Enterprise Sales Development Podcast: Industry Leaders Talk to CIENCE

In today’s market, there are a zillion sales podcasts, and even sales development pods out there, with the vast group focused on SDRs, start-ups, or individual sales. But what’s working and what’s not in enterprise sales development? And who’s talking about it? Who are the movers and shakers, and how has their thinking evolved?

The first of its kind dedicated specifically to the knowledge of sales prospecting into and managing SDRs in this industry, Enterprise Sales Development Podcast (ESDP) delves into the challenging world of enterprise. 

In our podcast, CIENCE takes the unique opportunity to fill in the gap about enterprise sales development, engaging in discussions with proven leaders, renowned authors, rockstar performers, and one-of-a-kind personalities who resonate with our listeners and the challenges ESDR leaders face.

Co-hosted by CIENCE’s CMO Eric Quanstrom and the Director of Sales Training and Enablement Caroline Maloney, ESDP sets out to explore relevant issues and connect with the ESD industry and sales leaders to gain forward-thinking ways of doing business and insights that B2B companies should be capturing right now. 

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Enterprise Sales Development with Ashleigh Early  | Released 6-29-22

Ashleigh Early - Podcast Episode Cover

“SDRs do not have to understand everything about the product. They do not need to know everything about the industry to add value. But that doesn’t mean you can’t understand and emphasize with the person on the other side of the phone. That connection is where the meeting comes from, not your knowledge of the product." —Ashleigh Early, host and CEO of The Other Side of Sales

In this episode, we speak with Ashleigh Early, host and CEO of The Other Side of Sales. Ashleigh is also The Other Sales Coach and Consultant as well as head of sales at The Duckbill Group. She draws from her experience in sales development to share insightful perspectives on prospect building and how to be an effective SDR manager. She talks about the three things she looks for in a first-time manager and the two things she looks for when hiring sales reps. She also discusses quotas, what is not actually captured in quotas and how to set them more properly. 

Enterprise Sales Development with Thibaut Souyris  | Released 6-22-22

Website - Thibaut Souyris - Podcast Cover

“That’s the first thing we start with my customers, is to get them to understand that LinkedIn is a place where people hang out. It’s not like a lead database. It’s actually a social network and it happens to be a social network that is the most accurate biggest lead database you can find." —Thibaut Souyris, CEO and Founder of SalesLab 

In this episode, we speak with Thibaut Souyris, CEO and founder of SalesLabs and co-host of The B2B Sales Podcast. Thibaut draws from his experiences and perspective in sales to discuss how to use LinkedIn from every angle. He shares actionable strategies to leverage, set appointments, and create attention on LinkedIn at a much higher rate. He also discusses how to strategize this channel into your prospecting approach. 

Enterprise Sales Development with Stu Heinecke  | Released 6-15-22

Website - Stu Heinecke - Podcast Cover

“When we’re optimistic, we do things faster. We do more of it. We devote more time to it. We get a lot more done . . . we need to humanize ourselves to the people we’re reaching out to and if we don’t, then we don’t get through." —Stu Heinecke, Author and Cartoonist at the Wall Street Journal


In this episode, we speak with Stu Heinecke, known as the “Father of Contact Marketing” and a cartoonist for the Wall Street Journal. Stu talks about his latest book, How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed, which looks at weeds and how they relate to business strategies. He shares what he learned during his research for this book and how it changed the way he conducts business. He also talks about the weeds model and contact marketing.

Enterprise Sales Development with Will Aitken  | Released 6-08-22

Website - Will Aitken - Podcast Cover

“I think the golden rule for any type of outreach ... the moment you start talking about yourself and your product ... without first identifying a challenge, something to do or an observation you’ve made about the prospect, I think that’s selling too early.”—Will Aitken, Sales Evangelist at Sales Feed

In this episode, we speak with Will Aitken, sales evangelist at Sales Feed. Will talks about all things videos. He discusses how to integrate video into prospecting methods and his tactic and strategies on how to do video prospecting right. He shares mistakes to avoid as well as the benefits of adopting a video program.

