their new sales opportunities as our own—because that’s the winning formula." —Eric Quanstrom, CMO of CIENCE 

This honor is a clear sign that the customer appreciation and brand imaging CIENCE brings to the table is the right approach and a successful strategy.

“We are delighted to present CIENCE with a National and Local Excellence Award this year. It is an achievement they should be proud of because we know how hard they work to drive success for every one of their clients. Congratulations!”—Dan Olson, Founder & CEO, UpCity

UpCity Excellence Award

UpCity analyzes and rates more than 84,000 service providers based on their UpCity Recommendability Rating and recognizes the top national and local providers with an Excellence Award each year. For the second consecutive year, CIENCE was honored on both national and local levels: new-badge20220412-1161242-1kv0bpf

National Excellence Award

Awarded annually, these providers are in the top 1% of UpCity service providers from any industry or category in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. In addition to this award, CIENCE received a 4.7 rating from 60 national reviews, including this 5-star rating: 

"The CIENCE account team is very easy and fun to work with and the dashboard they've provided enables direct insight into how our calls, emails, and LinkedIn efforts are performing across our campaign." —UpCity Review, Digital Marketing Manager, SaaS Industry

Local Excellence Awardnew-badge20220412-1161242-3pm1hq

These annual awards are given to the top service providers in high-performing regions of the U.S. and Canada. CIENCE was praised with local recognition in the San Diego and San Francisco areas. 

In addition to this accomplishment, CIENCE was given a 4.7 rating from 37 local reviews, including this 4-star rating: 

"The CIENCE team research team is professional and detailed working with highly efficient effort. And their project managers often suggest some innovative insights which can help improve the performance. They usually respond fast and we always work closely together as a team." —UpCity Review, Senior Marketing Executive, Technology Industry

CIENCE was also honored by UpCity with the Excellence Award and Best of Marketing and Advertising Award in 2021.

DSC_0497 (1)UpCity’s Recommendability Rating

The UpCity Recommendability Rating determines the credibility and trustworthiness of its certified partners. To assemble the winners, UpCity uses a rating system based on quantity and quality of reviews, engagement with the UpCity community, search engine presence, web authority, and more. 

These eight factors contribute to CIENCE's rating, including information from UpCity and external sources:

  1. UpCity profile: UpCity lists more than 50,000 provider profiles, highlighting nearly forty data points on each provider, including services offered, target markets, and price points.
  2. UpCity engagement: UpCity ensures businesses' positive experiences based on how the service provider interacts on the UpCity site with expert posting, responding to reviews, maintaining a profile, etc.
  3. UpCity reviews: The reviews provide an in-depth view of how a service provider’s customers feel about them and their services, key to how likely UpCity is to recommend this service provider.
  4. Google reviews: Reviews on Google My Business give prospective buyers a credible view of how customers feel about the service provider. 
  5. Search engine presence: This measures how a service provider ranks in search engines and is a good indicator of its authority and domain expertise.
  6. Location consistency: UpCity confirms that the contact information on Google My Business is consistent with a service provider’s UpCity listing.
  7. Domain authority: UpCity uses a trusted domain authority metric to show the authority of a provider’s domain according to Google and other sites.
  8. Website speed and experience: The speed of a provider’s website shows the potential impact of the prospect’s first impression of the business. 

UpCity regularly monitors its proprietary algorithm and makes adjustments to ensure the UpCity Recommendability Rating is objective and in line with today's business environment. 

These ratings help guide UpCity in recommending the top service providers in each local market and nationally, providing businesses with a trusted resource for selecting a partner.

About UpCity

For more than a decade, UpCity has helped organizations find a reputable B2B service provider they can trust. By increasing visibility and showcasing their brand credibility, UpCity helps providers build their digital footprint for businesses seeking their services.

Notably, UpCity helps not only its partners but also the community. Its Reviews for Cause campaign contributes $5 per review to a charity of their choice. This year all the proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


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