CIENCE Launches GO Intent: Prioritized Outreach

CIENCE has announced the worldwide release of GO Data with intent data—known as GO Intent. Customers of GO Data now have full access to intent data that stitches together billions of signals across 34 million web pages processed, with coverage on 3.2 million accounts to determine in-market buyers. 

CIENCE GO Intent analyzes billions of intent data signals from verified users to target the right leads from the earliest stages of their buyer's journey. Now with GO Intent, sales and marketing teams will be able to prioritize outreach, advertising, and marketing campaigns with increased accuracy and intent.

“Given the scope of CIENCE’s thousands of lifetime managed service clients and tens of millions of contact records validated regularly. We’ve now added our secret sauce to prioritizing which of those leads is actually in-market. This is game-changing for us—and all of our customers.” —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

GO Intent Project Development

The GO Intent functionality and product development for all CIENCE GO Data products is led by COO, Data and Product Operations Cody Young, formerly an executive at Pipl, a leader in identity trust signals. 

“We’ve taken the ways other providers are using underlying web page content that is consumed by in-market buyers and improved our methods of determining topics of interest,” said Young.

“Our addition of GO Intent to GO Data gives us greater fidelity on account matching. We’re confident that consumers of GO Intent within our GO Data offering will be prioritizing the right accounts. Our own determination of ‘hot topics’ for accounts produces more signal, less noise.”   

How GO Intent Works

Already unique among sales intelligence data providers, CIENCE validates more contact records in its GO Data offering simply by running a greater volume of campaigns hourly on behalf of thousands of clients. 

The intent data aspects of the product are refreshed every four hours, and data trails of interest are kept for up to sixty days. Users are able to download lists of accounts or simply access accounts—and then key personas in the form of contact records—directly within GO Data. 

The GO Intent software is able to accurately determine the semantic meaning of the most-searched website pages by your ideal customer profiles (ICPs). This ultimately enables sales development representatives (SDRs) to dissect ICP accounts and speed up the sales cycle

Use GO Intent to Better Target

Data elements

Given the breadth and depth of the CIENCE GO Data offering, there are more than 300 million contact records and a host of useful sales categories of data, including pinpoint searches covering:

  • Seniority level (C-suite, VP, director, manager, staff, partner)
  • Title keyword search
  • Company name
  • Contact geolocation
  • Company HQ country
  • Industry
  • Company specialties
  • Company revenue
  • Number of employees
CIENCE GO Intent: Prioritized Outreach
Benefits of GO Intent

By combining advanced big data applications with CIENCE’s in-house natural language processing (NLP) experts, GO Intent can filter the hot topics related to the target audience so you can launch the most effective marketing and ad campaigns.

GO Intent also provides daily possible buyer lists related to the most relevant topics of a certain industry or digital community. By using profiling match-rate technology, sales and marketing teams are able to deploy account-based marketing (ABM) strategies that generate higher click-through rates and better-targeted messaging.

Key features: 

  • New intent results every four hours
  • Buying-window data for sixty days
  • Account lead scoring
  • Page-level heuristics
  • Advanced click-tracking AI
  • Downloadable in-market buyers list

GO Data with Intent Data Pricing

GO Data customers purchase access to the data subscription service, which includes flat fee pricing and GO Intent for all customers. There are no per-record pricing upcharges or hidden fees. 

Existing GO Data customers will receive and be able to access GO Intent immediately.  

Accelerate Sales with GO Intent

GO Intent allows sales teams to penetrate accounts and speed up the sales cycle by identifying buyers showing signs of buying intent.

By using GO Intent, your sales and marketing teams benefit from knowing which accounts to target across thousands of intent topics, including those most relevant to your brand. Let more about our GO Intent technology and how it can work for your business.

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