Enterprise Sales Development with

Mark Hunter 

| Released 6-01-22


"It’s the outcome you create for the people, for the customers you’re serving. That’s where our focus should be. It’s really not the product. It’s the outcome."—Mark Hunter, Author, Sales Speaker, and Sales Trainer/Consultant


In this episode, we speak with Mark Hunter, an author, speaker, sales trainer, and consultant, also known as the Sales Hunter. Mark shares insight from his experience working with organizations of all different sizes as well as his tactics for building trust with cold calls. He also discusses the meaning behind the alliteration: “Polite people plug up people’s pipelines.” Listen to hear why the outcome of a sales call is more important than the product you’re selling.

Enterprise Sales Development with Tony Kindlick  | Released 5-25-22

Tory Kindlick - Podcast Cover

"I’m not a fan of gated content or considering webinar attendees or registrants to be leads, because they’re not. They’re just people who are maybe interested in your content and have decided that maybe it’s worth exchanging their own contact information for that content."—Tory Kindlick, VP of Demand Generation at Refine Labs

In this episode, we speak with Tory Kindlick, VP of demand generation at Refine Labs. Tory draws from his experience as a salesperson, a sales leader, a marketing leader, and his current role as VP of marketing to discuss his thoughts on sales teams reporting to marketing. He talks about the difference between demand gen and marketing and why he’s not a fan of gated content. He also shares the things he hates that marketers do and some best practices to develop a niche and use LinkedIn and TikTok for marketing.

Enterprise Sales Development with Greg Steward  | Released 5-18-22

Website - Eric Nowoslawski - Podcast Cover

"Having kind of this 50% sureness, but then stuffing it full of data is such a great way to build trust, because you’re not just coming in there swinging."—Eric Nowoslawski, Founder of Growth Engine 


In this episode, we speak with Eric Nowoslawski, founder of Growth Engine X,  advisor for Gated, and a brand ambassador for HYPCCCYCL. He gives a deep dive into LinkedIn through a few different lenses, sharing his tips and hacks on how to use LinkedIn for sales. He also discusses how he builds trust effectively and quickly in his communications and how he uses the boomer method.

Enterprise Sales Development with Greg Steward  | Released 5-11-22

Website - Podcast Cover - Greg Steward

"Giving a script or a framework is the starting point, but working with individuals is a matter of repetition and getting through the kind of the slog of ‘Hey, you’re gonna have to suck a little but, and you’re going to find your way through."—Greg Steward, Vice President of Business Development at Sales Readiness Group

In this episode, we speak with Greg Steward, vice president of business development at Sales Readiness Group. Greg gives a practitioner’s view of a lot of the things that have worked for him as an SDR for years. He shares some of his tricks of the trade when it comes to cold calling and how he coaches for uniformity and consistency. Listen to hear the story behind his handstands that are a unique part of his brand.

Enterprise Sales Development with Jed Mahrle  | Released 5-4-22

Website - Jed Mahrle - Podcast Cover

“I think those first three months in your first SDR role should really be about putting in the activity as much as possible, so you can kind of learn the things you don’t know because of that lack of experience."—Jed Mahrle, Global Manager of Outbound Sales Development at PandaDoc

In this episode, we speak with Jed Mahrle, global manager of outbound sales development at PandaDoc. Jed talks about his journey and the lessons he’s learned from being the youngest SDR hire at PandaDoc to his current role. He shares insights on which metrics for sales leaders to focus on and the three things he specifically looks for. He also discusses how he bridges communication with inbound, outbound, and marketing.

Enterprise Sales Development with John Girard  | Released 4-27-22

Website - John Girard - Podcast Cover

“Uncertainty. It’s part of everything. It’s not just a business reality. It’s a reality of being a human, and I think having, there’s that word resilience again, developing resilience and developing some approaches that help to navigate uncertainty, especially when it manifests, has been really, really helpful as a leader."—John Girard, CEO at CIENCE

In this episode, we speak with John Girard, CEO at CIENCE. John does a deep dive into principles and the psychology behind being the CEO. He shares how he has helped to create founding principles and core beliefs at the companies he’s worked for. He also talks about how he balances the many hats he has to wear as CEO and his guiding philosophies for running an organization of this size. Listen as he discusses why he thinks sales can be an enormous service to the world.

