CIENCE Receives Financial Times The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Award for 2023

CIENCE has been recognized at #106 on the fourth annual Financial Times The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies for 2023. The list honors the most successful independent companies in North, South, and Central America that have achieved the highest compound annual growth in revenues over a three-year period. This is the third time CIENCE has been honored with this award. 

"It is an incredible honor to be recognized by the Financial Times as one of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies for 2023. We are proud to stand alongside the other distinguished recipients of this award, and we look forward to continuing to grow and innovate to meet the needs of our customers."

—Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

The inclusion on The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies list extends far beyond the specific industry and country—it generates attention for businesses on the part of customers, potential partners, and investors worldwide.  

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About The Americas' Fastest-Growing Award

The Americas’ Fastest-Growing award lists the top 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the Americas. The Financial Times, in collaboration with Statista, ranked companies in the Americas by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenues between 2018 and 2021. More than 7,000 companies were ranked across twenty countries to receive this award.

The Americas’ Fastest-Growing 500 list honors companies that have most heavily contributed to economic growth in the last year, with a median revenue of $22.5 million—almost double last year’s figure of $12.2 million. 

Companies on the list came from Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 

CIENCE Ranked #106 on the Financial Times Americas Fastest Growing Companies 2023

The diverse range of industries included fintech, retail, IT and software, advertising and marketing, real estate, health care, food and beverage, and more. 

Software and IT represented the top sector at 27%, followed by pharma, cosmetics, health care, and life sciences at a combined 15%. CIENCE represented the top sector, ranking at #106 with an absolute growth rate of 668%. 

This year’s special report will appear in the FT newspaper and on its website in March 2023, which shows the full interactive analysis of the rankings for these companies. 

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CIENCE Rankings on The Americas’ Fastest 500 List 

The Financial Times list includes companies with impressive growth rates across all industries throughout the Americas. This is the third time CIENCE has been honored with high rankings: 

CIENCE Rankings for Financial Times The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies Award

"We are delighted to have been honored with The Americas' Fastest-Growing Companies award for the third time. This award demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences despite the global economic challenges we all continue to face.

We remain dedicated to providing the most innovative software solutions and services that help our customers succeed in today’s market and beyond."

—Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

CIENCE was also recently awarded Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Companies at #971 and Adweek's Fastest-Growing Agencies at #18.

About the Financial Times 

The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world’s leading news organizations, highly regarded for its honesty, accuracy, and authority. FT provides important news updates, valuable information, and multiple services to the business community. The Americas’ Fastest-Growing 500 list is compiled with the help of the research company Statista and analyzes the growth data of companies all over the Americas. 

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