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In today’s market, there are a zillion sales podcasts, and even sales development pods out there, with the vast majority focused on SDRs, start-ups, or individual sales. But what’s working and what’s not in enterprise sales development? And who’s talking about it? Who are the movers and shakers, and how has their thinking evolved?

The first of its kind dedicated specifically to the knowledge of sales prospecting into and managing SDRs in this industry, Enterprise Sales Development Podcast (ESDP) delves into the challenging world of enterprise. 

In our podcast, CIENCE takes the unique opportunity to fill in the gap about enterprise sales development, engaging in discussions with proven leaders, renowned authors, rockstar performers, and one-of-a-kind personalities who resonate with our listeners and the challenges ESDR leaders face.

Co-hosted by CIENCE’s CMO Eric Quanstrom and the Director of Craft and Strategy Harry Evans, ESDP sets out to explore relevant issues and connect with the ESD industry and sales leaders to gain forward-thinking ways of doing business and insights that B2B companies should be capturing right now. 

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Enterprise Sales Development with Andrew Lawson | Released 9-15-21


You don’t want to oversaturate your company or oversaturate your pitch because you start to lose effectiveness on what you’re actually trying to accomplish, which for us is to get them in the door and have a conversation.” —Andrew Lawson, Head of Inside Sales at MountainSeed 

In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Andrew Lawson, the head of inside sales at MountainSeed. Andrew talks about how he leads his team to focus on results rather than the activities that lead to those results, using some of the key lessons he learned from previous jobs. He also shares the ideal career trajectory for an SDR and the common misconceptions about SDR teams. Listen to his advice for companies entering the enterprise sales development space in the trickier markets such as banking.

Enterprise Sales Development with Frank Cespedes | Released 9-8-21

Frank Cespedes - Cover

“You do not compete with people who have gone out of business. The dead are dead. You only compete with the survivors in a competitive marketplace, and to survive in any competitive marketplace, continuous improvement is essential. It shouldn’t surprise us that the bar is rising.” —Frank Cespedes, Author of Sales Management That Works


In this episode, we speak with sales expert Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author of Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World That Never Stops Changing. In this chat, Frank talks about his book and what inspired it, and why it’s important for an organization to understand what they are doing with their sales department to help them decide what to do next. He also discusses why the buyer is the most important part of selling and how the division of labor is so essential. Listen as he explains how the market process is a variable, not a constant.

Enterprise Sales Development with Justin Michael | Released 9-1-21

Justin Michael

"What’s weird is that a lot of salespeople are like ‘I’m not technical’ or the sales leader is like ‘We’re not that technical. We’re old school.’ When you say, ‘We’re old school,’ your competitor just won. Someone just took a million dollar deal you didn’t see." —Justin Michael, Co-Founder of HYPCCCYCL


In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Justin Michael, an author, consultant, futurist, and sales guru. Justin previews his upcoming book, Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills, and talks about what strategic sales training looks like to him. He also shares how to balance the technical and human aspects of sales development and how to work with saturation to create successful situations for engagement.

Enterprise Sales Development with Jason Prindle | Released 8-25-21


“I encourage [SDRs] to take it as far down the road as they can, because it’s a good training ground for that next step . . . It’s further discovery, and the first thing you have to learn as a good sales rep is discovery and how to continue to do more discovery.” —Jason Prindle, Director of Inside Sales & Global Sales Development at BigID.


In this episode, CIENCE speaks with Jason Prindle, director of inside sales and global sales development at BigID, about enterprise sales development. Jason shares what type of services BigID provides and their sales approach in working with their customers and clients. He also talks about how he works with the sales development representatives to provide the most efficient communication with clients as well as sales reps.

Enterprise Sales Development with Eric Quanstrom | Released 8-25-21


"Most prospects are, what I would argue, and we teach and train this all day long at CIENCE, they’re self-interested above all else, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s not a pejorative concept. Self-interest is what drives most people to actions." —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE. 


In this episode, Eric Quanstrom takes a break from hosting duties and sits down as a guest with co-host Harry Evans. Eric talks about enterprise sales development from his perspective, sharing what makes hyperspecialization worthwhile and why CIENCE redirected itself around that idea. He also discusses how CIENCE manages a large group of SDRs and is set up to handle the constant turnover in this industry. Listen as he shares the three most important questions to ask in a sales pitch.

Enterprise Sales Development with Sam Silverman | Released: 8-11-21

Sam Silverman

"I think a big thing is focusing on who you’re selling to—understanding why does this person care about anything you’re saying. I think the more you understand your buyer, the better off you always are.” —Sam Silverman, Founder of Silverman Capital.


In this episode, CIENCE talks with Sam Silverman, founder of Silverman Capital. Sam shares his approach and perspective at the SDR role as a job as well as a leveling opportunity for a career. He discusses how he manages his team, from his hiring practices to training in this rapid industry and tracking their progress. Find out why it’s so important to understand your buyer.

Enterprise Sales Development with Gerry Praysman | Released: 8-11-21


“We prioritize progress over perfection, right? It’s not so much that we wait for things to be perfect to go, but we like to put a good level of thought. We like to plan things pretty well before we just kind of dive off the deep end.” —Gerry Praysman, Senior Director of Sales Development at SalesLoft.


In this episode, we speak with Gerry Praysman, senior director of sales development at SalesLoft. Gerry shares Salesloft’s thoughtful approach to finding the right types of people from unique, non-traditional places instead of the traditional SDR paths. He discusses some of the traits, skill sets, mindset, and the experience level they seek to attract quality talent.

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