Enterprise Sales Development with Chris Beall | Released 4-20-22

Website - Chris Beall - Podcast Cover

“The emotional path you want to take them on is from fear, their fear, not yours, to trust to curiosity, not value, to commitment and eventually to action."—Chris Beall, CEO at ConnectAndSell



In this episode, we speak with Chris Beall, CEO at ConnectAndSell. Chris draws from his ten-year career to share his tips and tricks to sell authenticity and transfer confidence in a cold call. He breaks down every word of a cold call intro that he has seen as successful and how to architect and structure conversations. He also talks about how he got involved in ConnectAndSell and how the company differentiates itself from other sales companies.

Enterprise Sales Development with Andy Paul | Released 4-13-22

Website - Andy Paul - Episode Cover

“The weakness of the process for many companies is, especially when you’re selling something more complex, is you put your least knowledgeable people at the point of attack and expect them to have productive conversations. It’s really sort of unfair."—Andy Paul, Author of Sell Without Selling Out


In this episode, we speak with Andy Paul, author of Sell Without Selling Out: A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms. Andy teases some of the things in his book, including the four pillars of selling. He discusses some of the things that salespeople do that don’t advance sales and his approaches. He also breaks down why people have negative connotations with salespeople and what we can do to redirect sales including creating positive buying experiences and leading with honesty and empathy.

Enterprise Sales Development with David Dulany | Released 4-6-22

Website - David Dulany - Podcast Cover

“The basic building blocks of sales skills are still important for people doing the SDR job and people running teams. Focus on making sure that they scale up their team to have that vocabulary to talk to prospects and put messaging together."—David Dulany, Founder and CEO of Tenbound 


In this episode, we speak with David Dulany, the founder and CEO of Tenbound. David talks about how sales development has changed throughout his career and the skills and methodologies that have stuck with him. He provides tips for sales coaching to level up your coaching game as well as best practices when it comes to scaling. He also shares what skills and experience he looks for when building an ideal SDR team.

Enterprise Sales Development with Dionne Mejor | Released 3-30-22

Website - Dionne Mejer - Episode Cover

“Our purpose isn’t to hit a quota. That is never the purpose. That is a result. Our purpose as a team is to delight our customers, make their engagement with us the best thing that’s happened to them that day." —Dionne Mejer, CEO and Founder of Inside Sales by Design


In this episode, we speak with Dionne Mejer, CEO and founder of Inside Sales by Design. Dionne shares her best practices with scaling inside sales teams and what works and what hasn’t worked. She also discusses leadership versus the manager mentality and why the purpose statement is the team’s North Star. Listen for her advice on learning scripts and messaging and how to sound more human and natural on the phone.

Enterprise Sales Development with Rob Simmons | Released 3-23-22

Rob Simmons - Podcast Cover

“I do love people who come from a team sports background. I think it just breeds the right kind of culture of competitiveness, but not at the expense of others. Like ‘We’re a team here together and we can help each other and all be successful together’ is very much the culture I try to instill within my teams." —Rob Simmons, VP of Sales Development at LeanData


In this episode, we speak with Rob Simmons, VP of sales development at LeanData. Rob talks about entering into his role where he leads 20+ SDRs after first being a customer. He discusses how he scaled his team and is responsible for a lot of the growth. He also shares how his experience as a football coach informs his leadership style and his approach to coaching and leadership today.

Enterprise Sales Development with Morgan Ingram | Released 3-16-22

Website - Morgan Ingram - Podcast Cover

“It’s a puzzle, and you have to figure out where the puzzle pieces are to bring that together, but the only way you can do that is by asking the right questions with genuine curiosity and caring about their business and what’s going on, so you can uncover if you truly can help." —Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales as JB Sales Training


In this episode, we talk with Morgan Ingram, director of sales execution and evolution at JBarrows Sales Training and creator at 1UP Formula Podcast. Morgan shares his insights about routines, mindset, and preparation for SDRs. He also discusses how he stays on top of the current trends and his approach to building a presence on LinkedIn.

Enterprise Sales Development with Collin Mitchell | Released 3-9-22

Website - Collin Mitchell - Podcast Cover

“Pick a style. Stick with it. Master it. Make it your own. That’s when you’re going to become the most confident. That’s where it’s going to feel more authentic and genuine as you as a person rather than more of like a robot or reading a script."—Collin Mitchell, Head of Sales Transformation at Salescast

In this episode, we speak with Collin Mitchell, chief revenue officer of sales at Salescast. The company is in the business of helping others create podcasts, and Collin shares why he thinks every person in sales should have a podcast. He talks about the techniques he uses to get guests for his podcast, actionable insights, and advice on where to get started as well as free resources and tools. He also gives advice on mistakes to avoid and how podcasts can and should be used with outbound.

Enterprise Sales Development with Appy Choudhary | Released 3-2-22

Website - Appy Choudhary - Episode Cover

“If the culture of the team is good, then anything can be achieved. If the culture is not great, it becomes difficult to experiment with new things." —Appy Choudhary, Head of Sales Development at Blend



In this episode, we talk with Arpit “Appy” Choudhary, head of sales development at Blend and previously at LaunchDarkly. Appy shares his insights on how to run a sales development team and the sales techniques that have worked for him throughout his career. He discusses scaling efficiency tips, his gifting techniques, and ways of managing an SDR team. 

Enterprise Sales Development with Dr. Carmen Simon | Released 2-23-22

Website - Dr Carmen Simon - Episode Cover

“Everyone you’re addressing personally or professionally has a brain, and it’s important to know a little bit at least about how the brain reacts to communication and business communication in our sense." —Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Carmen Simon, an instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies, Cognitive Neuroscientist at Memzy, and Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions. Dr. Simon deconstructs a cold call and how the brain interprets every part of that outbound exercise. She also provides tips, research, and examples of what’s happening to the brain with a cold email.

Enterprise Sales Development with Tom Slocum | Released 2-16-22

Website - Tom Slocum - Podcast Cover

“Too many people think they start creating first. Well, you can’t. Nobody’s going to come. Go get your base first. Go build a community of people first, then step out and watch what they do for you..” —Tom Slocum, Program Director at RevGenius


In this episode, we speak with Tom Slocum, program director of RevGenius and co-founder of RevLeague. Having been a sales development representative himself, Tom shares his try-and-true methods and details how he effectively uses office hours to coach his reps. He also discusses how he wants to change the way we approach the market by simply being human.

Enterprise Sales Development with Josh Braun | Released 2-9-22

Website - Josh Braun - Podcast Cover

“Your thoughts affect what you say. So when your intent is ‘I got to talk everybody into everything,’ you end up sounding in ways that feel manipulative, salesy and off-putting, and often people go into the zone of resistance.” —Josh Braun, Founder of Josh Braun Sales Training


In this episode, we speak with Josh Braun, an expert in helping sales leaders, CEOs, and founders create systems to generate a steady flow of meetings each month with qualified buyers. He is the founder of Josh Braun Sales Training, a former head of business development at Basecamp, and the co-founder and CEO of Sales DNA.

Josh shares his wisdom on sales and discusses the zone of resistance and how to lower it. Using mock call role-playing, he also talks about how to build familiarity quickly and effectively in the first ten seconds of a cold call.

Enterprise Sales Development with Will Alfred | Released 2-2-22

Website - Will Allred - Podcast Cover

“Most email replies happen at a fifth grade reading level. One of the key things in understanding how that measurement is calculated, it’s basically syllable per sentence.” —Will Alfred, Co-Founder and COO at Lavender


In this episode, we talk with Will Allred, co-founder and COO at Lavender. Will shares a few secrets and tricks of the trade as well as best practices for writing sales emails and outreach through the email channel. He also shares his thoughts on common email tropes and the feedback he gets on Lavender.

Enterprise Sales Development with Tyler Cole | Released 1-26-22

Website - Tyler Cole - Podcast Cover

“Advocate for yourself. Sell yourself, build your own brand. Do all these things that are only going to help you sell. If you work for an organization that doesn’t want you to do it, I’ll just tell you they’re wrong at this point . . . more people want to buy from people they like than the person that regurgitated their company’s newsletter, whatever it might be.” —Tyler Cole, Account Executive at Reachdesk

In this episode, we speak with Tyler Cole, an account executive at Reachdesk. He was the founding coach of SDR Nation and used to run his own podcast called The Lowly SDR. Tyler shares his wealth of SDR knowledge and his perspective on the SDR role. He also talks about how he’s disrupting the staffing side of sales development and provides tips to accelerate sales results.

Enterprise Sales Development with Vince Blasio | Released 1-19-22

Website - Podcast Cover - Vince Blasio

“To me, everybody should be thinking and acting as if they were one of the ones that invested in the company and they’re running the company. If you think like you’re the one that put the money in, you’re running the company, you’re probably going to make the right choices. —Vince Blasio, Director of Sales Development at Paychex

In this episode, we speak with Vince Blasio, director of sales development at Paychex. Vince has been at Paychex for twenty-one years and has held a variety of roles during his tenure. He shares the secrets of the company's success, how it goes to market, and the types of strategies it uses. He also discusses how Paychex chops up its market and organizes the top-of-the-funnel fighting force for the best effect.

Enterprise Sales Development with Brynne Tillman | Released 1-12-22

Website - Brynne Tillman - Podcast Cover

“So I’m about to say something that’s going to make every sales manager cringe. Your reps need to detach from what the prospect is worth to them and attach to what they’re worth to the prospect. —Brynne Tillman, CEO, LinkedIn Author and Sales Trainer


In this episode, we talk with Brynne Tillman, a LinkedIn and Sales Navigator trainer. She shares how she garnered her title as the LinkedIn Whisperer and how she uses the site for prospecting and sales development. She talks about why personal branding is important for brand recognition and what should be included in the LinkedIn profile header. Listen as she shares her five tips for leveraging LinkedIn most effectively.

Enterprise Sales Development with Kevin Avery | Released 1-5-22

Website - Kevin Avery - Podcast Cover

“One of the other sort of mistakes I see all the time is the blind assumption that an SDR is an entry level job, and the other sort of kissing cousin bad assumption is that there’s a direct magical line between an SDR and some sort of full-cycle sales rep role. It’s a plausible path, but it’s not if not A, then B." —Kevin Avery, Growth Acceleration Advisor at SBI, The Growth Advisory

In this episode, we speak with Kevin Avery, Growth Acceleration Advisor at SBI, The Growth Advisory. Kevin shares his insights in sales development, including how to empower SDRs and train them in a guild mentality. He talks about when to outsource, when to pull in-house, and when to move through hybrid models, as well as how to build an internal SDR team. He discusses how to cultivate a fun working environment for SDRs and the role humor plays in sales development. Listen to how to stand out from the noise, do it differently and be creative.

Enterprise Sales Development with Doug Landis | Released 12-29-21

Doug Landis - Website Cover

“What I’m putting out is this skill of being able to access and identify someone’s business and what’s going on, so you can have a real business conversation with them. Again, I think that is a skill that all of us, whether you’re SDRs, AEs, or executives, it doesn’t matter, you need to continue to develop." —Doug Landis, Growth Partner and Emergence Capital

In this episode, we speak with Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital. Doug has worked with Oracle, Monster Cable, Google, Salesforce, and Box. Doug shares why he calls himself the OG SDR and how he trains companies to develop SDR teams. Listen as he discusses the five components for SDRs to understand for every account through a real live exercise.

Enterprise Sales Development with Rachel Keung | Released 12-22-21


Finding that balance I would say comes with managing your time and day, but at the same time, asking yourself before you say yes to that project. I found just taking that extra two minutes of ‘Ok, what’s the end game here? What will I gain out of that side project that will benefit me not only in a role or what it might be?'" -Rachel Keung, Director of Global Public Sector Sales Development at Salesforce.

In this episode, we speak with Rachel Keung, director of global public sector sales development at Salesforce. Rachel shares her insights about the public section and selling into the public sector in general. She discusses the importance of stating the why and how to avoid cold outreach mistakes. Listen to her perspective on shortening emails.

Enterprise Sales Development with Ding Zheng and Ryan Scalera  | Released 12-15-21

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I want to give an experience while I'm prospecting, going through the motion, that they know that they're buying from Ryan, and that's something I'd just laid thoroughly in the past year and a half, and my results have kind of spoken for themselves." -Ryan Scalera, from Dooly.

"A pattern interrupt is a pattern interrupt until it becomes a pattern." -Ding Zheng, The Sales Rapper, from Dooly. 

In this episode, we chat with Ding Zheng and Ryan Scalera, from Dooly. Ryan and Ding share their unique approach to selling that includes experimental selling and fun. They also share their process as they brainstorm through new campaigns and clients and what they do to stand out during prospecting. Stick around for the end of this episode as Ding, also known as The Sales Rapper, performs a freestyle rap about CIENCE.

Enterprise Sales Development with Brent Kilter | Released 12-08-21


“I think you really got to think about this environment as hyper-personalization, the message and the channel that they care about and figure out what’s going to break through the noise.” —Brent Keltner, President at Winalytics LLC


In this episode, we talk with Brent Keltner, author of The Revenue Acceleration Playbook: Creating an Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Brent talks about content pathways and the value plays behind the brand. He also discusses how to give prospects reasons to care and how his background in academia has brought a different perspective to this space.

Enterprise Sales Development with Samantha McKenna | Released 12-01-21

Website-Samantha McKenna - Podcast Cover“We talk about how sales and dating is so alike all the time here. If you show up to a first date, your discovery call, and you talk about yourself the whole time, what are the odds that we’re moving to that second date? Same thing with discovery. If we’re not solving a bleeding problem, if we’re not the only vendor that can do that, and we talk about ourselves the whole time, we’re going to turn off those fires."—Samantha McKenna, Founder of #samsales Consulting

In this episode, we speak with Samantha McKenna, founder of #samsales and former head of enterprise sales for New York City at LinkedIn. Samantha discusses why she refers to herself as a “trusted mechanic” as people come to her for consulting. She shares some insights in building an internal SDR organization and her thoughts on internal teams versus outsourcing. She also discusses how she utilizes humor in sales, her approach to LinkedIn, and how to be a gracious loser.

Enterprise Sales Development with Christina Brady | Released 11-24-21

Website - Christina Brady - Podcast Cover

“Sales shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all, not even by company, but by person that you’re talking to. Sales reps have to be among the most dynamic, flexible individuals that exist. It’s not the same thing every day because we’re talking to different people with different experience and different roles and different industries."—Christina Brady, Chief Strategy Officer at Sales Assembly

In this episode, we speak with Christina Brady, chief strategy officer (CSO) at Sales Assembly. Christina talks about some of the methodologies she has learned for scaling an organization like Sales Assembly. Her discussion on better decision-making also details the right time to scale an outbound team. Listen as she shares some smart training practices such as putting the seller in the position of the buyer and how to trigger the helper.


Enterprise Sales Development with Gabrielle Blackwell  | Released 11-17-21

Website - Gabrielle Blackwell - Episode Cover

“For me, I’ll be honest. I really don’t care about whether or not you know the acronyms. I care about are you going to work really hard and are you going to ask a lot of questions. And are you going to use your mouthpiece in providing feedback and asking for what you need."Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell, Sales Development Leader at Airtable.

In this episode, we speak with Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell,  a sales development leader at Airtable. Gabrielle talks about her people-centric approach and how her infinite curiosity about her team members gets the best out of them. She also talks about the Women in Sales Club, an organization she co-founded that is focused on enabling, empowering, and promoting women within the sales profession.

Enterprise Sales Development with Ron Nelson  | Released 11-10-21

Website - Ron Nelson - Cover

“In sharing that knowledge, we’re all learning and growing and developing quicker. We’re learning from one another’s mistakes, and we’re learning from one another’s successes."Ron Nelson, Account Executive at Oracle


In this episode, we speak with Ron Nelson, account executive at Oracle and formally at Comparably. Ron shares his experience starting as an SDR and working his way up to leading a team of twenty-seven SDRs at Information Builders. He also shares his unique insight and management perspective from his previous roles to build different types of teams. Listen as he discusses his strategies for producing content and communicating tone in sales.

Enterprise Sales Development with Rakhi Voria | Released 11-3-21

Website - Rakhi Voria - Cover

“I think what we’re seeing in the industry is that customers want us to meet them on their terms. They want us to make it personal and to keep making it better.”Rakhi Voria, Vice President of Global Sales Development at IBM 


In this episode, we talk with Rakhi Voria, vice president of global sales development for IBM where she oversees over 350 SDRs. She came to IBM after several years at Microsoft, where she played a key role in building out their digital sales force. Rakhi brings her perspective to discuss how IBM defines digital sales development and integrates personalization. She also talks about how she builds a sales force on a large scale and what she’s learned combining inside sales with incubation.

Enterprise Sales Development with Isabella Yani | Released 10-27-21

Wesite - Isabella Yani - Cover

You never know what someone has just been going through the hours before or the days before we are engaging in a conversation. So I just think making some human connection is really, really important."Isabella Yani, Chief of Staff and Director of Business Development and Sales Operations at Cisco  

In this episode, we speak with Isabella Yani, chief of staff and director of business development and sales operations at Cisco. Isabella talks about her sixteen-year trajectory at Cisco and how it helped her hone her skills to connect with people and form partnerships. She also discusses what it means to lead without a title and the importance of building a skill set. Listen as she shares advice on how to establish a productive mentorship.

Enterprise Sales Development with Tibor Shanto | Released 10-20-21


I liken it to a train. All the buyers are in the front car and then as you go further and further back, there’s less and less closer to buyers. But I figured if I can get on the train and continue to move with them, then eventually they’ll become buyers."—Tibor Shanto, Chief Prospecting Officer at Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.  

In this episode, we speak with Tibor Shanto, an author and expert consultant. Tibor discusses objective-based selling and how his methodology and formula are suited to playing the probabilities of volume-based research. He shares how he creates feedback looks and balances executing activities with coaching and leveling up. He also talks about his podcast, The Monday Morning Breakfast for Champions Podcast.

Enterprise Sales Development with Jon Selig | Released 10-13-21

Website - Joe Selig - Episode Cover

“I’m not trying to turn sales reps into comedians with Netflix specials, and I’m not even trying to get our buyers rolling on the floor. If they do, great, but I’m trying to get sales reps to better connect with buyers and have easier conversations. A joke is just connecting tissue between buyer and seller."—Jon Selig, Founder of Selling with Comedy

In this episode, we chat with Jon Selig, who merges sales with comedy. Jon talks about how he gets into understanding the brain of the people he’s trying to communicate with from a salesperson’s perspective. He also discusses how he helps salespeople use the lens of a stand-up comedian to better understand their buyers.

Enterprise Sales Development with Tony J. Hughes | Released 10-6-21

Website - Tony J. Hughes - Episode Cover

“I’ve always believed that professional selling is about making a positive difference in the lives of others, both for them personally and also professionally in their role in an organization."—Tony J. Hughes, Co-Founder and Sales Innovation Director at Sales IQ Global

In this episode, we speak with Tony J. Hughes, a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and sales trainer. Tony brings his thirty-five years in the business to discuss his best practices for enterprise sales development. He explains why the opening messaging is the more critical phase of a sales call and the three important questions to ask. He also talks about his book, Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills, that he co-wrote with our previous podcast guest, Justin Michael.

Enterprise Sales Development with Brooke Bachesta | Released 9-29-21

Brooke Bachesta - Website Cover

“The second Friday of every month, the office is closed as a way to force people to take a mental break, because now more than ever the lines are blurred between work and your personal life.” —Brooke Bachesta, XDR Enablement Manager at Outreach, and Chair of the Gals and SALs Group

In this episode, we speak with Brooke Bachesta, XDR enablement manager at Outreach and chair of the Gals and SALs group. Brooke talks about her enablement role and what that means at Outreach, discussing some of the initiatives they use to grow the team and the professional development they offer. She shares why she co-founded Gals and SALs, a group that provides women on the SDR team a place to get together, support each other, foster career growth, and celebrate success.

Enterprise Sales Development with Rajiv Nathan | Released 9-21-21

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“You’ve got to stop thinking like an executive. Stop thinking like an entrepreneur. Stop thinking like a B2B person, and instead think like an entertainer. Because if you think like an entertainer, you have taken yourself out of being product obsessed or solution obsessed, and instead you put the audience first.” —Rajiv Nathan, Sales Expert and Hip Hop Artist

In this episode, we speak with Rajiv Nathan, also known as "RajNATION." Rajiv is a hip-hop artist, a sales expert and consultant, a guest speaker, and a yogi, branded as the start-up hype man. He talks about crafting a narrative that “doesn’t suck” and the "Que PASA" framework that he’s been implementing for a really long time. Listen to this mini-course in personalization.

Enterprise Sales Development with Andrew Lawson | Released 9-15-21


You don’t want to oversaturate your company or oversaturate your pitch because you start to lose effectiveness on what you’re actually trying to accomplish, which for us is to get them in the door and have a conversation.” —Andrew Lawson, Head of Inside Sales at MountainSeed 

In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Andrew Lawson, the head of inside sales at MountainSeed. Andrew talks about how he leads his team to focus on results rather than the activities that lead to those results, using some of the key lessons he learned from previous jobs. He also shares the ideal career trajectory for an SDR and the common misconceptions about SDR teams. Listen to his advice for companies entering the enterprise sales development space in the trickier markets such as banking.

Enterprise Sales Development with Frank Cespedes | Released 9-8-21

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“You do not compete with people who have gone out of business. The dead are dead. You only compete with the survivors in a competitive marketplace, and to survive in any competitive marketplace, continuous improvement is essential. It shouldn’t surprise us that the bar is rising.” —Frank Cespedes, Author of Sales Management That Works


In this episode, we speak with sales expert Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author of Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World That Never Stops Changing. In this chat, Frank talks about his book and what inspired it, and why it’s important for an organization to understand what they are doing with their sales department to help them decide what to do next.

He also discusses why the buyer is the most important part of selling and how the division of labor is so essential. Listen as he explains how the market process is a variable, not a constant.

Enterprise Sales Development with Justin Michael | Released 9-1-21

Justin Michael

"What’s weird is that a lot of salespeople are like ‘I’m not technical’ or the sales leader is like ‘We’re not that technical. We’re old school.’ When you say, ‘We’re old school,’ your competitor just won. Someone just took a million dollar deal you didn’t see." —Justin Michael, Co-Founder of HYPCCCYCL


In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Justin Michael, an author, consultant, futurist, and sales guru. Justin previews his upcoming book, Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills, and talks about what strategic sales training looks like to him. He also shares how to balance the technical and human aspects of sales development and how to work with saturation to create successful situations for engagement.

Enterprise Sales Development with Jason Prindle | Released 8-25-21


“I encourage [SDRs] to take it as far down the road as they can, because it’s a good training ground for that next step . . . It’s further discovery, and the first thing you have to learn as a good sales rep is discovery and how to continue to do more discovery.” —Jason Prindle, Director of Inside Sales & Global Sales Development at BigID.


In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Jason Prindle, director of inside sales and global sales development at BigID, about enterprise sales development. Jason shares what type of services BigID provides and their sales approach in working with their customers and clients. He also talks about how he works with the sales development representatives to provide the most efficient communication with clients as well as sales reps.

Enterprise Sales Development with Eric Quanstrom | Released 8-25-21


"Most prospects are, what I would argue, and we teach and train this all day long at CIENCE, they’re self-interested above all else, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s not a pejorative concept. Self-interest is what drives most people to actions." —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE. 


In this episode, Eric Quanstrom takes a break from hosting duties and sits down as a guest with co-host Harry Evans. Eric talks about enterprise sales development from his perspective, sharing what makes hyperspecialization worthwhile and why CIENCE redirected itself around that idea. He also discusses how CIENCE manages a large group of SDRs and is set up to handle the constant turnover in this industry. Listen as he shares the three most important questions to ask in a sales pitch.

Enterprise Sales Development with Sam Silverman | Released: 8-11-21

Sam Silverman

"I think a big thing is focusing on who you’re selling to—understanding why does this person care about anything you’re saying. I think the more you understand your buyer, the better off you always are.” —Sam Silverman, Founder of Silverman Capital.


In this episode, CIENCE talks with Sam Silverman, founder of Silverman Capital. Sam shares his approach and perspective at the SDR role as a job as well as a leveling opportunity for a career. He discusses how he manages his team, from his hiring practices to training in this rapid industry and tracking their progress. Find out why it’s so important to understand your buyer.

Enterprise Sales Development with Gerry Praysman | Released: 8-11-21


“We prioritize progress over perfection, right? It’s not so much that we wait for things to be perfect to go, but we like to put a good level of thought. We like to plan things pretty well before we just kind of dive off the deep end.” —Gerry Praysman, Senior Director of Sales Development at SalesLoft.


In this episode, we speak with Gerry Praysman, senior director of sales development at SalesLoft. Gerry shares Salesloft’s thoughtful approach to finding the right types of people from unique, non-traditional places instead of the traditional SDR paths. He discusses some of the traits, skill sets, mindset, and the experience level they seek to attract quality talent.

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